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  1. Billions being wasted on scrapping the Huawei 5G roll out. Hope the US are pleased with Boris.
  2. Lovely part of the world. Great beaches.
  3. Don't mind Tyldesly but what's the point of the video?
  4. D.Boon


    The responsibility and cost will without doubt fall to the shops and if you are having to pay for a mask for someone to buy a pint of milk there not much point opening
  5. D.Boon


    It's not enforceable in a police sense though surely. It's going to fall to the shopkeepers to refuse entry or eject people.
  6. D.Boon


    They are hopeless. Apparently it's to give people time to get a mask. The "what things can we do to make shopping safer" meetings weeks ago must have skipped over this detail.
  7. D.Boon


    It's a nothing story really. The diagonal bit seems nonsense.
  8. D.Boon


    It was a pretty empty beer garden. There's no way I'm going inside one for a while.
  9. D.Boon


    It was only Morreti but after a walk in the sun and it being the first pint in a pub in 4 months or so it was great.
  10. D.Boon


    Had a pint in a nice little country boozer beer garden. Tasted ace.
  11. D.Boon


    Stayed at a mates house last night and had a good session. Then another mate rolled up today and we all had a BBQ in the garden. Was really nice if a bit weird.
  12. D.Boon


    Don't the ONS predictions say less than 0.1% of the population have had it?
  13. D.Boon

    Welcome VvD

    It's hard to imagine a defender having a more impressive and influential season than the one Virgil has had. That said I think Mane is worthy of it as well. Would love Henderson to get it but can't see it.
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