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  1. jimbolala


    Tough few days here, the kids have been sick but we didnt panic. My Mrs got sick and was supposed to start her new job on Monday so decided to get tested, we awake this morning to a positive test. If you went by the govt website, she didnt really have a lot of the symptoms but was encouraged to get tested by work, seeing as she had to go I to the office to get equipment. Now we're all waiting on tests/results and trying not to get too worked up. I've segregated the house, 2 kids in one room, the mrs in another, me and the other kid downstairs. I'm delivering meals to their doors with a mask o
  2. But no mention of the Mane challenge. Pity he didnt cry more Souness is on the glue
  3. Ffs change something here, we cant continue to carry both Jones and Bobby
  4. Bobby off , no matter who for. Either bring Jota on as part of the front 3, or Shaqiri to roam in front of midfield. Philip's looks better than Gomez at defending at present, weird that. Really lacking some drive from midfield , hopefully Thiago is ready soon and can teach them others how to pass forward again
  5. If Bobby isn't being his brilliant best, maybe we add another player into midfield and at least try and protect the defence
  6. We need some grit, someone at the ref asking for decisions. If the tackle on Mane was on Martial, their entire team would be screaming
  7. We look incredibly light in defence and midfield, its gonna be a crazy season
  8. 5 points ahead of Ajax and maximum points when not playing well! I'd play Shaq instead of Bobby at this point. Arnold looks better and Jota has hit the ground running. Its gonna be a weird season
  9. Weirdly this is the best start to the CL in a while! Got lucky there as I type
  10. Commentator talking balls there, Firmino scored the last game of the season at home
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