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  1. We should buy him for 50m, then we'll get £15m back
  2. Early days, but Minamino isn't filling me with a lot of confidence either
  3. Hope the players are hurting after last night I'm not arsed in the slightest though
  4. https://www.anfieldwatch.co.uk/it-would-represent-a-big-move-away-from-liverpools-transfer-policy-james-pearce-on-player/
  5. He was Guardiola's first signing for Bayern I think, great player
  6. They didn't beat us in the community shield That c*** Bernardo silva didn't even clap
  7. @paddypower The thing about Liverpool is the respect for former players. Klopp mentioning Gerrard and Dalglish when they won the title, Robertson paying tribute to Alberto Moreno with his performance tonight.
  8. Think we would have won had city beat Chelsea last week
  9. give it to Gerrard until the end of the season
  10. Is it really? Funny more than anything else And it'll make FSG think we need investment in the summer
  11. Martin Tyler was gutted when that goal was ruled out
  12. must have drunk something by mistake, worst I've seen him play
  13. Klopp has clearly taken us as far as he could Time to get Gerrard in
  14. Seeing how the likes of Zlatan, coutinho, Griezman and Neymar to an extent have fared playing with Messi should put players off joining Barca for the time being
  15. Speaking of moneyball, Depay is apparently available for £18m
  16. Works with other animals as well, tiger, bear and snake It's been around for around a year as well
  17. No way pogba is going for that much
  18. If he is thier main center back next year with Laporte then I'm happy that he is staying Think Silva is past it as well* *Apologies if he scores tonight
  19. Surely rules regarding punishments for clubs going into administration should be relaxed a bit due to the current situation
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