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  1. They fired a presenter for spreading misinformation. Surely though she is just reading from a script? Guess this is their way of trying to pin the blame on someone easily replaceable (a blonde, white woman).
  2. billybunter


    This is what I have had for the past few days. When I go walking or have a lengthy conversation I get a little out of breath. Nothing major but I havent had this kind of feeling before. I also suffer from anxiety so it could be down to that.
  3. billybunter


    I read somewhere that when virus' mutate they usually become milder. Killing its host prevents it from spreading so it usually evolves into something less deadly.
  4. billybunter


    Have a flight booked monday night from NY to LON. Havent been told my flight is cancelled but worried now I wont be able to get over. I dont have any health insurance in the US and I work in the service industry so there wont be any work for me for quite some time.
  5. I've been watching a lot of highlights from our mid/late 90's games (plenty on youtube if anyone is looking) and Owen really was something else. Without the hamstring issue (5 months he was out with that) which cut short his pace, and destroyed his confidence, we would probably be talking about the greatest england player ever.
  6. Williams mentioned that a lot of them have known each other since they were 7 years old. What a night for them.
  7. Williams being interviewed after the game. Spoke very well. Got me a little teary eyed - so so pleased for these youngsters.
  8. He is an absolute joy to watch. Dont think ive ever enjoyed watching someone play more than him.
  9. Jordan: "I thought it had to be clear" - Yep, youre not wrong there. Love these behind the scenes. This one was especially good.
  10. Just seen Allison celebrating with Mo after the second. f*** I love him!
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