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  1. Top 4 - Liverpool, City, Man Utd, Arsenal Going down - West Brom, Villa, Fulham Top scorer - Salah First Manager Sacked - Moyes League Cup - City FA Cup winners - Chelsea European Cup Winners - Bayern
  2. It could barely have been more of a pen if he'd caught it. Amazed anyone would question that decision
  3. He seemed to have loads of time in the box, which is basically due to his control, speed and calmness. Reminded me of Mo of 17/18. The opposition may have helped but very encouraging, really was excellent
  4. TFFT, horrible viewing bit hopefully just rustyness...very little to be positive about bar the 3 points, Mo, Jones and the way we find ways to win.. Worried about Bobby mind
  5. Branston are deffo the King of beans. I stand with Tommo
  6. I like Gini and he's been great for us, but not overly bothered if we get Thiago
  7. Begbie


    Agreed, it feels like the latter is the outcome of an attempt to moderate the grades and has (hopefully) had unintended consequences, needs to be a pragmatic solution. It sounds as if some of the universities are standing by offers made regardless of results, not sure how far reaching this is in solving the problem, guess it depends on capacity
  8. Begbie


    I think Kop205 has basically given the answer In this case if everyone has good grades how do you differentiate for limited University places?
  9. Begbie


    Are you asking as part of a theoretical discussion or specifically re the students that have been affected this year?
  10. Begbie


    Well if after a 40% downwards adjustment they're still record breaking then there's a clear suggestion they are. Although Kop's explanation helps explain how that can happen regardless
  11. Begbie


    Thanks, that makes sense, good explanation. I'm trying to be fair minded re this and it feels like you've got unrealistic predicted total grades on one side of the fence vs some secret algorithm on the other
  12. Begbie


    I reckon teachers will and should be optimistic, guess it depends on whether students who are realistically expected to get say a C/B are being given a B, or pushed up to an A. I'm assuming the downside of this approach will be too high overall grades, meaning that there's not enough places at the best unis, or at all. Which would be hard to take if you happen to be at a school with realistic grading predictions
  13. Begbie


    How much of this issue is driven by teachers being over optimistic re their predicted grades? Just been told that Ofqual have downgraded 40% of grades and yet there's still more A/A* than any other year?
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