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  1. That reminds me, I must make a visit to Viscount Palmerston and his 5 front benchers.
  2. That family is freakish, the dad is vicariously living his singing career through that poor child.
  3. British Indian Restaurant.
  4. I've got a Curry Guy book that's got BIR recipes. Not previously had the time/motivation to make the base but these days seem pretty ideal for it.
  5. Lovren and Stacey A Croatian football ace starts a long distance relationship with a girl from Barry Island, now in a minute.
  6. cymrococh


    I'm not sure if I want him to die, but I did feel instinctively happy when I heard his illness had got worse (after cynically dismissing it as spin).
  7. I bought a load of raspberry pi type small computers on Kickstarter a few years back with the intention of finding a cheap Kodi-running machine. Completely forgot about them until I found them again the other day, most are completely obsolete but one still has an active community so I've ordered a few extra parts to turn it into a Magic Mirror/Kitchen tablet type thing. Everyone's house is going to look amazing once this is all over, but nobody will be able to buy them.
  8. Klopp's Top Non-stop Ghost Host - A tribute to Derek Acorah Dejan's Den - Independent blanket producers compete for a slice of the Croatian Ace's blanket budget
  9. To Murph! And all the commission he'll earn from this completely selfless act!
  10. Hally would - Jon Hall responds by listing the things he's already done thank you very much.
  11. Better Call Hall Jon Hall solves LFC players' minor legal predicaments.
  12. Riise-lation - Covid-19 update texts from Jon Arne Riise (may contain nudity)
  13. Flop's Klopp Tops Annoying rabbit twerp Bing's species-non-specific guardian shows us his collection of tops that match ones that Jurgen Klopp has worn.
  14. Agger Do Does anyone do? Agger Do! Follow Dane Danny as he tries different jobs, until his back hurts. Summer Lovren A Springwatch-style show presented by Dejan Lovren in a camoflage blanket.
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