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  1. He was my dad's 2nd cousin mate. Our joke was the south end had the Beatles the north end had the Friars. RIP to your mum Melia, all the best to you and the family very hard to deal with at any time never mind now.
  2. It's 3 miles though good luck if you've got anything other than hand luggage. Jarg's right it's a joke you can't get a train or tram from the airport.
  3. Mike

    EU Referendum

    She wants f***ing for that speech last night. Trying to turn the people and throwing out dog whistles for far right nut jobs against parliament after Jo Cox??? She knows exactly what she's doing. Absolute c*** of woman.
  4. Hi everyone. Are you onto The Fernweh?
  5. Went to see The Stones the other night. They were, I have to say, unexpectedly good, ridiculously, life affirmingly, brilliantly good. If you get a chance to see them in Edinburgh or Cardiff in the next week or so take it.
  6. Mike


    Aja. Best produced album ever made.
  7. Mike


    That's not how touts work...
  8. Mike


    They'll be face value in Kiev guaranteed. Would rather have the comfort of a bird in the hand than looking over there tho.
  9. Going to Greece, something different, can't wait tbh.
  10. Mike


    To be honest there should be no need for them to be over face value at all, loads with tickets can't go and the tout market will be on it's a*** in Kiev, Real are struggling to get there in any numbers
  11. Mike

    Gigs 2014+

    Bonne journee!
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