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  1. Nathan Explosion


    Return to school guide for my eldest...
  2. I'm no longer considering it - too much of a pain in the arse.
  3. I was toying with the idea of setting up a YNWA Zoom account for the remainder of the season.
  4. Nathan Explosion


  5. More info... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52827710
  6. Nathan Explosion


    For any fellow Judge Dredd fans...
  7. bom chicka wow wow - sexy bastids, or something!!
  8. Nathan Explosion


    Been doing some testing of the new app today, seeing how it behaves with regards to data captured, where that data is sent, what permissions it has/needs. Every malware scanning software I've worked with today has flagged it as a 'concern' If you have a phone/tablet which has been managed by your employer, be aware that they may push this app out to you and have it installed automatically without your involvement. It's an opt-in application so employers should not be doing this and should make it an optional application for installation. Disabling Bluetooth will stop the app from communicating with other phones - but the data send is done over cell/wifi, so it is still sending information about your contacts back to a database. Those with managed Android devices with an Android Enterprise activation (I'm not going in to detail) will have already had permissions accepted for them by their employee so when the app is installed you won't be prompted to give the app permission to do certain things.
  9. Not your fault...it's just older than Iggy Pop himself.
  10. Jesus fuck that joke is fucking boring now.
  11. Nathan Explosion


    So with the impending June 1st date approaching, my wife and my eldest daughter (year 6) will be returning to her workplace/going back to school. Wife's employer has created a new role for her which will isolate her from children on the 3 days a week she'll be working on-site, with her concentrating on assisting with the home learning packs they distribute, as well as continuing doing what she has been doing for the last whatever number of weeks she has been at home (turns out the work she has been doing has formed a huge amount of the overall output of the ~25 team she works in) Daughters' school polled parents to see who was/wasn't sending children back in...Erin really wants to go back in, so she will be. They will have 8 kids per classroom, as 15 is just not doable in any other location in the building other than the hall and that is already being used for children of key workers. She will be back in 2 days of the week, either Mon/Tue or Thurs/Fri, with Wednesday closure for deep clean of the building (apart from the key workers element) My youngest (year 5) could go back if she wanted to, as my wife is a key worker, but she is absolutely terrified of returning so she's going to be home with me.
  12. Fun fact: Ian Woan is the only footballer ever to be mentioned on every episode of Bullseye.
  13. ...you've forgotten a whole day then.
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