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  1. Sorry to hear that Melia, never a good tome but this must be particularly bad.
  2. not Pepe's shining moment I love Emlyn's celebration there
  3. what's the scoop here? I'm not up-to speed with UK incentives and stuff & have spent about 75% of available hours this week trying to sort this s*** out for my company in the US. What it sounds like - Staff on furlough - I think there's a UK/US difference there, but this basically means they don't show for work but are still employed. The club can claim back 80% of those individual's salaries from the gov't. Is that it? More or less (can't be less?) to it?
  4. f***ing hell why do so many people always believe the least plausible scenarios rather than the most obvious?
  5. why would the Jocks just abandon it?
  6. US has gone past 250,000 now, more than double the next highest 'official' total. The UK is pushing towards 40,000. Both relatively similar on a per-capita
  7. Guardian says this Total - not in a day
  8. 2006 Cup Final - one of the great goals 10-12ish mins of highlights
  9. yeah - I like his stuff The Jay Electronica sounds pretty good too
  10. Sir Tokyo Sexwale


    does it just work on the Mac OS, or is it like Parallels & you have to go to a MS Windows environment?
  11. Sir Tokyo Sexwale


    I played like 2014 or something but it was getting overly complex. 01/02 was most fun
  12. Sir Tokyo Sexwale


    was trying to DL Footy Manager 01/02 - it's been updated with current players & available free, but on a Mac it's a ballache to do
  13. didn't he embarrass himself further with trying to explain it after?
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