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  1. This is THE best thing shared over social media in the past 2 weeks. What a beautiful moment. Truly wonderful. Thank you to my new favourite duo. https://t.co/8vzcWXrXOc
  2. You don't watch it in Spanish?
  3. Hassony


    But you know, they bought us VVD and whatshername loves a clean sheet I'd like to think that klopp told them he'll walk if they didn't reverse the decision
  4. Hassony


    Yeah me too Maybe he'll start appreciating the NHS now, but I doubt that
  5. Hassony

    FSG Watch...

    Responsible for more deaths than Corona
  6. Hassony


    Better than nothing I guess They should sack who ever was behind that decision
  7. Hassony


    Sure, add him to the list
  8. Hassony

    FSG Watch...

    Hey Siri, show me whereaboutism
  9. Hassony


    Watched a bit of the Brazil vs France game yesterday on Fifa TV, Motson has always been poor
  10. Hassony


    There are few people that I would be very happy if they were to die, Trump, Katie Hopkins, Netanyahu, ...... For whatever reason, Boris doesn't make that list, I hope he pulls through
  11. Mo Mane A remake of the early 90's Wayans brothers move with Mo Salah and Sadio Mane in the leading roles
  12. Houghton hears the who Ray Houghton listens to The Who and gives his critique of their music
  13. I just remember one scene from that film, and it involved the backside of a woman coming out of the swimming pool
  14. Alisson's wonder land Alisson Becker takes us on a musical tour of the 7 wonders of the world
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