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  1. Will


    Thinking of you, Sammy, and the others on here who know people who have or might have it
  2. Will


    Source? Can't see anything about that online...
  3. Other than Amazon or eBay, are there any good places to pick up second hand books online?
  4. Will


    An update: On first listen, Zyklus and Klavierstück X are considerably harder work than the CD with Kontr-punkte, Refrain, Zeitmasze and Sclhagtrio on, but certainly not unlistenable. Glad I started with them this way round though!
  5. Will


    Well... I got a couple of Stockhausen CDs for my birthday yesterday, somehow avoiding the recommendations above... So far, I am on one that includes Kontr-punkte, Refrain, Zeitmasze and Sclhagtrio. So far, so not terrible! The other one has Zyklus and Klavierstück X on - will get to that tomorrow maybe
  6. Will

    Welcome Adam Lallana

    Much as i love the site - I'm not sure if they only count the captain at the start of a game, or would include Lallana for last night; I was also wondering if he'd ever done it in a friendly
  7. Will

    Welcome Adam Lallana

    Anyone know if he's skippered us before at all?
  8. Will

    Gigs 2014+

    Excellent - going to see that in Liverpool in a couple of weeks Bon Jovi at Anfield tonight
  9. My first reds game was at Highbury on 28th March 1981 - we lost 1-0 First trip to Anfield had to wait until nearly 6 years later Date: 14 Feb '87 Opposition: Leiecester City, in the Today League Division One! Location in ground: the Kop Starting Line Up: Grobbelaar, Gillespie, Venison, Lawrenson, Whelan, Hansen (capt), Walsh, Johnston, Rush, Mølby, McMahon (sub Dalglish) Final Score: 4-3 Goalscorers: Paul Walsh then a Craig Johnston own goal, Ian Rush either side of half time, then finally two from Alan Smith either side of Rushie's hat-trick goal
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