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  1. Watched that Friday/Saturday Absolutely crazy. I just couldn't get my head around so much of it over such a short space of time. Was overwhelming, but couldn't stop watching it
  2. Been getting my two to do a diary for each day about what they have been doing and also their thoughts on the situation and how they feel. Told them their kids will likely study this current time when they are at school so will be good for them to read about what it was like day to day. Trying not to expose them to too much though, just the isolation aspect and the impact its having on them
  3. Haha I pick up on new bits each time. Love when Jan says she is the Devil whilst wearing a red dress and sits in front of the open fire and does the horn gesture. She's gorgeous and perfectly cast for that role.
  4. I can't get enough of The Office US, well up until Carell leaves.. Some of the writing in it is perfection. That Dinner Party episode is absolutely brilliant
  5. Cracked open a bottle of red way too early last night and then had a couple of night caps. Enjoyed a lie in and then dragged myself to the sofa to plan on watching some series but then for some reason ended up giving the kitchen a deep clean. Now back to sofa
  6. Barnesy_10


    Haha he looks like the baddy from Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  7. Barnesy_10


    Just seen a tweet 'give it to Big Sam till the end of the year'
  8. Collaborated with them since 2016 with fitness b******s apparently
  9. Barnesy_10


    I'm less and less positive that this season will be continued. Got a feeling it will just be wiped off. That news about the lower leagues yesterday feels like it's some way of doing it in stages rather than a blanket 'expunge'
  10. I take it back.... Turns out the prick works for the scum That's the kids doing an alternative YouTube fitness session from now on
  11. Barnesy_10


    f***ing hell mate... Sorry to hear that
  12. Tonight's viewing Roxanne - not seen it in years and bit of a feel good film Rambo First Blood Pt1 - enough said....
  13. Fimo Clay is great mate..... Its more clay like than Play Dough and you can bake it when done to make it permanent and then paint it. But it comes in a variety of colours anyway. I use it a lot as I do sculpting at home and its come in handy for kids homework at times too. My eldest sculpted King Harold for a project once, complete with removable arrow. https://www.staedtler.com/intl/en/products/fimo-modelling-clay-accessories/
  14. Barnesy_10


    Yeah fingers crossed Sammy, hope you hear some good news soon
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