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  1. Thanks lads Having an emotional disco on my own here. We watched crocodile dundee in labour, this bit of music really gets me
  2. I’m confident we will never find out
  3. Had a little boy this morning gang. Magic.
  4. Whatever it is, it’s nothing at all to do with this situation
  5. Is that your best example? How long was he their main backup! Arsenal had loads of decent good 2nd choices.
  6. Definitely. I would however argue that we have not ever had as good a second choice keeper as united arsenal chelsea and city had during their periods of being top dogs. I haven’t really thought very hard about it though.
  7. I’m not sure who’s worse, I reckon Adrian might be a bit better but they have a shelf life, crap goalies.
  8. I was in Chicago for the 2016 election, was stunned that it all seemed over and done with by last orders. Our GE’s defo take longer.
  9. There’s no acceptable way to be, trying to be acceptable to Tory voters and newspapers is the main trap labour fall into, and end up being v racist. I know you know this
  10. It’s a quick win to be fair. No reason someone on the left couldn’t do the same things if people like that sort of comms.
  11. Kabak that’s it. Funny how ones a kayak and ones a canoe
  12. What about that Schalke lad? He looked alright, Turkish I think he is.
  13. The only thing I would say is that he’s got a lot worse. Lazy banter nonsense and tabloid headline crap aots these days. They used to be alright, him and Neville. Neville still makes more sense when he talks but he’s gone very one note as well.
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