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  1. https://open.spotify.com/episode/3KeOoismbWjvdXsYjARrAA?si=9QBwiprlSYiUjiun8ZfPdQ This could have went into a number of threads, Dan Carlin Common Sense latest episode, brilliant.
  2. Barnsley I always recommend Justified to anyone who asks this. Great characters both good and bad, it's on Amazon now
  3. Just finished season 2 of Westworld. Is there a timeline of events anywhere to cross check when scenes happened?
  4. Had a decent breakfast, delicious lunch of veggie thai curry, rice and pitta and now scones for tea. Warm homemade scones, loads of cream and jam Then for the beer shed to get wrote off. Yooooo
  5. Why did he even have that option?
  6. 1 buddy 2 metres apart , roll your own. No entrance to the house, piss down the back of the shed into the stream... no real change to be honest
  7. So with the new outdoor restrictions in place, does this mean my buddy can sit in my garden and enjoy some beers this weekend
  8. The US cannot and will not start a war with China, they arent built for a proper war. It's ok rolling over a country like Iraq but China is a different ball game. China can hit the US at home, something no one had really done in any large scale, it's not something the US is used to
  9. France with Saint Pierre
  10. That clip of the monkey on the motor cycle stealing a baby is full on nuts. Then there's another where monkey gangs have a gang war in Thailand. Wtf
  11. I've binged through a series of The Good Place, not bad and an interesting slant on the afterlife
  12. Watched the last Star Wars show last night. Jesus, did they make that up on a night out? Everyone gets a run out for one stupid reason or another. Absolute pants
  13. For those struggling to finish a book, here's a tip, have different kinds of books to read. I love all the history stuff by Beevor and Hastings etc, but there are times where it's a slog to read them. When I get like that I read a novel or a comic, it keeps you reading and off the phone, which I think might be the cause of many of our distractions . Read Jack Reacher or Alex Cross, you'll be finished in 2days easy
  14. jimbolala


    He said £50 and maybe another £20, thus £89 is just a bit over £70 maybe I've spent too long doing sales haha
  15. jimbolala


    https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07LGD48NH/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_i_RrEOEb8AN35NB I got these recently, just above what you want to spend. Great bass. I tried them in the shop, old skool
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