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  1. McBain

    Welcome VvD

    If the other lads have got us there then b******s to him the slacker Earn your spot, starting with the ressies
  2. Was listening to Honigstein recently about Alaba and he was of the opinion nobody would be able to pay the enormous wages he wanted, and that would scupper any move This was referencing a move to La Liga or Serie A but I'd be surprised if we were willing to fork such cash out He's played loads at cb for Bayern recently
  3. Ha I thought you were referencing tesco two stripe Shuffles off quietly
  4. I'd settle for people calling him Diogo and not Diego
  5. Rheinbacher at aldi is my cheapo choice at the minute Wouldn't call it Fab but gets me where I need to be
  6. While he was absolutely rubbish on Tues, it does feel like you're all saying that's how he always plays He was crap but he's not always that bad and there is a player in there
  7. I've still got no idea why he chose to stay It's kind of admirable, but also equally kind of lazy.
  8. I don't feel I can commit to playing Rhys Williams from the start until he stops posting on Twitter in all capitals.
  9. Milner seems to be playing left back. It's leaving us woefully short in midfield
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