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  1. Tosh

    EU Referendum

    It’s worked for Padstow. Grimsby might be more of a challenge
  2. Tosh

    EU Referendum

    Bloody fishing wtf is it with a few fishing boats? It’s not as if there’s some major intellectual property involved. Or that we are particularly talented at replenishing stocks (as opposed to just harvesting the sea with no actual input). Or that it contributes a lot to our economy: most of those employed are involved in the transport/export (via Dover) to Europe. It should be a cottage industry involved in sustainability. It’s almost as if a the wholesale marketing and sale of fish is in the hands of a few folk who are also major Tory donors.
  3. I’ve heard there’s some bug going around. Anyone heard anything?
  4. His brother was pretty reliable at digging out the truth
  5. Tosh

    Welcome VvD

    I trust the gym is suitably deferential
  6. Assuming he’s not had a heart attack, an unfortunate poisoning or in jail.
  7. Not clicking the link to the mirror. Don't have the bandwidth
  8. Tosh


    Guided by my a***? Thought that was those in court with Giuliani
  9. Tosh


    Following the science. My a***.
  10. Tosh


    Is that because we are the best country. Better than the others? asking for a friend called Gavin
  11. Inconsistently at that. US customs and immigration forms (like you fill in on the plane) are dd/mm/yy
  12. Well done, hope you’re still at it. I ran a marathon many moons ago and at the start of training I read “at this point, it’s not about distance but time on your feet” - which I took as licence to be as slow as ****. If you want to get quicker, you will work out ways of doing that, just as you’ll work out ways of going longer. But right now, every run is building a base of fitness.
  13. Tosh


    Aunt Sally didn’t age too well
  14. My wife has received the following through the website of her firm. It’s kinda sad (she found it hilarious) namaste ms. b*** my name is vipin *****. i am a 1989 born male from india. i am writing this email assuming that you are single. i am looking for a life partner who is well educated, smart, industrious, has a good career. i will respect you. i will not complain about you being busy. i will be faithful to you. let us get to know each other to see if we are a good match and if we can accept each other. The young whippersnapper does have youth on his side.
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