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  1. either way, contact isn't in itself a foul & I'm not sure wether that one really merits a pen. If we'd been awarded it, I'd be a little sheepish
  2. the Robbo one is defo one of those seen em given seen em not. And we'll continue to see similar not given even with VAR. But this isn't the point of VAR. It's to get rid of howlers. We're now getting penalties where no-one on the pitch including the ref even knows there's been a transgression We weren't sold on it being re-referring the game, the idea was to get rid of howlers. Not giving a peno yesterday wasn't a howler. The Mo incident against Villa has more merit as a pen. It's not just penos though, it's the millimetre offsides. Yeah, we'll have people arguing you're off o
  3. happy birthday cobs - time to take up golf
  4. hahahhaha yeah, badly worded.... We are giving the rest an illusion of a chance. So that's 5 penos against us this season in 10 games? Southampton, City, Chelsea, 2 vs BHA. Can't remember the City one but the first one yesterday is the only one that wasn't utterly contentious. How many have we had? 2 vs Leeds - at least one more. That's a lot of penos - thank f*** we're not playing ManU in the next week or 2
  5. jesus christ - I got injured in July running 300km in a month
  6. Tony Hsieh founder of Zappos - is that a thing in the UK?
  7. and their claim then - apparently - was that Biden should be DQ'd because the 3m count as unreported campaign financing
  8. 11 men - without Thiago - let's batter these lot - then have a massive doobie with them afterwards and qualify for the knockouts
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