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  1. Murdoch


    Yes. To be honest the football is barely noticeable. Things like planet earth etc. are amazing As above. Not loads of content readily available yet either but the nature documentaries are really good in 4k
  2. Murdoch


    Unless you have a 4k TV you won't see a difference
  3. Murdoch


    No. Isolation due to being high risk or someone else in the household displaying symptoms is special leave. Isolation due to having symptoms yourself is sick leave and disregarded as part of the normal review of multiple absences.
  4. Murdoch


    Funny old game. If we don't sort our form out soon so we beat Atletico, we're going to win the league and some how feel flat/disappointed at the same time
  5. Need that Pep gif now... What, we're going to miss the champions league?!! Twice?!! Twice?!!
  6. It's for a TV show apparently
  7. Yeah was definitely off from the shot. Keeper looks atrocious again but really enjoying this. Lads have done well. Little bit of quality in the final 3rd and it's there for them
  8. Just put it on and they are doing the Oxford game. Said our match is on BEIN1
  9. Murdoch

    Joe Gomez

    It's so easy to forget how young this guy is. When he 1st came back he was really shaky but now he's back to looking unstoppable. Often when you think about making a team better you think about people coming in but just imagine where Joe and Trent will be in a couple of years.
  10. Murdoch


    Will be interesting to see how City do in the champions league now. I'd imagine they'll focus on that now but mentally they could be done for and Madrid will be a difficult tie. Our boys will be flying on the other hand...
  11. It is men against boys (literally) as expected but I think the lads have done well in spells. Lapses in concentration here and there will give them an idea of the step up in quality they need as they develop. Elliott is absolutely brilliant for a 16 year old. Don't think it'll be long before he's getting more action either with us or on loan somewhere. Chivarella (sp?) seems to have been here an age. Looks decent at times. Can't see him making it here but he'll play at a reasonable level I reckon
  12. When we signed Sepp vdb there were articles on the website with klopp etc. Is that normal for kids his age? Seems a good way off 1st team football at the highest level (understandable at his age) but I do remember thinking he must be a really hot prospect because of the coverage.
  13. Like the ability to turn the commentary off and just have the stadium noise
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