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  1. Hightown Phil


    Maybe it’s an elaborate way of making people stay inside, and then he dies, and then in six weeks he comes back like that time the Undertaker came back. Or more likely he’s just really ill.
  2. The problem is the money leaving in wages, which is the majority of the outgoings, isn’t going to go down unless something changes. It’ll remain the same in value and increase dramatically in terms of percentage of revenue.
  3. Hightown Phil


    I was talking about players wages as a whole.
  4. Think that’s my favourite so far. Yesil I can boogie - Samid Yesil hosts a dancing competition.
  5. Hightown Phil


    The club are earning money while they’re injured though. If that was the case you’d have footballers putting wage packet before team though in all likelihood and that would go badly for both parties.
  6. Alex Doesn't Live Here Anymore - Various members of the Liverpool squad go to Alex Oxlade Chamberlain's old house and ask if he's in.
  7. Friends - The Liverpool squad visit the Smithdown Road Kebab shop and learn how to make the perfect Kebab.
  8. Hightown Phil


    They aren't using their own money to sign a player, but they'd be using their own money to fund the wages of the players, money that other clubs simply wouldn't have access to, making the gap between the haves and the have nots larger. Football has enough issues without an end result of this that leaves the rich in the exact same nick as before while the lesser clubs get more and more f***ed because their owner isn't cut from the same cloth. Not talking about furloughing here.
  9. Hightown Phil


    I disagree to be honest. I think that creates a huge issue from the long term point of view of the sport as clubs owned by billionaires are put at an unfair advantage going against pretty much everything that football finance rules exist to prevent. I'd just work out how to not pay the players anywhere near the same level to be honest. Why should they continue to earn hundreds of thousands of pounds a week?
  10. Hightown Phil


    The non-budgeted CL win is how much though? They don't budget for the CL performance to yield £0. This year's CL performance is probably below budget as well, so they have to take that in to consideration too if we're going to that level of analysing it.
  11. Bjornebye in my Gang - Stig Inge Bjornebye explores the dark side of Gary Glitter.
  12. Hightown Phil


    The flow of money for football clubs is that it comes in and then pretty much goes out and at the minute pretty much every major source has either dried up or will dry up. Yeah the money is paid up front, but it'll have been budgeted to be spent already. Then you have to question if SKY and BT are going to pay you the TV money they will owe for next season in July if the season isn't going to start in August, when your Champions League prize money is coming when the competition isn't completed, when the Premier League prize money is being paid when you don't when the season is going to finish. There's no real need to keep a great cash balance because while football clubs make a profit, the goal isn't really to make a profit. Remember Arsenal getting worse on the pitch and reporting a big cash balance every year for most of the post Highbury Wenger era? The fans were rightly questioning why they were building money up but getting worse on the pitch. There's just no real need for them to stock pile money when no one is taking an annual dividend and the performance is judged on how good a team is at football. They'll have some money. The money won't go very far. It would. It would still mean the club would have to find about £4.5m a week to pay the wage bill.
  13. Hightown Phil


    *chins But yes, I agree with you. I don't want him to be Prime Minister, I don't want him to be dead.
  14. Hightown Phil


    It depends what you mean by benefit. Clubs aren't bringing money in after all, and not only that are in a position where money they've already spent, or at the very least committed to spend, (the gate receipts from the Palace game a couple of weeks ago, and from Villa this weekend) are going to have to be paid back should games go behind closed doors. The benefit of the wage cut would be that they don't have to pay money out that they aren't bringing in which isn't really a benefit as such.
  15. Thomas the Tank Engine - Michael Thomas tells us all about his favourite steam locomotives.
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