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  1. and he's learning. We won, he made a mistake or two, but who doesn't? Thats how you learn and grow
  2. not just that but there are 22.5m people in FL. If a third contract it & 6% die, that's 450,000 in FL alone. That makes the population 22m from 22.5m
  3. the deniers are the ones doing my head in the most. The 99.9% recover brigade.
  4. their last stuff was awful - maybe I'll give this a go listening to the new Idles one - it's good but not a great change on previous
  5. universities in Scotland sound f***ed
  6. I ordered some LFC Cadbury's from the club shop - I'm in the UK right now & it said expected delivery 1 Oct. So I got it sent to my NY address, arrived there last Monday....
  7. doubt it's cost Leyton Orient much/any cash but the players miss out on the chance to play vs a few bigger names
  8. that's s***. I know there's fixture congestion etc now but what if a club withholds positive info so a game can go ahead? Or if both teams fall cropper with infections?
  9. Nah - I'm not up to speed enough anymore with UK politics/economy to follow that thread. My life-view is 'deal with what you've got and make it better', I try not to get all down on s*** since it doesn't help, so I keep a positive outlook. That's all
  10. good luck fella. Let us all know once you're back, safe & having a beer
  11. heading back to Thailand?
  12. Neco has been getting the dog's from the a*******s on twitter, he's replaced his background pic with a block of black
  13. we've scored 3+ goals against them at home in each of the last 5 games
  14. oh yeah I forgot the narrative - America is terrible & the Tories are ace
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