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  1. Not necessarily 😉 - it's the one that got me, and the one I would prefer, but there are a couple of others on there that would suit too.
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  3. The poll for the naming of the General forum is now live:
  4. Thank you to everyone who submitted a suggestion, either via here or on the secret WhatsApp chat... Your options are below. Important information If you click on 'View results' before you submit your own vote then you WILL forfeit your vote - so don't do it if you plan to submit a vote. Please don't try to influence the vote by commenting 😉 Please try to vote without reading any comments below (if any) The poll will automatically close at the end of Sunday If there is a tie then I will pick the one that I think is the most apt.
  5. Some crackers so far, one of which has made me tear up because it's bang on Vic.
  6. OK - we're going to be renaming the General forum in honour of Vic. The problem is that I can't come up with a good new name...I toyed with "The court of the Crimson King" but Vic was never called that, and it's a bit niche, so there I would like suggestions please - and when I have a few then I will put a poll up to see what people think. How do you suggest? Please don't reply in here - I'd like the poll options to be secret until I post them. So, we'll make use of My own personal testing forum, where you can create a new topic with your suggestion in it - I will go through them and any that give me a chuckle will be added to the list for the poll (I will run them through an independent panel too)
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  9. Just checking days, the Chelsea game in 2001 was a Tuesday so it wouldn't have been that then. 2002 would make a bit more sense - got zero recollection of the match itself hehe
  10. Pretty sure it's 8th May 2001 - last match that season, Chelsea.
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