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  1. Bailo


    Yeah, we've all forgotten a mask at times but getting onto a bus with your mum/girlfriend (couldn't tell which), neither with masks on and then sitting there vaping, talking loudly and almost making a show of it is absolute c*** behaviour. Noone dares say anything either (myself included) because who knows what these d****eads will do in response. I've heard a few people on the bus respond to a driver inquiry with "oh I have asthma" like that's a get out clause.
  2. Yeah it's a mad upshot that the humans ability in all this isn't being examined, just the tech.
  3. Bailo


    f***ing white people on buses not wearing masks and one guy vaping. c****.
  4. Yeah, if you're being really uncharitable then you could say his pointing is still a tiny advantage but it's a total nonsense. Beyond any other debate about VAR, I don't understand how a part of the body you're specifically prohibited from using in the game has ended up as something that can flag you offside. Linos weren't flagging that in pre-var days.
  5. And f***ing Richarlison swans around after a 3 game ban. He should be banned until Thiago is back playing.
  6. Hahaha f***ing hell. Brazen, legalised, extortion.
  7. Yep, they'll get your money one way or another. Didn't get any money back from our car or house insurance during the lockdown, which might seem a little petty but they can afford it more than I can.
  8. The entire industry is a scam isn't it. Absolute c****.
  9. That t*** Ronay has had a pop at Klopp in the Guardian Monday "10 things" column. Parroted the Lineker line.
  10. Think our excess means its not worth claiming. Apparently if we want service on a Sunday we need the "Home Emergency Cover" add-on. Don't actually know what the point of our cover is really, it protects you from very little.
  11. This is the worst bit. Stayed up last night with my cricket bat, until we get an alarm fitted and some proper security lights sorted we won't feel safe. Locks are all changed at least.
  12. Troy Deeney is an idiot isn't he? Been given lots of airtime, particularly on Talksport, to voice his moronic opinions. Last night it was "too much has been taken from footballers (?!) so leave them to make concussion calls for themselves."
  13. Change the offside rule back to "daylight" and/or the furthest forward foot, no other body parts. We're going to end up with a goal chalked off because a player puts his hands out in front of him to balance when checked by a defender on the way through.
  14. Yeah, I'll be complaining alright. Whole business is going to cost £2k minimum and I'm fully insured. Who the f*** invented excesses?
  15. Tesco Home Insurance, who direct you to the underwriters, who are RSA, who denied they actually underwrite it so sent me to AXA, who denied any knowledge of me and my policy. RSA aren't open on sundays for claims because nothing ever happens on a Sunday.
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