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  1. https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-cant-cancel-or-postpone-the-november-election-over-coronavirus-2020-3
  2. Mad to think we've played 4 European Cup Finals in those 20 years. For so long it felt like another club and then again it did after Rafa was sacked.
  3. he's not able to stop it. It's going to be a postal vote & that'll crucify him. He's even on record saying that the Republicans will never win another election if postal is the way forward
  4. I meant the club crest - the liverbird. Looks iron-on from what I've seen Any date in the unveiling? Haven't seen anything official yet
  5. almost sounds like Leeds early-90s
  6. f***ing hell I'm rooted in the past it's one of those 1990 isn't 20 years ago moments. I'm having a drink
  7. unfortunately I can see the presidential debates already - You're stupid NO - YOU'RE stupid NO. YOU'RE stupid Well, you're ugly...
  8. I'm joking. They're weapons. Apparently they're lucky we got Klopp, like it was nothing to do with them. I prefer bankruptcy & Gillette & Hicks
  9. hahahaha - 21 years later and we won the Cup, I think we can make peace. Would be a harsh offside too Can't believe the number of fans on the pitch - so soon after Hillsborough as well. I remember some but not as many as the 1st equalizer
  10. If the Dems have any political savvy this c*** is making their ads for them
  11. he'd have been in deep s*** if someone was videoing that
  12. FSG out brigade are all over Twitter. Quite warming to the heart really
  13. Anniversary of the 1989 Cup Final today or if you want longer highlights - as I remember it was a poor game till extra time
  14. yeah I agree. Even if there is no genetic link & it is all socio-economic, until that's proven then you have to play it safe
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