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  1. We needed finish better in this game. That’s it. Nothing wrong elsewhere. itll all be right next season when we win 20 on the spin. Until then, enjoy the football and celebrate this team.
  2. growler


    Isn’t it normally next placed team in league? Leicester, if city united and Chelsea unavailable. Or at least championship winners (Leeds?). Why arsenal?
  3. growler

    Welcome VvD

    I think Virgil suffers from the Messi expectation setting. Players so talented we forget to appreciate it. virgil is the best centre back on the planet. Comfortably. Because he makes it so easy, it’s taken for granted.
  4. I wonder why ref and now var etc is not a valid patthway for those that don’t make it as players. Those academy players we releasing for example - why not do refereeing?
  5. He doesn’t need to get on the pitch to be in kit - just in the squad.
  6. growler

    Welcome VvD

    Most assists by a mile and chances created. KDB the only one who could
  7. Given the amount of debt united have and in and out of CL, I am confused how they are able to pay more and spend more.
  8. I’m sure we can put him in the match day squad and not play him. We have 9 subs, can take Shaq’s spot on the bench.
  9. Europe still to kick off I guess and still some risk with that. And probably the big thing is an agreed date with the tv deals. I reckon they need charity shield in august to ‘start’ the season so no drop in tv revenue then fixtures after that. not to mention international football and league cup too.
  10. That’s a good read. cant believe the premier league will do much if anything. The fa will bury their head and pretend nothing happens. i can imagine city taking all the hits next season - 40 point deduction, transfer ban and European ban - then back to normal season after.
  11. The water breaks have been managed well. Not sure if related, but the ball appears to be in play more often. dont like them, but was funny klopp loves them to get some quick insights across, whilst Hodgson doesn’t understand how in that much time. Water break is a water break apparently.
  12. growler


    I don’t really want the analysis. I do sometimes need the player who has the ball. Should be like commentary of yore. Player name. That’s it.
  13. The comparisons with Chelsea don’t stack up. They used the hazard money on pulisic and kovacic. They are losing a few this summer who are on bigger wages and have been playing more kids. and they need to refresh. we on the other hand have invested in retaining the squad because we have what we need. For the next 12 months, it’s about what we want. i agree, frustrating we can’t snatch up the signings klopp would like. But at least we are in a position with responsible ownership, leadership and management and scouting that is solid. personally I think the TV money and Europe is biggest variable. What’s the impact to tv revenue of crowds not back and we can’t start season until later in September? And what if Europe doesn’t kick on?
  14. Keita a big positive from today.
  15. This ref earning commission for every yellow? Hope it’s just a knock for hendo
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