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It's a nonsense, not it, itself but its implementation.


Look at the Napoli game - the ref awards a penalty, wrongly. It's not reviewed because it's not a clear & obvious error though - apparently. So consider - 


City - 2 late winners vs Spurs disallowed (EC & League) both by decisions impossible to see with the naked eye. Not clear & obvious but reviewed because they resulted in goals.


The Napoli pen ultimately resulted in a goal.


The Matip incident against Newcastle - how was that not clear & obvious? It was to everyone in the ground.


On the flip side to Napoli/Newcastle - there's the pen that ManU got to k/o PSG - no-one, no player, no fan thought that was a pen - yet VAR ruled on it. 


And then Arsenal - Lacazette gets the ball when offside, bursts away & before he can get a shot away is tackled. Not called back for offside. If Arsenal score from the corner it's a goal; but if Matip doesn't get there & they score it's not a goal. 


If the Napoli player had half of his foot offside - imperceptible to anyone - when the ball was played; no goal on review, but he can dive win a pen and score and there's no review.


Imagine trying to explain all of this to someone watching the game for the first time

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