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  1. Tosh


    It’s also not going to be a sharp up then down peak. Spain is up again today, only a bit, on a large number. They were predicted to be at the peak about now so it looks like a few days at the current sort of level
  2. If you’re missing some sport, R5LSE are doing a ball by ball of the third Ashes test from last year Toss at 11.05
  3. It’s a Record. Seems to be flat and I can get to square along the grain. Gonna have to research getting square across the grain/ends. Seem to recall a bench hook being needed
  4. Tosh


    They only count Hospital ones, I think
  5. I picked up a job lot of woodworking tools a week or so back. I’ve been sharpening and cleaning etc with a view to revisiting my O level woodwork skills*. I’ve always thought I’d like to do some woodwork again and it seems I now have the time. First up will be planing and squaring before some joint practice *They were s*** 40 odd years ago but it was only a couple of years ago I got rid of the coffee table I made
  6. Tosh


    RIP Mr A treasure the good memories
  7. Tosh


    Sure he also said that the horizontal pillow thing was on your back before he did the deep breaths and on your front after. The latter makes more sense in the context of being in bed with symptoms.
  8. We watched Knives Out last night. We all enjoyed it, the cast looked like they enjoyed making it, and the plot kept us interested and engaged. We all had our views on whodunnit (Murder on the orient express style) Daniel Craig’s accent grated a bit though
  9. Tosh


    Agree entirely - keep moving/ exercising/ distancing and keeping your head sane is one thing. picnic is sort of another, though the mental health and vitamin D hits are important too. Unfortunately, lots of people thinking the same thing at the same time and not so much space
  10. Tosh


    Heard on the news earlier that they shut one of the local parks today as there were 3000people in it yesterday (Brockwell, in Sth London) today is a much nicer day - I was out for a walk before 8 (damn my hips were stiff) and by 8.45 it was getting busy with runners, riders, buggies etc. On one hand I can’t blame people... but I’ve had a couple of nights of mad anxiety about it and seemingly every time I open my front door I hear a siren...
  11. Tosh


    That’s a major surprise. Not
  12. Tosh


    Gov.uk website https://www.gov.uk/government/news/smokers-at-greater-risk-of-severe-respiratory-disease-from-covid-19
  13. Tosh


    This question was asked/alluded to many pages back... Emerging evidence from China shows smokers with COVID-19 are 14 times more likely to develop severe respiratory disease.
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