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  1. Surely now Origi and Wilson are going to be sold?
  2. Bailo


    Much much better. Now includes all EA games. Can also use it on a PC and Android phones (that's in beta still).
  3. Bailo


    3 main ways for me - it's a better specced console (at least the Series X is), the All-Access program makes it really affordable and Game Pass Ultimate being included in that is an incredible deal. Given I spend most time on Destiny 2 and that's going to be on Game Pass along with Beyond Light, it makes financial sense too. Plus Cyberpunk 2077 and that's all I'll likely need. I've flipped back and forth - had a 360, then a PS4, now got a Pro but I think the Xbox will win the next gen. Also most of the rogue like Sony exclusives I've not been bothered about (Dark Souls etc) whereas Halo In
  4. Well one of us comes out from that looking pretty sexy
  5. Bailo


    Surprised anyone is going for the Ps5 this gen and that's coming from someone with a Ps4
  6. Bailo


    It really is. But then so is teaching in a classroom with all the windows open and not being allowed to move beyond my desk and not being able to handle paperwork kids have touched for 48hrs.
  7. Bailo


    We're at two at the moment, one in each year. Bubbles should be working but the reality is that outside of lessons there's no enthusiasm for distancing, nor the space to do it properly. Must have about 30 waiting for tests. It changes every day though, it's impossible to keep a track on everything. It's not SLTs fault, it's the f***ing DfE/No 10. They want this.
  8. Bailo


    They're trying to make it seem inevitable and there's nothing they could have done to change this trajectory. And they'll probably get away with that line. Both 6th form years out at my school for a fortnight. Been utterly awful today trying to sort online live lessons - it's not teaching at all, just the impression of teaching.
  9. Bailo


    Cash register = OK has been the rule for a while now and whilst the Tories consistently poll at 40% they'll continue to do what they want because what are the repercussions for them?
  10. Bailo

    The cricket

    Tbf Rashid bowled the last over in the last game and was great
  11. Bailo

    The cricket

    Absolute bunch of c****. f***ing hate losing to them. The Mancs of cricket.
  12. What (nearly) tipped you over the edge?
  13. Bailo


    What's your middle ground between opening up and lockdown? Looks like a Paul Greengrass film
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