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  1. The idea of VAR is solid - the implementation has been appalling. So many ex pros, refs, coaches etc. these are th best behind the screen?? use a thick brush for the offside line for the two players and if the lines overlap, it’s onside. Once you remove the marginal, half the issues disappear. then put 1 representative from each club in the room. If they cant agree on a decision in 30 seconds, on pitch ref uses the monitor.
  2. Before that Henderson took the ball 40/45 yards down the left wing.
  3. Salah with a beautiful touch and clips the bar from 5 yards out. Unlucky.
  4. We need a 3rd. so good seeing alisson back. Like a security blanket.
  5. Still think it will be a few games until we back in flight. I think some lucky breaks will help.
  6. That attack from Sheffield was when Jota lost the ball in our half. It’ll take a few games to play our way out of this funk. salah!!!
  7. We’re not playing intelligently. Doesn’t look like a klopp side.
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