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  1. growler


    Phil what an idea! Use the academies - eases pressure on police, emergency services etc, safe place etc. behind closed doors doesn’t have to be in stadium.
  2. growler


    You could finish the season in June, if things start to clear in late April. At least domestic season anyway.
  3. growler


    Yeah does seem a little disconnected now. People taking it way too seriously. How does practical health, competition and such get lost to the anger and envy against other clubs. I’m sure we have our own crazies too, so just feels football has lost a little.
  4. growler


    That’s actually a great idea.
  5. He’s inspirational. the only one who’s come out so eloquently.
  6. growler


    I’m at the point whereby if we can’t finish this season by July the world is probably f***ed anyway. In which case, those that do survive, can claim we won the last ever football season, morally if not practically. reality is most likely we’ll see it all restart in may/June.
  7. growler


    If after cancelling internationals and European cups and domestic cups they still couldn’t finish the league, I’m sure something would be worked out rather than ‘cancelling’. maybe Liverpool title, Leicester, spurs, man United, shef United, wolves and Chelsea play off for 3 cl places (assuming city banned) with losers in uefa. Problem is is lower down the leagues. I can see a preference for finishing this season, whenever it is, and truncating next season.
  8. 2019 was smashing. 2020 looks a lot tougher. We didn’t have real options on the bench either. Really surprised by the number of shots off target. And mostly surprised by our heads dropping after they scored. We looked done with 15 minutes to go. I know fatigue a factor, but still. im proud of the lads though. An amazing run in Europe over last 3 seasons and amazing performance tonight. the league and trophy situation will be s*** this season regardless - doesn’t take away from what these boys have done. let’s wrap up title ASAP, then start planning for next season - we go again.
  9. Looks like players and crowd have called it. Nuts given how many times we’ve come back from worse positions. Get into their fecking box.
  10. They seem perfectly happy with a 1-1. those days when we would beat teams like that.
  11. How has 26 minutes gone already?? we had 1 on target yet?
  12. We can learn from snide from these. They get away with it so you have to be able to do it.
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