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  1. Tosh


    ONS saying that there were over 20,000 care home deaths from March 3 to june 12 Not sure if that's actual or excess but we are clearly into the 65k range of Covid deaths
  2. Just give him the number 6 shirt and hope Lovren takes the hint
  3. I know it's not in Klopp's make up but no resting on laurels from the club - and last night proved that if you are not 100% on it...
  4. oooh, we get to play in an empty Wembley for that in "pre-season"
  5. As Jürgen said... he watches City play and can’t believe any team is 20 points ahead of them. I doubt he’ll be happy but...
  6. When we lose a league game, we don’t mess about by losing to the odd goal
  7. Looks like I picked a good night to not have enough internets for a stream
  8. In the lead up, they got a free kick for a lovely Sterling dive, before dB had a dive off Virgil
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