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  1. Rhys Williams was brilliant last season at Kiddy Harriers... My home town so I went along to watch him a few times. My nephew is on the books for the youth team and even though my nephew is a United fan he had nothing but praise for how Williams was with some of the youth lads.
  2. Be gutted being a Lincoln fan not being able to see us in person at their ground. Or should I have just said 'be gutted being a Lincoln fan'
  3. Romero is decent. Think United fans were f***ed off he wasn't utilised in the league matches last season instead of DeGea.
  4. I used to have a load of TShirts as my dad's mate worked at Our Price and I ended up with a load of Maiden, Nirvana, Pantera, PWEI, Sepultura and Metallica tops... Wish I kept hold of them as my eldest is into Maiden and Nirvana now and the 'worn' look is fashionable ain't it?
  5. He's actually better than Lindelof.. Dunno why they loaned him out as he used to chime in with a few goals too
  6. Barnesy_10


    Yeah I hope that you can buy different colour ones of those like the faceplates on the front of the Xbox 360... I sold a special launch edition one of those on ebay a few years back for daft money.
  7. Barnesy_10


    Saw an article about current gen Xbox sales spiked today. Potentially due to the confusing naming of the consoles this gen and next gen. It is confusing to be fair. Xbox One X, Xbox series X etc.. If a kid has tasked their non gaming savvy parents to pre order for them you can imagine there being confusion.
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