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  1. Deffo. It also jars with my 'never-never-discuss-the-Suarez-Evra-situation' principle that I have successfully maintained since about 2 months after his ban
  2. Just going back to the actual game, I note the narrative is now not about it not being a pen, but "if Salah got the one against West Ham, then this has to be one too" So, conveniently, Salah is still a diver and yesterday is still a pen. Schroedinger's VAR or something I don't see yesterday playing out massively differently with Lovren, tbh
  3. I thought I was over it but gave just decided to watch Match Of The Day and f***ing hell it's all you would expect Danny Murphy talking to Gary Lineker about it to be. They were asking if Klopp had a point about playing 12:30 after a Wednesday European game and showed a table of our previous 12:30 kick off results - with all the others being after either Tuesday European Cup games or Wednesday EFL or FA cup games or even an International Break. It doesn't take a professional statistician to point out that there have been no other times (in the last couple of seasons anyway) that we'
  4. Whenever I've seen them, Brighton have looked decent. Bit of a worry with such an inexperienced back line. Their best player's out though, I suppose. And the reds are mustard.
  5. No Matip, Robertson or Milner if we can get away with it. Sub Mane on 60
  6. I assumed that Milner would hold back while Robertson went forward, but he's been great going forward and back
  7. Leicester was the game that Naby should've had a pen a couple of seasons back, wasn't it? Scores to settle. They've a good side, looking through it. Our 11 is better, but it will be tough, this
  8. Goddamn, how did that happen. Well at least I had the chance to dream a dream
  9. I've put these in the wrong order, but since I saw these tweets I've been disproportionately invested in Spurs not finishing a gameweek top of the league
  10. Put me down for a ginger too please
  11. DJ Spinbad, only 46 years old. He was absolutely brilliant, and a bit of a shocker this If you haven't heard it, check out his 1980's mix, which was the one that really made his name
  12. Let's face it, they had a free header 6 yards out and missed a penalty. Can't complain about it at all. Plus we're still 5 points ahead of them
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