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  2. That’s another one, isn’t it? “My generals”. No doubt they started their reports with, “Sir...”
  3. That was Max Aarons if I remember correctly. He was the much better full back over the season.
  4. He probably needed three centre mids behind him, and he wasn’t good enough to build the whole team around. Obviously all was redeemed at Istanbul. Even if he were English, why would that be a benefit?
  5. The post must take a bit longer to get to fyds.
  6. No, it was an attack. Some non-existent generals told Trump so.
  7. Ship full of fertiliser impounded in 2013, ship is still there waiting to be auctioned. Fertiliser stored in that warehouse.
  8. How is it great? You've spent weeks telling us spending any money would be insanity.
  9. Maybe they'll buy him for Bayern.
  10. He's Northern Irish. I think Robbo made a few significant f*** ups later in the season, so decent cover for when he's exhausted may have gone up in priority.
  11. I'm an improvement on Alberto Moreno and so is my wife.
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  13. My policy these days is to only complain about players we don’t get. Lewis was good at Anfield first game of the season wasn’t he?
  14. I am at once completely indifferent, and also, staunch in my complete indifference. You might think otherwise, and I'm not fussed whether you do, but if you did, I'd be entirely unperturbed.
  15. Been reading of this weather front NYR. Stay safe 👍
  16. Jesus Rory, the wee man’s legs have certainly bulked up. Onwards and upwards to you and your family.
  17. We’ve been calling out the risk of not having cover for 2 years now. We finally find a great one. Young, English and at 10mil fee, reasonable wages you would think and trainable. And the general response is no thanks. Ungrateful b*****ds 😉 seriously, that could be a bargain. Robbo is 26. Develop this year, compete the next and decision point after that.
  18. Alberto Balsam would be an improvement.
  19. I’d have liked to have seen Smicer play centrally more but not in a two. I think his position would in this team be in front of Fab and Hendo as the most advanced midfielder. He wasn’t suited to playing wide, not quick or direct enough, his real skill was playing between the lines and picking a pass. I thought he was a bit misused.
  20. I'm an improvement on Alberto Moreno.
  21. It's reputedly one of McAteer's daft quotes.
  22. Yesterday
  23. That one reminds me of a playing career as a 'keeper, gone over my head 😞
  24. My main issue is that he can only play left back really and probably isn’t an improvement on Alberto Moreno.
  25. Ask Mcateer next time you see him
  26. I hate Everton well more than I hate full backs.
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