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  1. If they had have had a go at us I doubt they’d have got that far, but yeah fair.
  2. But they’d probably have lost to us, so swings and roundabouts innit?
  3. While it is s***, it’s won them a league title, a Europa League and they were seconds away from winning the European cup. Probably more enjoyable than what they had before. Maybe a middle ground between its being fine and needing to yield more but it’s probably been reasonably enjoyable.
  4. Let’s all hope we sign Thighago anyway.
  5. He’s more of an aggregator that shags transfers than anything else.
  6. That’s Foden though isn’t it? And if they sign centre backs they get Fernandinho back in midfield as well.
  7. Gonna lead us to Community Shield glory.
  8. Easier said than done though. You bin that off and you've got to pay back a lot of TV companies. Why would the Nations League go at the expense of the League Cup? Other countries won't have the issues we have, Germany for example have 4 fewer league games and a cup competition fewer, so they don't need to bin the Nations League.
  9. Can't just kill international football though can you? They've got contracts they need to fulfill, and some people do actually enjoy it as others enjoy club football. Weird people nevertheless, but still.
  10. Why would I do that? If he was available next summer and we didn't sign him I'd be very disappointed. Does my misery excite you?
  11. Hightown Phil


    I've been on a few trains and been broadly fine with it but the idea of the Underground just isn't the same as a train to London where they can control demand, or a Eurostar, where they limited the sale of seats and everyone sat alone. The Piccadilly line from Heathrow is a different kettle of fish.
  12. Hightown Phil


    Our office opening up again the end of the month on a phased basis that appears to be solely for anyone who wants to go for as little as a day a week, which seems a reasonably sensible policy. I will absolutely not be going.
  13. No, they get paid to write fewer more in depth pieces.
  14. I agree with your point, just thought you meant the summer after he hadn't started as opposed to the one after he'd played in a Champions League Final tbh.
  15. I honestly have no idea how you've concluded anything remotely along the lines of that. I would sign Thiago, we have good depth in midfield as is shown by Grujic coming back and people being unable to see how he gets anywhere near the side, but the depth in midfield isn't a reason to not sign Thiago. I responded to a point that said we lacked depth in midfield. Our midfield is that deep that players who have started Champions League knock out games aren't guaranteed a place on the bench. We'd sign Thiago cos he's a great footballer, not cos we have a need for midfielders.
  16. I made an uncontroversial statement people didn't like. Sorry.
  17. Yeah. That's kind of how the 8th midfielder is likely to get games. It's as if having a midfielder on the books who's really unlikely to play signifies that we're pretty deep in the position or something.
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