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  1. muleskinner

    Joe Gomez

    Virgil has spoken.
  2. muleskinner

    Joe Gomez

    Officially annointed tonight. Like we needed confirmation but it's out there now.
  3. We are in a warped society. If this situation doesn't shift it f*** knows where we end up.
  4. muleskinner


    Agree with this.
  5. Why pay heat and light if your staff can do it for you?
  6. Back at my (home) desk I've had a bit of radio and then Ben Watts night piano playlist which he has done whilst in 12 weeks iso from his own family (due to his medical history) in his own house which must be dreadful. Bit muzak at times but some beautiful pieces. Music For Airports also got me through a fraught email war this afternoon. You'd never know what was happening in the world with some people would you.
  7. Round 2: A Certain Ratio Black Keys Cave, Nick Drum Club Echo & The Bunnymen Freddy Fresh Girlschool Half Man Half Biscuit Icicle Works Jesus & Mary Chain King Kurt Japan Levellers Motorhead Nirvana Ozric Tentacles Parliament/Funkadelic Rush Shack Teardrop Explodes Underground Lovers Violent Femmes X Yargo Z
  8. muleskinner


    Very sad to hear.
  9. muleskinner


    Can't you get the tube from LHR into London then train ? They are still operating. Be quicker than all those connections.
  10. muleskinner


    Could be a 'well done everybody lockdown is working so we are extending it for a further 2 weeks from the initial 3' type of thing. Maybe. All the best to you, hopefully only a mild/moderate case.
  11. You can only scratch your head at these lads behaviour at times.
  12. muleskinner


    Germany are planning to issue immunity certification with the antibody test. They are aiming to test in huge numbers.
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