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  1. Like I said, I was surprised to read it. This thread has been derailed though I'd say
  2. Burnley also in talks on investment/takeover
  3. Indykaila taking the credit
  4. Usyk v Chisora Oct 31.
  5. Chances of that with this lot in charge ? None I'd say.
  6. Another lockdown will put about 500k+ out of work. Destroy the sporting, cultural and hospitality sectors, lots of it permanently. Then you move on to wrecking the education of young people, mental and physical health of the nation even more adversely affected, homelessness, domestic abuse, suicide, care homes being in disarray again. You can add to the list, there is definitely more to be wrecked yet if it is allowed to be. And all the while those at the bottom will be s*** on and exploited even more.
  7. Colston hall now renamed Bristol Beacon
  8. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1028731/covid19-tests-select-countries-worldwide/
  9. I was surprised to read that UK has done more than Germany.
  10. The local public health tracing teams in the UK are doing a good job by all accounts, unlike the government cronies.
  11. Successful contacts in the hundreds out of a population of 83mill doesn't strike as a roaring success.
  12. The French app has been a failure, they have almost everywhere. No it doesn't https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thelocal.com/20200909/do-any-of-europes-coronavirus-phone-apps-actually-work/amp
  13. Maybe they are confident enough and able to have a conversation that says we need to navigate ways around and out of this situation as its not going away.
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