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  1. Candyman Candyman Candyman Candyman ...
  2. Wonderful transfer speculation this morning 🙂
  3. 👏 Apologies for only just getting it.
  4. Their version of The Wild Rover is brilliant. They make a ferocious sound.
  5. She's the star of an Amazon show called Braindead. It's pretty decent entertainment.
  6. I couldn't possibly say. I really couldn't, those days are so long ago 😪
  7. Thanks Dan. Just listened to it. Mad stuff. Feels like you're not listening on headphones at all and the music is moving around you, sometimes close sometimes further away.
  8. Ah Jaysus, you're right.... I've definitely aged more than 10 years since then.
  9. I regularly doubt my own sanity but I don't think I was there in 2015. I *think* I walked from where I was working (in Bedford Square) to the pub which was between there and Tottenham court road. Can't remember the name of the pub. Think it might have been a Sam Smiths one. Anyway it's been 10 years or more since I worked anywhere near Bedford Square. I do remember meeting you, Des, Sen, Matty (I think), Stanley and many more! I'll have to check my own posts going back. I have embarassingly few 😳 so it shouldn't take me long.
  10. That's my memory of it too 🙂 Have I got my maths wrong? Can't be far off ten years!
  11. It's a toughie. I booked hotel and train a couple of weeks back. It's been 10 years since I met any of you A-Holes and for some reason I was looking forward to doing it again 🙂 But it definitely feels a bit wrong 😞
  12. Haha I was just thinking the same
  13. How are we doing on deciding a venue?
  14. Have you found a hotel yet?
  15. Just got the Season 2 finale of Succession to go. It's great, and unusually has both myself and herself hooked. Thanks to all who recommended it.
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