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  1. Wasn’t that awkward moment Klopp had with Pearce about something Hughes had actually written
  2. They may well get him eventually but having talks now as he’s trying to win the league over them? Come on.
  3. Shame we didn’t beat Arsenal. Think it would have knocked them out of things. They’re on a proper roll now. Could do with them getting City or Real in the CL next. We’ll almost certainly be second by the time we kick off against city.
  4. There’s just no way it’s true!
  5. Loads will have their asterisk now should Liverpool win the league so everyone is happy.
  6. Yeah when even Neville is saying that then you know it’s taken a rum turn.
  7. It’s Liverpool Bad. It’s all it is. There are people genuinely comparing it to what happened at spurs.
  8. Yep it’s a conundrum. No doubt. But risking yet another injury to a key player for Prague?
  9. Can’t get over grown men acting out “signing on” as they sing that s***e.
  10. Hughes doesn’t strike me as someone who has much inside scoop, no harm to him. Just reading some bits Ornstein posted last week though and he reiterated Edwards has shown no interest. Doesn’t want to be a SD again.
  11. Yeah in an ideal world we’d think more about rhythm but the injury situation has changed that.
  12. If it was me I'd pick the team we want for City and work backwards if possible. Really can't be taking any risks for that.
  13. Yeah true. I'm just going from the POV that Joyce is basically a club spokesman at times. The Edwards stuff that came out felt like a brief. But there was also some stuff in the Athletic - Simon Hughes I think - saying Edwards hasn't given any new encouragement and FSG should move on, so who knows.
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