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  1. Barnesy_10


    Have a few at my sons school. Same faces each time and yeah without sounding judgmental they are the ones I would have expected to not bother wearing masks too based on their previous attitudes about things... There seems to be some kind of trend where dick heads have masks on but pulled down under the chin and walking around inside shops and school playgrounds as if to take some kind of 'edge' off them not wearing one when it makes them look even bigger knobs than the ones that don't wear one at all
  2. It's f***ing appalling that tackles like that only get 3 match bans. Should be 6 months... He knew exactly what the f*** he was doing there.
  3. was it Villa in the cup last season where the kids got t******?
  4. if it is still a 2000 fan limit then they all need to meet up beforehand to practice chanting in unison for full effect
  5. Barnesy_10


    😆 yeah and the Xbox 360 came with a switch on the cable too which you had to switch to HD physically. The amount of people who used to email into my old work saying the text looked crap on their big screen 32" LCD was hilarious.
  6. probably the best way of looking at it.. Just glad that Everton have been dropping down the table since that match... couldn't deal with smugness from their players and fans whilst they were responsible for the injuries to two of our best players.
  7. the way Hux was built up in Force Awakens looked like he was going to become this 'take no s***' leader type... Then within minutes of the opening score of The Last Jedi we get him being bullied and looking like a t**.
  8. That opening exchange between Ade Edmondson (!?!?!), Hux and Poe is some of the worst I have ever seen in a film Usually Star Wars intros are a huge thing, establishing shots setting up the standard for the rest of the film...... I guess in this case it did that right as the rest of it is s***e too.
  9. Barnesy_10


    make sure you enable HDR on the actual input in the TV settings as they are off my default.. Also enable it on the PS4 too (in case you already haven't) apologies if you already did this but we have HDR TV's in the office and assumed it was enabled automatically, but it wasn't and made an even bigger difference when it was. I have HDR at home too and you are right, it makes a big diff having it and 4K.
  10. Yup and it's a miracle we are where we are in the table. Imagine where we would be if Virgil and Thiago hadn't got injured. Probably out of sight, which makes this all the more f***ing annoying..
  11. f***s sakes... Whilst Richarlison still gets to play and roll about with his play acting b******s like he did on Saturday c***.
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