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  1. Hightown Phil


    I don’t get how it could be at that level of capacity. I reckon it sit within a metre of more than 10 people.
  2. I fished it from the Bosporus the next day.
  3. If he’d have given it they’d have overturned it to make a point about VAR and said that he got the ball so it isn’t a pen. As I said before, the Mascherano rule. Easy to use us to prove a point when we’re playing for nothing.
  4. Feels a bit cruel to blame him for this game though, they’re 1-0 up and unlucky to not be 3 or 4 up, the keeper kicks the ball at his midfielder’s back, and then the keeper lets a ball go through him and a centre back then kicks someone and gets sent off. In about five minutes. They were great for an hour.
  5. It’s a really long way and he’s rich. If you want to offer that’s fine but I will judge you.
  6. As soon as he touched the ball Var wasn’t going to overturn it.
  7. Oh my god Jon Moss did something really good with VAR.
  8. It definitely came off his arm. Like, I think it should be a goal because it's just hit him but it's definitely his arm. Well, I thought it did but I appear to be on my own.
  9. Would love to hear Marcel Brands' annual review. 'So Marcel, do you think you're doing a good job as Director of Football?' 'Well thanks for asking Marcel, I believe I am' 'Jolly good, here's a payrise Marcel' 'Thanks Marcel'
  10. He definitely gets the ball, that doesn't mean it can't be a foul though.
  11. It isn't even that they aren't interested in attacking. There's no intensity.
  12. He's made his previous two teams worse. I think we should use this as a narrative and say he's finished. The good thing is that if he is finished they're that committed to him as a concept they could end up in a bigger mess than if someone with a less of a reputation has them going the same way cos they'd cut that man off earlier. But I don't know what they're trying to achieve when they're going to Wolves for a 0-0 with four games to go
  13. After the previous week I can absolutely guarantee you if the ref had given that penalty it would have been overturned. Or The Mascherano Rule, as it’s otherwise known.
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