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  1. Chewie


    As I understand it Danny Rose doesn't really enjoy football for a variety of reasons, including his own mental health and the racism he has encountered. It's not surprising that he might have some serious misgivings and express them in this way. It probably does reflect what some others feel, for many of whom the game has become their job rather than their passion. At some stage though every sector is going to have to think about the rights and whens and hows of re-emerging.... sport is just one of those and like most things its role has a knock on effect on all of the small businesses and communities that rely on its existence... So, it has to think about when and how it should come back and I very much doubt the conclusions will please everyone, including some players for their own well meaning reasons...
  2. Chewie


    can't help but think that any conversation about football, values and finances is almost dead in the water before it starts... decrying Liverpool for being out-socialised by Gary Neville seems to miss the point that this is a conversation about socialism in an industry that is essentially a entertainment vehicle for tv studios and increasingly digital media partners. An industry of agents and fees and a minority of grossly overpaid superstars that we think are great cos they do seem like genuine decent fellas when shooting funny videos that, once again, are about promoting a coconut product. This week's moral campaign is about the rich club that can afford to pay people not to work, not doing so, when the real story is that these employees are on furlough whilst the playing staff aren't because £2,500 a month will cover a decent share of their wages whereas it won't touch the £250,000k a week that the elite players are on... but there haven't been too many conversations about this disparity when we're happy with the top players being paid market value cos we're more interested in the outcome than the whole screwed up nature of the market itself... And I do it too... Then the footballers can't win either. Elite players get a lot of money. So do elite bankers, fund managers, lawyers, actors, formula one drivers, CEOs etc etc... yet cabinet members are not falling over themselves at 5pm on national television to say they should donate their wages, and so we filter our disgust against these young men because they are the easiest of targets, and the morality of the young men becomes up front and central rather than the immorality or ammorality of the whole system that props the young men up. For what it's worth, if the club can afford to pay, they should pay. I very much doubt LFC will go out of business because of the wages of these members of staff, which is what the Retention Scheme was introduced for. But if we're looking for reasons to attack clubs at this juncture as if somehow this reveals their true colours, then we're pretty happy to be blind rather than look at the picture. There is community in football. Tribalism. But there is no, zero, nada socialism. There's a long, long, long list to work through of gross imbalances before we get to paying staff not to work and getting a government subsidy to help foot the bill... which, I repeat, given it is not needed, should not be taken out of the government purse right now. In the hope that it wouldn't just be a stunt, we'd have been better saying that if we have to do this because there is literally no work, then we'll foot the bill or, if utilising the scheme, match funding it for PPE equipment for those on hospital wards... or even just do both..
  3. Hopefully this inspires us to get better and stronger.. This particular group has peaked with the CL and soon the PL... Really hope we add some real quality players to this crop..
  4. Chewie

    The rugby

    Never noticed before but on the restart one of the ball boys gets to run onto the middle of the pitch and pass the ball to the kicker for the restart... Now that's a job and a half if you're a ball boy eh..
  5. Chewie


    We're doomed..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/51777154
  6. At one and the same time Jurgen has built a team to win the league and yet which is ready for some significant changes to ensure it remains built to the win the league.. Lovren, lallana, origi, shaq, a reduced role for milner, one of keita or the ox ain't gonna make it, and the front three will need freshened up both for their sakes and so we do not become too predictable. The pattern of games does reflect what we have been under klopp after a mini break.. But there will be an evolutionary overhaul nonetheless...
  7. Wonder if in retrospect we could have taken Degsy off, drop Fabinho back and bring one of Minamino, origi or lallana on..? Rather than dropping Gini and then Ox...
  8. Chewie


    Horrible night at Watford should not minimise the effort by these lads for over 12 months. Take the medicine, go again.
  9. Noticed in these that klopp always goes in to see the match officials and most other managers send a wingman...
  10. Not be long till we can buy him with the Robbie Keane money
  11. Four out and three in (ignoring the two loanees) Who steps up for the 4th centre half slot or are we bringing someone in? Presume Jones steps up for lallana?
  12. Boy they're in a world of trouble now No real full backs Only one centre half ageing Fernandinho, Aguero retiring Silva departing Sane Pep won't stay Sterling wanting to leave anyway De bruyne needs to leave to win the CL They'll struggle to attract new players without over paying.. Which is gonna be hard to do cos they're under the financial microscope... If they appeal into next season and lose then a domestic points ban will hit them in that season, not this...
  13. Chewie


    We have 17 games left if we go the distance in both the league and FA Cup. We need to win 10 to do the double....
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