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  1. i was thinking about him yesterday (in the context of Stevie H heading back to Asia)
  2. Tosh


    Safe travels and enjoy the hotel...I’m sure you’ll keep us updated, Gilps style, of life outside your hotel window. I know it’s highly addictive and giving up the ciggies is tough but how anyone can smoke at the minute, knowing what Covid can do to lungs is a complete mystery to me.
  3. I know the oppo are not much but Grujic looks alright, Jones the best of the “kids” - got a real swagger about him though I was getting peeved he kept shooting on sight. Then he scored two.
  4. He does rather and not in a good way. Looks devoid of, well, pretty much everything at the minute
  5. Seemingly, truckers will need a permit to get into.... Kent. To stop it becoming a lorry park. It's almost as if no-one suggested this sort of thing in 2016
  6. Tosh


    No argument from me on that.
  7. @Gethin that’s the one we had a weekend away in the New Forest in late July and I tried it in a hotel. It slides down nicely
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