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  1. McBain


    The beeb will show 4 live games according to 45 degree Dan Roan
  2. McBain


    Proper uncomfortable with this
  3. McBain


    The new season can start from mid Sep as there are no Euros and the players have had a big break
  4. McBain


    I genuinely want to stop paying my licence fee
  5. Someone is gonna have to bite the bullet and be the first club to spend huge during this time of global financial crisis and accept bad bellends on Twitter and in the papers calling them out as being irresponsible cads I don't see it being us. It feels very Chelsea
  6. McBain


    He's easier to like these days. If he starts managing anyone relevant that may change
  7. The ET meets Jaws crossover was mad Seeing the little fella stepping out into the water not knowing what was in there...I was traumatised
  8. McBain


    They probably sit on the radiator for an hour before testing Guided by the science
  9. You saw him play today and weren't overly impressed while he bagged a hat trick a week after a return to football bcd following a global pandemic You are one harsh room Cunny
  10. I love the way ya'll bounce that ball on your heads
  11. McBain


    We're back to taking about where we might win the league again How I've missed you so
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