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  1. Chris Williams is someone I would listen to, to not be an ITK bellend
  2. In a world where so many people communicate by sharing pictures of that fella looking at the girls bum while his girlfriend glares at him I've no issue with The Athletic doing dead long articles
  3. I have a sudden urge to watch The Hunt For Red October Weird
  4. Mane looks boss in it But he can't look anything else
  5. Wilson scores goals. And goals pay the rent Especially if your team is a bit crap Someone lower half will take a punt on him
  6. Pearce has said we're interested though
  7. Like with Pogba Everyone now reports it as 89m. At the time there were stories of it being about 120m all in
  8. I think we're into Thiago if Gini leaves But we want Gini to stay so aren't coming out and admitting it And Thiago has a CL to win So we want him to stay, but are planning for if he leaves, but aren't sure if he will. And Bayern want Thiago to stay, but assume he won't I think they did this on an episode of Frasier once
  9. Pearce has done a piece in The Athletic today on a few transfer subjects Suggests we are very likely to want a centre back and Ben White is someone Klopp likes and he's been extensively scouted. But price an issue Haven't enquired about Thiago but didn't rule it out We want £6m for Karius, £20m a piece for Wilson and Grujic and Shaqiri of course can go Also that there's no indication Wijnaldum is signing anything yet
  10. He belongs to Real I think and Chelsea have been strongly linked after Leicester demanded the full Maguire for Chilwell
  11. Fee now agreed for the Greek fella according to all tier 1 not bellend twitter sources
  12. Didn't we almost have Jamal When Lewis was all that we were signing
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