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  1. I think he might struggle with the pace of the league. Not a big priority for given the need for another attacker
  2. Begbie


    Haha, you'd think that a few of them would be able to zoom out a bit and call the rest out for being nutters I wonder how many points they want deducted? It's going to have to be a lot to make it worthwhile. And if they copyright Champions 19 that will definitely stop me mentioning it
  3. Begbie


    This is not how I saw it happening Its still fantastic
  4. Begbie


    He probably thought that this season as well
  5. That was awful I think it's time to cancel the cups
  6. Begbie

    Android Boxes

    Is the box working for anyone? I still cant get any of the football streams
  7. I'm not convinced. Not with the overall principle but his stance and his reasons . And what's changed between then and now? He was adamant he wouldn't play and now has just decided its fine...
  8. Deeney starts. So what was all that fuss about then Troy?
  9. Begbie


    Don't rotate Alisson, no need for it
  10. Much prefer it with it on, worked well yesterday. Having the choice is good
  11. The likes of Shaquri, Origi and Wilson are worth a lot less than they were 6 months ago This is an issue now. All clubs revenues are down, transfer fees will have to drop but wage expectations are going to be more difficult
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