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  1. They just bought him to stop us from getting him i think
  2. He looked an exciting prospect in Europe, gave few English teams a lot of problems even back then
  3. We don't usually take many shots from outside the area, but we should definitely do that against Chelsea
  4. Isn't this basically the same for every league match we play in?
  5. f*** china and their money, we should boycott everything to do with them seeing how they are treating their muslim population, but maybe that's for another thread
  6. It was widely reported at the time that united were close to signing him A cross between valderama and David Batty
  7. No 'here we go' ? 🙁 Just get the feeling that this is all klopp
  8. Riedle then 🙂 Was never in doubt, now go get another forward please
  9. Did he expect to be outspend by Leeds, Sheffield United, Arsenal, Villa, Everton and Newcastle? Not sure that was part of the deal covid or not
  10. Hopefully united go for him and leave Sancho for us next season
  11. Hopefully FSG are working on a head in a jar managerial solution long term, as you're right, we won't be getting a better manager
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