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  1. I was looking through the list I made with a previous therapist of warning signs that I may be slipping back into a low mood, every one of them is currently present. One of them is around disengaging from 'real' life and being far too online. So I'm going to take a break from the forum, and other forms of social media and whatnot.
  2. I say this all the time. Harry Wilson would be McMessi up there.
  3. They've switched to Drag Queen storytimes now.
  4. Peter Shilton finally has a chance to get his hands on it https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/oct/13/diego-maradona-hand-of-god-ball-expected-to-fetch-millions-at-auction
  5. Did you manage it? Never seen one of these challenges, but I was in a greasy spoon once and a fella ordered a double portion of the biggest breakfast, as the waitress is walking away he goes, ‘how long will that be?’ She told him and he goes “oh, can I have a sausage sandwich as well… and can you fry the bread for the sandwich?”
  6. Do you need to have watched Rogue One to appreciate Andor?
  7. Giving it away by being desperate to score? Reminds me of Coutinho at times. All I can say is I would be absolutely delighted with three points for the men in red.
  8. At least not every tv show is about the Midlands.
  9. The one guy who has to take his hard man mask off to shout intelligible abuse
  10. For fox' sake https://gizmodo.com/did-humans-domesticate-foxes-1849634266 My uncle had a fox cub as a pet when he was a kid.
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