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  1. Started watching High Maintenance on Sky. Every episode is about someone new in NYC, with it all held together by a weed dealer who deals to them all. He’s played by the guy who created the show. Some episodes better than others but it’s pretty funny and charming.
  2. Swipe


    You got broken into? f*** off. That’s horrible. Sorry mate.
  3. Swipe


    Lovely. Thanks pal.
  4. Swipe


    The Ultra HD movie looked amazing but all the other standard HD channels just look the same really. But maybe that's normal.
  5. Swipe


    Lovely. Thanks you. Will do all that. The motion blur thing seems a biggie from what I'm reading. Also, and this might be a dumb question, but how do you know your Virgin box automatically detected it?
  6. Swipe


    Dolby Vision is a type of HDR I've just discovered. Joined AVForums there to see if I can find advice on what settings to check/uncheck etc. It's like I've fallen into the matrix. I haven't a clue what's going on.
  7. I watched that Origi derby in a bar in LA with David Maddock. Not quite a story for Graham Norton or whatever, but surreal enough. Incredible moment when it went in. The game was so s***.
  8. Swipe


    The amount of settings is a bit overwhelming. Sportmode is a bit too colourful. How do you know HRD is automatically on? Dolby Vision too. No idea if that's something that's just automatically detected or not.
  9. Swipe


    Caoimhe is 'keeva' in the north too. 'Kwee-va' just sounds stupid imho and I won't be part of it.
  10. Swipe


    The stand is a bugger to set up. Just got it on there and had a very quick look before I had to start work. Tried one of the UHD movies on sky. Unreal looking.
  11. Swipe


    My tv arrived @Stanley Leisure. I’m excited.
  12. Send Adrian on his own. He can play every position like some sort of performance art. Or a middle-period Eddie Murphy movie.
  13. Loving Twitter ITK on Alisson btw. Grizz says he should be fit for Fulham, Spion Kop reckons Spurs and Indykalia still insists it's covid. Fyds should disguise himself as one of his custom guitars, sneak into Alisson's house and find out for sure.
  14. Went in slow-motion that header. Was exactly what Huntelaar was brought on for.
  15. Also it was an unintentional LOL moment when we first saw Warnock. Sat in a hotel lounge like f***ing Partridge.
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