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  1. Not quite clicking for him with the final pass or shot today but he ran himself into the ground.
  2. Was Allison there, might have missed him but didn't see him in any of the post match fun and games?
  3. McConnell did really well. Even threw in a snide yellow as well
  4. Best I've seen him play. He was solid as igneous rock.
  5. The kid has a wand of a left foot and must be powered by some sort of internal nuclear fusion. What a game.
  6. D.Boon

    Welcome VvD

    It really was. Monstrous leadership
  7. Good case to be made for that being Virgil's greatest game. Phenomenal.
  8. Absolutely magnificent. Magnificent. I'm f***ing still hungover to hell but I'm going on the ale. Good conquers evil.
  9. Brave as f*** from our men this. How much more can they give?
  10. State of this Chelsea team getting flummoxed by our f***ing kids
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