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  1. jimbolala


    Iove the dentist, eyes closed, lean back and relax. I've fallen asleep a few times ffs.
  2. Folks, a friend has been having trouble with the phone company 3 over using her business phone for.texting. is there a way around uh bd this, some service which allows you to text a few hundred people at once? Thank you in advance
  3. I've no idea how good Sancho is, nor care. He isn't ours, we aren't looking at him so enough of the old chat about him. We do need an upgrade on Origi, an angry boy, gets you excited, ruffles a few feathers and is willing to fight. Klopp will have a list of at least t of those. No worries, enjoy the warmth of 19 and relax ffs
  4. Just finished Forrest Gump, I'd forgotten how much of an emotional rollercoaster it was. I'll need to wring my cheeks out. Wonderful movie
  5. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. A weird little movie, split into 6 delicate stories. Some I interesting cameos and twists
  6. HAHA John Terry probably celebrating in a full kit as per BT Sports
  7. In the last 5 min Origi should have taken the penalty and missed placed all of his passes. A weird player
  8. I got cheap wotsits and chipsticks the other night and ate them.like a man possessed. Big bags a quid each, f***ung lovely. My teeth were like fur afterwards yum haha
  9. Bic razor and soap all over , no problem during lockdown
  10. This is why we need to bring people in. An injury to any of the front 3 and we're ruined. Origi etc are just not of the same standard, theres too big a drop off to the backup players
  11. Yes, it's ok to be pissed, we're not even close to bothering. Fair enough, but then play someone who it might benefit to actually play a f***8ng game of football with some conviction
  12. I'm not liking this passing about in midfield without agression, it all feels a bit like a friendly
  13. We're at half speed and dont seem able to score, Arsenal don't have a notion and are winning. A weird match
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