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  1. Yup... Arsenal fans were all for jibbing him off not long ago. He's made some very good signings.
  2. That air shot from Rashford was akin to something you see in an under 7s game... Complete lack of composure and technique. Surprised his boot didn't fly off out of the stadium it was that wild
  3. The guy is a buffoon... All those injuries as a player must have been brain related
  4. Fernandes and McTominay were both furthest forward at the end... Antony doing what he does best, which was f*** all... They are a f***ing mess and no shiny new stadium will sort it out. This new Ashworth fella will have his work cut out.
  5. Correct... The away games to Everton, Villa and United are the ones I am most nervous about but 3 points has to be the only result next weekend. Hope Mo plays and Darwin starts... Gakpo up top again won't do us any favours
  6. If United fans think their ownership is the reason for this dross then they are f***ing clueless
  7. f*** off why can't his leg be broke... Lloyd Christmas looking motherf***er
  8. What a f***ing pathetic performance this is... No closing down... No urgency at all... f***ing useless
  9. Rashford could have had a hattrick in those first 25 mins the useless c***
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