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  1. dorgie


    Thus is now being reported as bs (doesn’t mean it won’t happen though) : https://twitter.com/tariqpanja/status/1237468765291515910?s=21
  2. dorgie


    Pretty much agree with all of this. I think really big decisions are coming within days on UK sport and they’re not going to be very palatable for us (and Leeds, WBA and plenty others).
  3. dorgie


    He attended a game at the Emirates apparently https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/arsenal-issue-defiant-response-after-21667488
  4. dorgie


    Maddock has a thread on Twitter too. Seems to think early April for probable behind closed doors games. Reckons Everton & Palace games should be ok. should find out more tomorrow after this meeting with Govt officials.
  5. 2 City draws would obviously leave it to win at Goodison too. That’s more likely than a defeat imo. They’re bound to start thinking of Real from now.
  6. Their minds clearly on the big one next week
  7. dorgie


    Latest is that Parma v Spal goes ahead at 13.45 (12.45 our time). The Italians are all over the place on this.
  8. dorgie


    Looks like Serie A games are in trouble @FabrizioRomano Serie A: Parma and Spal were going to play right now (h12.30). The Minister of Sport has asked the Italian Federation to stop Serie A with IMMEDIATE effect because of the Coronavirus emergency. Players are back in the dressing rooms and waiting. 🔴 #SerieA #Covid19
  9. Thats was a brilliant stream - thanks so much.
  10. James Milner - what a man. man of the match by a mile.
  11. dorgie


    Can’t help thinking this has affected the players’ focus in the last couple of games too.
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