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  1. Apparently it’s done and announced later.
  2. I genuinely think there’s something afoot for next summer but that’s based basically on nothing bar reading how much FFP wiggle room we had in that Swiss Ramble thing.
  3. You sign Jota for £30m, sell Hoever for £10m, you put £10m in your cash balance as an in and then you ammortise the £30m over 5 years, even though it's technically only £20m outgoing. City, Barca, Juve all been doing it for a while. Something like that anyway. No that was Neto.
  4. Hoever thing makes it a lovely bit of creative accounting too if they both happen.
  5. I think it could be the other way round. Jota being 14 months older than him would be a surprise to a few I think.
  6. I think this is why he isn't though. This is interesting.
  7. It's well and good to call him talented but he clearly isn't getting a game at centre back (have a theory that was the long term plan but he isn't tall enough) and he's behind two right backs who are under 23, so what do you do with him? Someone offers £10m and you have to consider how you're either going to play him or make him worth more than £10m and I am absolutely f***ed if I can figure out how you'd do either of these things. Well I sort of got the idea of a swap right anyway.
  8. I follow a Wolves fan who said he wouldn't be surprised if Wolves try and do a swap deal this week. They were linked with Ox. Good dot to dot anyway.
  9. I thought it left the possibility of someone leaving on the table though.
  10. Issue now is that we're pretty much signing a centre back to not be in an 18 man squad. The other day we had an 18 man squad without Thiago, Chamberlain, Tsimikas, Elliott or Shaqiri. So you'd need Matip out for there to any chance of him getting on the bench whatsoever. And that's without even getting in to a discussion about whether you just grin and bear it because you'd only ever change a centre back if he got injured, so you're happy to not bother and just use the Fabinho break glass option.
  11. Edwards presumably currently trying to explain how much they'll have to pay us in add ons.
  12. Wasn't saying it made a difference to anything more just a general comment that I think people think he's younger than he is. You're right in everything you say there.
  13. Big 15 minutes for Morrison's everywhere. Hopefully the supermarket isn't next. Would miss taking a walk down Market Street.
  14. Sarr is a bit weird for me, I think people think he's much younger than he is, which seems weird for a 22 year old, but I sort of get the impression people think he's 20.
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