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  1. Genuinely interested why you think they're a million miles off.. Doubt this is the right thread but somewhere it'd be great to genuinely chat about rivals... I see united and Chelsea scoring a lot of goals next season, one of them might push hard, and both could be very strong come 21/22...both are building from the front and I think there may be a reasonable logic for this. We keep on saying that noone is close to Virgil which means there is a dearth of top quality centre halves in England and probably world football. If that's the case then it's ripe pickings for strong attacks. Rashford, martial, greenwood, sancho, with James getting some time, supported by fernandez and pogba is actually a good bit of squad building. Chelsea are also adding strength in depth... If either had our manager with those players I'd be totally convinced they'd be a contender now..
  2. When, if ever,did you think we might never win it again? I saw a good bit of the 80s, never lost faith in the 90s, had hope renewed when Ged came, then Rafa, and even during the H&G court case believed all we needed was to get the ownership sorted and we'd be back. The first time I thought this might never happen was just after 13/14 when we didn't get over the line, suarez was leaving, carra was gone a year and Stevie was coming to the end. Genuinely started to think it would never happen again... Then klopp arrived......
  3. I honestly remember the conversations around how we couldn't risk playing trent too much given that Clyne was going to be out injured. Of course there'll be a drop off initially, but if we pick our games to grow Neco as a player he could be the pathway to Trent succeeding Henderson positionally and with the armband..
  4. Well in big Virg "we won it by a mile and its well deserved"
  5. He's the lad who writes the anti City letters to uefa....
  6. That looks like albie beside Jurgen in the YNWA lineup 🤣 he's back
  7. Lifting the trophy, In the Kop With 96 points Beautiful. Poignant. Poetry in motion
  8. Chewie


    Probably how they push up closer to 40%..👍 Wonder if it'll be home fans only to minimise movement between towns and cities and maximise the number of home fans who can get into the ground. It'll also be much more a local crowd (again this will mitigate the impact locally but will also impact the club commercially... Much less spent on museum tours, club shop etc)
  9. Chewie


    If its 2 metres then you rule out 2 out of 3 rows minimum and then you slice the available row by about 60%. It's quite drastic. A 60k seater world get down to about 8-9 k... At 1 metre you rule out every other route and cut the remaining row by about 30%..so around 21k...
  10. Just seems like all the noise on this one is coming from Germany. Maybe there's more leaks there or maybe its in their interests (both player and bayern) to generate a market
  11. Nah... If we beat chelsea they can still get to 66 pts. If Leicester beat United the most united can get is 65. Whether that's enough will come down to if Leicester don't lose against spurs and then if they do, to goal difference between them and the mancs as both will have 65 pts... All to play for. Leicester have achieved a europa league spot minimum. Good old brendan just can't help himself... "We all sat down at the start of season and said, it would be huge challenge for Leicester to get into Europe, so do that in my first season here, to guarantee that is a phenomenal achievement."
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