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  1. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice
  2. ████ ████ ███ ████ █████████ ████ ████ ██████
  3. Assuming Android, based on the phrases used. Useful trick when you have issues with seeing the phone screen- if you can see the top of the screen, swipe down and see if you have the 'Cast' option available. If you don't, then open Settings (can be done from the top half) and search for Cast and then enable wireless display. From there, cast to another device - Windows 10 has the 'Connect' application. Get both Windows and phone on the same Wifi network and then you cast the phone screen to Windows and can use your mouse to control the device. Then you have the ability to use another
  4. I recognise Hodgson and Sammy Lee there at the front, but who are the other 2?
  5. Reports coming out that Eddie Van Halen has succumbed to cancer. Confirmed by his son.
  6. So, I've got a major project to do at work - can't go in to detail but it involves the storage of a tonne of information about the results of something. Those results are then pulled into another spreadsheet by something else, and that is where things fall over. We've found that the information from the first sheet isn't going in to the target sheet properly, and we've lost a load of data - we've worked around it by copying/pasting it manually, but now the follow-on process after that is broken because we've no idea which of the rows of information have been actioned and so on. Anyone any
  7. Eldest off school again since Thursday, general sore throat and stomach pains...fever developed this morning, so that's us now isolating again until test results. Test booked in for lunchtime for her, thankfully not far from us.
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