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  1. I can confirm I've had the s***s on and off for a week or so.
  2. Captain Birdseye doesn't f*** about
  3. D.Boon


    I'm going to call him Big Kev. Id ruffle his hair as well as I say it.
  4. Just watched the first one. Boyega is a talented actor.
  5. That's unfair. If they don't like a deal they sometimes abstain.
  6. He looks like he should be pulling nets on the back of deep sea trawler. Then a pint and a sing song in the pub.
  7. Just what was needed. Solid win against a good team with the youngsters playing well and no injuries. Thought Fabino and Matip were great
  8. It's f***ing appalling. For good measure the c**** left leg also traps his foot/ankle.
  9. To be fair to the club it sounds like they have struggled to work out the recovery period due to its unusual nature and hence the lack of info. f***ing s*** news like
  10. I wanted to watch Ace Ventura Pet Detective with the kids. Yet another film not to get past Mrs B's Common Sense Media classification system. It's a bloke pulling stupid faces trying to find a stolen dolphin FFS.
  11. Watching The Queens Gambit. It's OK but not seeing why it got such rave reviews. I think I just don't like TV.
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