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  1. Away kit officially unveiled.
  2. Great, isn't it? Checked the forecast at about 2pm, went out for a cycle at 3pm, caught in the downpour at about 4pm, home at 5pm all dried out.
  3. Yep...let me know when you are watching it. Got your IP address and I'm all set to go!!!
  4. Jaysus, that's harsh on Swipe!!
  5. I don't read everything on here - most of my actions on reading the front page of the forum are "Mark site read". And yes, I do think your "epiphet" is over the top in reaction to what was said to you. Tell you what - as it means so much to you - go ahead and post up the links to the posts which have offended you, specifically where you've been called a dick, and I'll happily chastise everyone you highlight for it.
  6. You think his reply was rude and insulting? All he said was your comprehension skills were appalling. And you call him a dick? Wow.
  7. Loosen the zip a bit first, and you should be ok.
  8. Doubled up because 2 files were uploaded - to delete an upload at the time, or during an edit, there is a delete button on the uploaded file below the editor. To delete at a later point: https://www.ynwa.tv/attachments/
  9. Become quite fond of the auld Erdinger recently, for some reason!
  10. 'Teal' is the new 'Furlough'
  11. Lip up Josep, ah lip up Josep, Guardiola!!
  12. Shut up..it will end up at Skips soon, and then the forum will finally end up disappearing up its own arse.
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