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  1. 'Running behind someone and accidentally treading on their heel should never be a red. Can’t you chase people anymore?'
  2. Was hoping Ings was just gonna go in two footed on Pickford then
  3. Everton fans on social media saying the ref gave a red card at first opportunity because of last weekend.... Yeah nothing to do with the horrific challenge you c****
  4. That's horrific... What a f***ing dirty c*** club this is 2 reds in a week.
  5. West Ham should have had a penalty for a s*** tackle by City today. Didn't even go to VAR... The f***ing inconsistency is still there like it was before VAR... Except now we can't have the sympathy of human error of a ref at that moment in time.
  6. Awful display but on a day where Chelsea, United and City drop points I don't give a f*** how we play... 3 points was a must
  7. Ain't he the guy who spat at a player last month?
  8. Apparently the VAR only clarified if it was in or out the box for the penalty.. Not that it was or wasn't a foul Bad miss
  9. The fact that the ball comes straight at him too, it's not like he was yards away and not involved... Its ridiculous that the ref didn't see it or VAR didn't get involved... But I guess it's United.
  10. How the f*** is that not a penalty by Maguire there... f***ing shocking this VAR s***
  11. I mentioned it the other week but 'Host' is a really good isolation based horror.. Set over zoom with a load of mates holding a zoom based séance I really enjoyed it and some clever moments in it
  12. Halloween (original) Nightmare on Elm St (original) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
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