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  1. And more specifically, the removal of the authentic Franchesina from the diet of players.
  2. It's a thing in Germany, but more just means that they're top at the Winter break.
  3. 'He doesn't need to be injured to be injured, but he is injured.'
  4. Yet he isn’t currently demonstrating leaving the house, or rehabilitating from said injury in the same way as someone who got the same injury in the same game. Makes you think. Should do anyway.
  5. I’m sure I read something that said he wasn’t but I can’t remember where.
  6. Yeah you’re right it’s the Premier League squad we left him out of. Same deal anyway.
  7. We’ll get a good indication sometime in January when we have to name the CL squad which he isn’t in currently.
  8. I think people sometimes forget that Alisson is an evangelical Christian and is therefore by default a bit of a lunatic, probably just didn’t want the embarrassment of the Lord not protecting him.
  9. A blue photoshopped a BBC report on twitter and they all bought in to it. The weirdos will cling to anything.
  10. The dots say not injured to me, fairly clearly. Their own gym? Feels unlikely.
  11. There's only three they've sold for big money to big clubs. Haaland, Keita and Werner. Rest of it is basically a mixture of quality moving for under £20m.
  12. So here's some pictures of someone injured players who'll be back soon rehabbing. Feels like someone's missing. https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/first-team/418674-alex-oxlade-chamberlain-xherdan-shaqiri-james-milner-rehab-gallery
  13. I thought that initially with Leipzig but then I think what's in reserve is more relevant. If they've got someone to step in they could quite happily sell either of them cos it's sort of defeating their business model if they aren't. But if there's no one to step in I'm not sure it matters too much if they go through or not, particularly given that if they win this weekend they've got a strong chance of being Winter Champions.
  14. Be fine I'd guess. Training at Liverpool usually means you can't do it properly if you aren't fit enough to play. Imagine Keita probably doesn't play and then plays on Wednesday though.
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