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  1. I remember seeing it at the time and pretty sure I hated it. Gonna watch them all in the right order. May as well have something to show for this rotten time in our lives.
  2. Swipe


    That’s sad. Germany are apparently considering mandatory face-masks in an attempt to get back to normality.
  3. Iron Man 2. Crushingly ordinary with a really poor ending. Again, another s*** baddie. Mickey Rourke is pointless. He can only play himself with different accents since he did that to his face too. At the risk of being a #LAD, Johansson is staggeringly attractive in it.
  4. Swipe


    ‘f*** sake lads Ceferin is back on the phone.’
  5. Swipe


    Proper f***ing annoying. I was in work for it. Thought we’d dug ourselves out of a rather sorry hole. Anyway, I always enjoy hearing from this Ceferin chap.
  6. Swipe


    Utterly relentless. I saw clips of the spurs 2-2 again the other day. He was thrilled that late penalty was given. “The linesman has done brilliantly here”.
  7. Swipe


    I think sky have never really replaced Gray. Obviously he’s a dinosaur but he brought drama to the role. Compare it to Neville and his “ooooooohhhh”s. They’ll still get pelters and the damage is done in some respect but it would be good if they at least reversed it.
  8. Swipe


    He’s still contradicting UEFA. He’s twice mentioned it needing done by the end of June when UEFA have expressly not put a timeline on it. As Stanley said I think he’s just chatting to everyone.
  9. Swipe


    Thanks Stanley. What’s up with this Ceferin dude. He keeps contradicting his own organisation.
  10. Swipe


    Anyone have a sub to paste this in?
  11. Must check them out. Gonna have it blaring at I stand staring out of my window like Hannibal Lecter.
  12. Swipe


    Missing it horrendously. Even the banter bell ends who are desperate for us to get f***ed over will be overjoyed when their s*** team is back.
  13. Swipe


    That would be good. All this is f***ing mad. I still can’t quite process that it’s really and actually happening.
  14. Not sure. He was also in Trading Places. One of the rich brothers. What a film that is.
  15. These left me reeling. Had to have some milk. Water makes such things worse.
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