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  1. Nathan Explosion


    Bit early for you to hit the booze, isn't it?
  2. Nathan Explosion


    So what you're saying is we're all f**ked and loads of things have predicted this very thing that is happening right now???? !??!!??! ?!?! ?! @Earl Hafler - you're not stupid. Do the research before posting, eh?
  3. Nathan Explosion


    If he carks it, do we get a day off?
  4. I'm not querying the Depeche Mode comparison - I'm querying the "When they started..." Host is their 7th studio album.
  5. Not listened to much of the early Paradise Lost stuff then?
  6. https://preview.disneyplus.com/uk Click on the pre-order now button and get it at the cheaper price. Carries over, I would say - I'd expect something stated for logged in accounts on the following site: https://disneylife.com/uk
  7. They'll make the app available to the UK tomorrow Here it is on Google Play, just won't be available on a device itself: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.disney.disneyplus&hl=en_GB Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/nl/app/disney/id1446075923?l=en It's also available for PlayStation 4, and is likely to appear as an app on Sky Q too.
  8. The community element is the reason I haven't binned it - and it's proper kicked in recently (election and this shit) I'll happily keep things running for the foreseeable future, and upgrades are minimal now that I have upgraded the software to the level it is at (not as much hard work as previously) When I lose my job though...youse fucks better pay my mortgage I'm half-way into a 1 litre of Jack D.
  9. I am going to turn the 'reputation' system on the forum purely so I can love this post.
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