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  1. D.Boon


    Youngest was ill last week with a cold but no official symptoms. Eldest got a cold on Thursday which by yesterday also included a cough. She always gets coughs with colds. So the advice line says we all self isolate for 2 weeks until we get her tested but of course we can't get her tested. What a f***ing sham.
  2. I know next to nothing about him.
  3. D.Boon

    The cycling

    Incredible scenes today. Feel for Roglic but what a Tour for Pogacer.
  4. Another handsome lad to add to our dashing team.
  5. It's been a couple of hours since the link to Jota and we haven't had Leo outlining how exciting a talent he is and how he fits our system really well. It doesn't bode well for Jota.
  6. D.Boon


    Brilliantly, scientifically planned. Like a Covid excocet.
  7. Get a comfortable lead then bring Thiago on to rub piss vinegar into their open wounds.
  8. Am I the only one who thinks of Allo Allo whenever I see Hansi Flick mentioned?
  9. D.Boon


    Both my daughter's are full of what looks like just a normal cold. Seems like half the schools have it. Shows how effective these social distancing measures are working in schools.
  10. Would undoubtedly make things worse. I've since had a meeting with them and they were nice as pie. High achieving weirdo sort.
  11. My boss is very Jeckyl and Hyde. Never know where you stand.
  12. Came very close to leaving my job today. Probably only the thought of it being the worst time in history to find a new job will make me go back in tomorrow.
  13. I don't get the logic. OK they play in central midfield but they are very different types of players. It seems strange that it would be a like for like deal.
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