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  1. My mate in Norwich has similar with his lads rugby. Loads of travel every other Sunday.
  2. Good news,Perrie can keep coming in the away end.
  3. Switches roles with ease, Gomez is a class player by the way, we aren't as short as it looks there.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/20/parliament-surrendered-role-over-covid-emergency-laws-says-lady-hale
  5. Lovely afternoon. Imagine their lot watching that in the ground.
  6. Our midfield was already as good as anyones he just makes it even better.
  7. Lampard just defended his players and himself. Not sure what he should have said. Its just a post match thing anyway.
  8. 300 mill investment and they aren't shy of pulling the trigger. Pocchetino in before the season is out.
  9. Brilliant again today, right back at it.
  10. 'Just not their day' without mentioning they'd been utterly dominated on their own pitch.
  11. Won everything hasn't he. Big part of it all.
  12. He's a very good footballer who can't command a place in one of the best sides in the world. Cult hero is cheap given what he's done.
  13. Evra was at the club at the time and its been a story since then.
  14. One of the lads needs to get him into their barbers. Other than that I'm delighted.
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