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  1. Barnesy_10


    Didn't realise we don't play a game in all of August... Gonna be a long month especially with the Europa and Champions League games going on. At least we get a rest though
  2. The long floating balls to the front three weren't working second half but still we persisted with them. Not sure why.. Burnley were mopping them up
  3. Atkinson was fourth official too... Bet he pissed Jurgen off something rotten throughout too
  4. Didn't think we deserved a penalty but you can guarantee the Mancs would have got at least one penalty today under those circumstances
  5. Yeah, he used to be anonymous when he started but pretty useful off the bench. But lately he has been anonymous with both. We just need stronger players to turn to off the bench..
  6. Yeah was ridiculous. I was at the game and came away completely bewildered by it all.
  7. What is it with teams who score against us only need 2 shots to get one frigging goal
  8. Terrible second half from us. Our shots to goal ratio is generally pretty poor... Shame we aren't ruthless in front of goal
  9. Jurgen Macho for Sunderland at Anfield.... Enough said
  10. I am not expecting anything less... The s*** that goes on behind the scenes with them must be dodgy as f***... Bet Aguero is on 500k per week
  11. Coutinho would tick a lot of boxes and I think if he had left under better circumstances then it could be a possibility. I just don't see us welcoming him back because of how it all happened
  12. Barnesy_10

    Welcome VvD

    been sat here trying to come up with a Garth Brooks pun in response to Tommok post but struggling
  13. Idiots who have an incorrect delivery address for ebay.. Sold something on there and the email from ebay said to despatch to an address.... I then went onto the app to mark as despatch to let him know that I had sent it and saw he had another address on there... Messaged him to tell him its gone to the delivery address that ebay had emailed out to me to send to and he has replied saying that isn't his address... can see this being a right pain in the a*** now. Only sent it first class postage too.
  14. Barnesy_10

    Welcome VvD

    The way commentators are banging on I wouldn't be surprised to see Greenwood get young player of the year To be fair he looks proper quality. I read he is sharing the same stats as Owen, Fowler and Rooney for his age.
  15. it will be our fault or they will ramp up the talk of us hacking their computers to vent their hatred in our direction even more than it already is.
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