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  1. As of Monday the League trophy is last year's. I'm not gonna stop celebrating it until it's not ours anymore.
  2. Clap your hands everybody If you've got what it takes Cos he's Curtis Jones And he wants you to know That he wins the games I refuse to accept that this won't work as a chant
  3. Every time we play them I wonder when he's gonna have a decent game against us. It was always gonna happen and I'm pretty pleased that it was tonight
  4. I saw the clip for that but didn't see the game as it happened, but there are different rules for if it hits the hand and leads to a goal in fairness wrt 'intent'
  5. No one seems to have mentioned that Gomez's foul was deemed to be a bookable offence, btw.
  6. I don't think it will. Neville has already been talking about how we just look like we're still drinking. It isn't ever nice to get dicked but there is no chance that this happens if we're not champions
  7. I was concerned about how match threads might not maintain standards once we were champions. I needn't have worried.
  8. At least getting dicked we can say we were on the piss all week, like when we dicked Arsenal and Chelsea after they'd won the League. I have now decided that that is the outcome I want
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