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  1. A draw against City isn't a bad result considering they play each other next
  2. Hassony

    Joe Gomez

    He wasn't as bad as the Fabhino of last season, but it's clear to see it's not his position, struggling to read the game His passing was fine though 6/10, which is what you'd expect from him (should be 5.5, but he gets a bonus 0.5 for not attempting a shot)
  3. Hassony

    Welcome VvD

    Tbf it's difficult to find the technology to carry out a poll like this and turn it around quickly.....
  4. Don't let the Queen see this or she might send Paddington down to chase the Princess of Wales down a tunnel and ruin our season once again
  5. Hassony

    Welcome VvD

    It'll be him or Foden Should be him of course
  6. Everyone is a 7 and above, apart from Thiago and Bajetic
  7. I get Forest being silly billys about it, It's just bizzare the coverage this had on TV, podcasts and media It's a f***ing dropball
  8. No one is thinking about poor Tierney in all of this.....made it his mission over the past 5-6 years to f*** us over and he's now getting accused of making a mistake that will potentially get us to win the title
  9. Or why would Konate fake a head injury when we're desperate to score a winner
  10. Transcript of the convo **Tony:** Ey up, Cam! You 'eard the latest goss? **Cam:** No, Tony, spill the beans! **Tony:** So, me wife's cousin's best mate's neighbour's aunt's hairdresser, right? She reckons Alisson and Klopp 'ad a right dust-up after the Arsenal game. **Cam:** No way, Tony! What happened? **Tony:** Well, apparently they're not talking no more, and Alisson's refusing to play for Klopp again. **Cam:** Blimey! But why's that? **Tony:** Seems like Alisson's agent's been wheelin' and dealin' behind Klopp's back, chasing them Euro notes, like. **Cam:** Ah, typical agent move, that. But what about Alisson's missus? **Tony:** She's in on it, mate! Reckons she's not keen on the wind, and she's got beef with the other players' wives, too! **Cam:** Sounds messy! And what's this about messages from Dixie Dean? **Tony:** Aye, Alisson's missus been gettin' them from beyond the grave, sayin' he should've signed for a bigger club. **Cam:** Madness! So, they're off then? **Tony:** Looks like it, mate. And Kelleher's got a move lined up, too. New manager's eyein' up Adrian for the time being. **Cam:** Poor Kelleher, must be fumin'! **Tony:** Rightly so! And it's not just him, Trent's in a similar boat, too. **Cam:** What a circus, Tony! Never a dull moment in football, eh?
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