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  1. It's absolutely bizarre but more worrying is her boasts that "Mum taught me to balance the books at breakfast" which shows again the childs view that our political class have of economics.
  2. It's possibly the most embarrassing thing a club has ever done. They only appointed him a few weeks ago.
  3. Apparently Forest got the ball back and lost it again anyway before we scored.
  4. Cheers chaps, lots of good tips
  5. "Protest good, *that* type of protest bad, democracy good, *that* type of democracy bad, alarming about Galloway innit, baduns Rochdale, robust policing, extremism, antisemitism, oops better throw in islamaphobia otherwise god knows where will vote against me, blah blah freedom"
  6. "Erm....<cough><squint eyes>.....look, what is clear, is, what my mission is, look, what I'm saying is that Rochdale.....err...<squint eyes><point with thunb>...has a right to defend itself<voice tails off>"
  7. The Labour Party is currently exactly what those in charge want it to be.
  8. Bailo


    As a Destiny maniac, I can't even recommend starting as a new player. It's become so big and impenetrable for new players. I don't mind the UI but collecting all the guns is actually impossible as they canned some content a while back, the lore will make zero sense and you need about £100 of expansions to get anywhere. Its also an all-consuming drug that never lets go of its hold on you. I love it but it won't be for everyone.
  9. Anyone done one recently? We're looking at a house that has a fairly small kitchen and we'd want to remodel a kitchen diner. But have no idea what the current going rate is for projects that knock down existing walls etc.
  10. The scary thing is I think they are the most even of all the major news channels, which says a lot.
  11. Bailo


    Has anyone had any noticeable improvements to their health on things like AG1 or HDG? I'm intrigued because my increasingly fatter ass needs a kick.
  12. Edwards was head of the Rodgers-era transfer committee wasn't he? It wasn't unbridled success during his decade.
  13. Jesus, why does he have to leave?!
  14. Bailo

    The cricket

    Apparently very unpopular in the squad - lazy and walked out on his fiancée and child for some social media influencer he met on his s*** banter podcast. Add in his twitter posts, his firing from Yorkshire. Total t***.
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