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  1. Jarg Armani


    I’m a bit concerned that it’s been set up around this non apology. If he eventually apologises and stays in a job I’ll still want to punch his lights out.
  2. Jarg Armani


    I’m alright with that. Swift half before the riot.
  3. Let’s do the Swiss Tony ending
  4. Jarg Armani


    That Barnard Castle one is clearly true. When journalists ask about it - even if no other trips are mentioned - the Tories either conflate it with other trips in vague denial or ignore it completely.
  5. Jarg Armani


    They’re definitely recalibrating. Once Dom puts his blonde wig back on and emerges back into the limelight as Laura K, all will be restored
  6. Jarg Armani


    Eintracht fan I know reckons they are in trouble without their home atmosphere
  7. She was f***ing crap and all. What’s a good country? This one is very s***.
  8. Jarg Armani


    They’ve got a new one now, a dead uncle. What next.
  9. Jarg Armani


    Totally. Absolutely Rosenthal’d it into row z here hasn’t he. Read the room forensic head.
  10. Jarg Armani


    Worth two in the bush
  11. Jarg Armani


    I still prefer ‘by fans, for fans’ **celebration emojis**
  12. After 2 really successful batches this same thing happened to me on Friday. Kept getting stuck no matter what I did with the semolina. Annoying. Still baked nicely once I’d finished shouting at each one in turn. Just had a go at some whole wheat flour loaves. Seemed like they needed a bit more of a knead than white bread flour. Anyone else found that?
  13. In Rainbows is my favourite of theirs I reckon. Lovely feel to it.
  14. Just noticed there’s no brass c*** band at Euro 96. Did that start at France 98?
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