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  1. Crooks of the matter is interesting this week Maybe klopp should listen to Crooks and just rotate more to protect his players
  2. And for Brazil Neco isn't good enough at the moment, it's like having Moreno back in the team
  3. It's not really whereaboutery tbh, it's just amusing that United fans are using the same defence that Liverpool fans used, just shows how fickle football fans are in general, it's more about rivalry than concern about racism Cavani's thing is similar to Silva, so I would expect a 1 game ban
  4. Or if they share their views
  5. Spurs have been in the form of their life, and yet they're still only level on points with us despite all the injuries that we've had
  6. Never knew this about Clapton (the racism, not Davina's blow job) feel guilty for liking some of his songs now
  7. Would be good, Maybe we can give them Van den Berg in exchange so they can develop him, think they were interested in him last summer
  8. Interesting Goes to show how overrated Giggs was as well
  9. Music and lyrics، enjoyed it I like Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore is just lovely
  10. If we don't have a new central defender lined up to join us on January the 1st, FSG should f*** off
  11. Think there are illnesses, knocks and slight injuries that would keep out some players, but other will play through them
  12. Salah mainly, but I think Mane is another one that doesn't always get awarded fouls against him
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