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  1. Also got to think a lot of people bought 'champions' versions of our old kit so probably weren't forking out again about a month later for the new one.
  2. Got to say that I like this a lot: https://store.liverpoolfc.com/lfc-blackout-retro-candy-away-shirt
  3. First cases on the University of Kent campus now. Term hasn't even started yet and it's working its way through various universities. Liverpool has almost 100 cases.
  4. This can probably go in here: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/sep/23/liverpool-throw-in-coach-thomas-gronnemark-klopp?fbclid=IwAR2JJ-6X8HpbxtOkybMPJiRHEy2oIWVN0Z3ep6PO3Xm0BB6WNTBh3svsFXk
  5. It was notable how quickly he went for the line 'we're going to need time. Definitely need time' in his matchday interviews. May as well have been speaking directly to Abramovich.
  6. Looks like Romney will: He was never going to miss an opportunity to push the SCOTUS to the right for a generation.
  7. That's the 2nd time he's completely mugged Jorginho in the last 2 games. Did him very similarly at home for Oxlade-Chamberlain's goal.
  8. Loved him wondering how you can gauge confidence in regards to Kepa. You're his f***ing manager!
  9. That was superb. Chelsea were petrified of us all game and then we just rolled them out of the way.
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