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  1. Bailo


    I assume it's non-TLR teachers? Heads of department still actively employed to grade pupils? How are they dealing with setting work though when most of their staff are off?
  2. Remembering of course that Stark has a Damascene conversion that Musk has never shown any inkling of. He's still a bit of a prick in the comics.
  3. Bloody hell, I remember him well. Awful news, gonna pop a few quid his way.
  4. Bailo


    I really don't like how they've passed the buck onto schools with the rank order. I can be reasonably confident about setting grades but ranking within a grade band? Not at all.
  5. Bailo


    Have you watched the Netflix series? I struggled with W3 but then watched that and really got into the lore and the world - went back to the game and really enjoyed it.
  6. Bailo


    Wonderful game. Have you got the expansion? Those mini-bosses are f***ing annoying.
  7. Bailo


    The immunity certificate looks like a disaster to me. Everyone rushing to get infected and get one so they can go save their job.
  8. Bailo


    Ps4 here, destiny 2 mainly but also enjoying my first play through of Witcher 3. Going to dust off my Xbox 360 next week and replay the Mass Effect series.
  9. Bailo


    It's tokenism at its worst, like poppies. Suggest actually supporting NHS workers or vets with time or money and most exuberant clappers would slink back indoors. We have a road WhatsApp group which is now being used to name and shame people who didn't clap, in a subtle way. Problem is, I knocked on all their doors and I know exactly who voted Tory and its the passive aggressive ringleaders. I thought that was the most insane and disturbing thing I can remember the BBC ever publishing.
  10. Bailo


    They've allowed you to pause Sky Sports for a few weeks now, no option to donate AFAIK though. That, and Cheltenham, going ahead should lead to criminal charges. The briefing and QT today have convinced me this lot have absolutely no clue what to do and are now in full panic mode. Hancock looked like a little boy today.
  11. Bailo


    And in the same breath s***s like Branson asking for a bailout
  12. Jfc and you're posting in the TV thread about it as well
  13. Bailo


    Yeah he's been noticeably absent
  14. Bailo


    Don't think it's done routinely now, certainly kids at school don't get it. Reading all the stories today has got me thinking that the Govt is near collapse - they have no idea what they're doing anymore.
  15. Bailo


    They're not doing 10k tests per day, it's usual Tory sleight of hand - they're using "capacity" deliberately when most people are assuming that means they're doing that number of tests. In that briefing alone, we had Sharma saying capacity is at 10k per day and Doyle saying 3k per day - they can't even brief right. How many we're actually doing per day is anyone's guess. Toby Young style? If that's the case there needs to be criminal charges
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