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  1. Klopp FaceTimed Tsimikas to introduce him to his dog
  2. Why would Kamala be debating Biden anyway?
  3. Moel famau is really easy. There seem to be a lot of scousers having no difficulty whenever we go as well. I did quite enjoy your review though Smithdown, can you leave it officially on google maps or tripadvisor?
  4. Yeah I listened to a bit of it, they sounded exhausted. Phil Neville was on the analysis mind you, so Brazil 82 would have probably sounded s***.
  5. I can’t be doing with tall forwards. Get to centre half you big gangle head.
  6. It’s all cordial until someone shatters your little world views. He was the one getting in a flap and throwing curse words around by the way.
  7. Sevilla are still in the Sevilla cup. Don’t worry.
  8. I’ve got a PPC deal for less than 200 quid a month. It’s not a brand new car but it’s sound. You should get one of them.
  9. Have a look at PCC deals (I think they’re called). You lease it for 3 or 4 years then you either buy it for a lump sum or get a different car and carry on leasing after that.
  10. I don’t think it’s any exaggeration to say the entire world is banking on them
  11. Yeah I hated that about it too. Stopped watching on principle.
  12. You are gaslighting black people by pretending this. You should stop. I can’t put it in any clearer terms. Your experiences are not comparable.
  13. Say I had an opinion about how to build a house, having never done it before. What if then someone who knew more than me due to their experience of being a builder told me I was completely wrong, should I listen to what they are saying, do a bit of research, or just keep repeating my own opinion?
  14. Jarg Armani


    They’ve been like this for years really. There are some well meaning people there but the party has got its head too far up it’s a*** to ever see straight.
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