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  1. muleskinner

    The boxing

    If you are able to get BBC Scotland they are showing the classic Ken Buchanan v Jim Watt fight from 1973 at 7pm.
  2. He's a weaselly little s*** isn't he.
  3. Starkey has been fired by Canterbury University
  4. People are quick to move on. Maybe they aren't arsed as much as they make out behind the hashtags. This team and its achievements need to be savoured. We may not see the like of these last 2-3 years again. We are in a true golden age.
  5. muleskinner


    There was over 1k C-19 deaths a day for 22 days straight in April.
  6. Not now but 7pm 👊 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09qv941
  7. Yeah. These lads have given us the greatest of seasons. It seems easily forgotten. Maybe doesn't mean as much to some in the internet world of lols and likes and twitter b******s when there is some ludicrous fake beef to be had with a k****ead in Malaysia or somewhere
  8. No 'wide of the mark' from Mr Chips Pisser yet....
  9. muleskinner


    Was 87 reported across UK in all settings, released at 9.47pm for some reason. They will stop releasing it all soon if they can.
  10. Ox has been fine, scored really big goals in the biggest matches. Horrendous injury which he is still getting through.
  11. This losing on penalties or extra time thing equals not losing a game is daft. We won European cups on penalties do we not count them as victories now?
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