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  1. Bailo


    I know that's the policy, I'm counterpointing you saying it shouldn't be. No, it's likely not as we've seen for fines on lockdown breaches. But transferring the onus on enforcement doesn't help persecuted minority groups anymore. I can only hope this hard line encourages the use of masks and enforcement isn't needed. We've seen in the US the worst demographic for mask refusal is white boomers.
  2. Bailo


    That does tend to put the enforcement burden and risk on drivers, shop workers though. As we saw in France, people can be absolute murderous c**** about this but I doubt they'd do that to a copper. I'm absolutely not going to go into bat for the police and absolutely agree with your principle but in reality not making the police the enforcement of this just transfers another issue to the lowest paid. I've seen some heroic bus drivers refuse entry to non mask c**** here and get dogs abuse for it.
  3. Bailo


    So important it needs 2 weeks for the public to get used to the idea before they actually have to do it. I see that Vote Leave shill Grimes is taking the next leaf out of the Trump playbook and screaming about masks being awful for social interactions, as if he has any the incel basement prick.
  4. Clone the best players and call it FIFA Ultimate Te.....oh wait
  5. f*** them, they wish they had our GK, RB, one if not both of our centre backs and our LB, our captain, our DM and all three of our forwards. We'll t*** them next year whilst they chase their "revenge" CL win. City*
  6. My Dad (a Leeds fan) watched the game and said Ben White (on loan from Brighton, we've been linked with him a bit) had Brewster in his pocket the entire game.
  7. Burnley get reffed like lower league teams do in the FA Cup. Refs think they're s*** so play a limited way and so ref them with a different set of rules. We still should have won.
  8. The Times continuing their jihad of "you can't say anything racist or sexist or transphobic nowadays" via Janice Turner. It's toxic stuff, my Dad gets The Times and being an evangelical Christian, he often pops up with "well if Christians had the protection Muslims do..." stuff.
  9. Bailo

    Welcome VvD

    Yeah and you know it (I'm messing)
  10. Agree with that but it's not a bad day for video replays, it's a bad day for the morons watching them upstairs.
  11. The Guardian love their pet Northerners It's also interesting how Steve Butler remained in position with an apology for AS and how SKS himself just needed to pop along to a course for his racisms he did.
  12. Renationalise public transport and make it free.
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