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  1. Watched the first one tonight. Some of the bits are so staged it’s untrue. The players chatting in the canteen the day Mourinho was confirmed. Winks saying “I think he’s gonna be so... tactical.” Always found it little odd how badly spurs seemed to take losing the CL final. Obviously a huge disappointment but I haven’t met a single person who thought they’d beat us. Just enjoy your day lads!
  2. City are getting that Ruben Dias it seems. Good? Otamendi sadly going the other way.
  3. Redknapp is a joke where Lampard is concerned really. Looking forward to it properly crumbling. Which it will. Oh, it will.
  4. Yeah fancies PSG doesn’t he. Feels like apart from a few good games against us I haven’t seen him player properly well in ages. Pochettino will be in by Xmas at this rate. Can’t bring himself to properly critique his cousin.
  5. He was quite nice on here though wasn’t he? Friendly? He’s really quite obnoxious and arrogant on twitter. Must love the echo chamber aspect.
  6. Absolute shocker that. If any c*** was gonna give it, it was this c***.
  7. Got to hope the Mancs don’t get their act together in the last week of the window cos they’ll not be anywhere near top four with this squad. They’re rubbish.
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