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  1. on a par with England's finest then
  2. ah ok, if I remember rightly I was saying it was mixed feelings between delight at America getting what was coming to it and horror for the individual victims (not all of whom were American, of course). I'm sure I've made hundreds or even thousands of other 9/11 related comments, on here and elsewhere. Can you explain, though, why you think this is 'showing me up' or assume that I or anybody else would be concerned about how they are pictured by other people on this forum? Perhaps it's understandable with your own experiences that you might misinterpret a belligerent and sometimes violen
  3. ok, raw nerve touched...
  4. I'm not sure what image you think I think it portrays. You seem to be a bit over-sensitive on this subject. Is it something you have personal history of? A battered husband perhaps?
  5. this would be an improvement, but it'll almost certainly lead to another issue: i.e. Man U decisions mysteriously get decided quickly when they go in their favour, but repeatedly run out of time when they look like going against
  6. this seems to be a recurring interest for you
  7. Was this pass not blatantly forward? Do the rules mean anything at all??? https://www.linkedin.com/embed/feed/update/urn:li:ugcPost:6598403249001336832
  8. this why i'd never get involved with such activities - even if I WAS still living in the UK. To the one calling me (you) a member of the IRA, I'd have been saying (shouting) - "yes, I am and we've got your address now" - with the Islamophobe, violence would almost certainly have ensued. Good for the war on gammon, but not so helpful to winning elections, I'm sure. I did take part in a Labour election push once (1992) but that basically just amounted to knocking on doors and asking if they'd already voted and bringing the data back to the co-ordination HQ.
  9. i'll watch this on MOTD2, but I actually wouldn't mind hearing Tyler's anguish on the Sky commentary. Where might I get that?
  10. wtf!! disallowed...this is a fkin farce took them about 4 minutes to decide as well
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