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  1. True! I was thinking.. I'm sure I've heard him speak before... He's been here since 2018...but then he started speaking and you realise... Never heard him at all! Reminds me of John Turturro playing Joey Knish in Rounders...
  2. Think James Pearce said on the Athletic pod that keita tested positive for covid
  3. Chewie

    Welcome VvD

    Hateful news. Gotta feel for Virgil. Its a heck of an age to lose 12 months of your career and then to have a lengthy recovery season. Horrible news for us,but VVD has elevated us to the place where we're not the team we were when he arrived. The belief, the experience, the will to win and leadership we show all over the pitch. Who out of Hendo, Mane, Robbo, Milner, Trent is going to think anything other than now is the time to step up. There'll be no backing down on this. Especially when in Gomez, Matip and Fabinho we have three of the best central defenders in the league other than VVD....
  4. Chewie

    Welcome VvD

    Sky just said we are saying 7-8 months with an ACL 😔
  5. Why didn't we hound the ref with that pickford challenge? We should have escalated the whole situation
  6. Genuinely interested in an explanation on this.. Ta
  7. from what I can see it's for games not already scheduled for tv for Oct, so not sure which one of ours are listed.. what you can guarantee though is that the bigger games will all get allocated to a PPV slot in Nov
  8. probably belongs in some other thread, but given this one is talking about wages, what's the likelihood of covid genuinely breaking the exponential rise in super-sized wages? appreciate there are so many variables, including that there may be less teams in the game which means some combination of more players being out of the profession and/or a buyers market, in which clubs can drive wages down as there's more players around wanting work. If the context stays as it is for a good part of this season (and especially if there is an abandoned season) the longer term ramifications have got to be s
  9. I'd hate to see a 3/10!
  10. Three major deflections
  11. I've been a Naby believer from the start... Always thinking he's on the verge of being great.. But I just don't think he's got it in him. Just not going to impose himself on this league
  12. Just to be clear... Anyone else think that barclay was onside for the run that led to the corner and the third goal?
  13. That was appalling by Virgil giving away the free kick...
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