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  1. And I would be less bothered if a penalty was given against Ramos every time he pulls a shirt, or worse.
  2. Really disappointed in Jones performance. Giving the ball away far too cheaply. Our midfield is poor.
  3. dorgie

    Welcome VvD

    Express reporting that Thiago is ok and Allison will be back sooner than expected. Hope they’re right. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/foot...irgil-van-Dijk
  4. Spurs are very impressive in attack. I know that’s partially down to a Moyes West Ham team, but still, they look very good.
  5. Barkley tried to do Henderson twice in recent seasons. also, Suarez had an injury time goal chalked off for offside in injury time a few seasons ago when clearly onside. But Clive Thomas in ‘77, eh?
  6. From Manchester ref Lee Mason. This league is corrupt as f***,
  7. Salah deserves to be cut some slack, the rest were f***ing abysmal.
  8. Never ever remember anything this bad.
  9. dorgie


    Vaccine preparations imminent https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-birmingham-54375643
  10. Brighton equalised right on 95 minutes and the Manc ref played 2 more minutes. Where did that come from?
  11. That’s sick. Wtf is wrong with people. The World is f***ed up.
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