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  1. Two things: 1 - This thread isn't in Igor's Rant Room 2 - People who talk to you
  2. I reckon maybe someone who turned out for Bolton in a Cup Final in the 40s but decent alternatives
  3. Will


    I realise this goes against the ethos of this thread, but I believe I have tapes of all bar Stupids from that list from off the radio back in the day. Love a bit of Eton Crop.
  4. A very indie-centric list: Amsterdam Blue Aeroplanes Camera Obscura Decemberists, The Elastica Fall, The Go-Betweens, The Half Man Half Biscuit Irene And The Disappointments Joy Zipper Kitchens Of Distinction Lambchop Mazzy Star New Order Oh Susanna Posies, The Queen City Stoop Kids Ride Shack Television Ultra Vivid Scene Velvet Underground, The Wedding Present, The - Yo La Tengo Zuzu
  5. Just finished Neil Young’s Waging Heavy Peace. Sadly far too much about his cars and Pono, and not enough on his musical history. Guess I need a biography instead.
  6. Yeah, i still have all of them saved on a hard drive...
  7. Will


    Technically, that's an infinite increase 😛
  8. Listening to this again has got me pondering... I'm sure there are other (non-Woody) examples of people setting unpublished lyrics to music after the author has died, but i can't think who right now. Any suggestions?
  9. Summer sunshine pop for this lovely morning
  10. Time to dig that one out again! Listening to this album right now:
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