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  1. No goals or assists in his last 11 games
  2. Tyler kept mistaking him with Salah, even after Salah was subbed off I wonder if the ref made the same mistake which is why he didn't give the penalty
  3. From our two most reliable players
  4. Must have dreamed that goal against spurs
  5. Yep, records are s***e anyway We've been fantastic for over 2 years and we were due a bad run at some stage, not the worst thing that it's coming now
  6. is vardy still doing the ears thing to opposition fans?
  7. At least fans have stopped booing him of late
  8. Ox can provide some of the drive that we miss when hendo is out, this is more likely the reason rather than being a shop window
  9. Would be nice for him to get the guard of honour from his ex team mates
  10. 10 years later, everyone can see it now
  11. Can I say that I hated him before anyone else, from his Barca days I'm a good judge of character
  12. I suspect nothing will happen until after the CL is finished
  13. Atlanta 4-1 up against Brescia after 33 minutes, scored as many goals as city have this season (91 goals)
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