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  1. Begbie


    What would that involve vs now? No exercise?
  2. Begbie


    Come on Mr A Senior
  3. Begbie


    Best of luck Sammy. This is horrible
  4. Begbie


    Still got it I assume, but I did wonder myself
  5. Begbie


    Mate I'm also in WB so shout if I can help I have whisky and beer
  6. Very poor, some really sloppy passing, Mo in particular constantly giving the ball away 3 more wins...not confident about Wednesday though
  7. They're a whiny bunch aren't they?
  8. Ooff ..tough viewing. Offered nothing second half and didn't create a chance against their ropey defence Need to get it together
  9. Begbie


    Is there any split of the deaths so far by age group available?
  10. I agree Would be a kick in the teeth losing here after the weekend and with the CL tie in the balance I wouldn't mind resting one of the front 3 but don't want Origi starting
  11. That's not strange, that's where the ball was heading before the deflection. De Gea clearly saw it without having his sight impeded and dived where the ball was originally heading
  12. Agree More than any other first team squad member he's got the potential to have a major impact on those around him. His daft decision making, ropey distribution and talent for panic brings the side down. And whilst not his fault the lack of pace vs Gomez exposes us with our high line As was pointed about above it was easy to see coming...him vs Deeney being a physical battle that he'd lose was pointed out before the game Just don't play him again and get rid in the summer
  13. Just watched the highlights back which reminded me of this clown's terrible distribution on top of rabbit in the headlights defending. Terrible decision from the boss to pick him over Matip, more so vs a physical side. Never play him again
  14. Begbie


    Yeah its cringeworthy stuff....I'll be all smug by how far they've dropped when I cheer up
  15. Yeah good post that. It sums it up well in a way I'm too cross to attempt..but just picking the clown had such a big knock on impact Just get rid
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