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Found 7 results

  1. Will

    27th March

    Yanks in 2007 - Liverpool FC announced that George Gillett Jr. and Tom Hicks now owned 98.6% of the club’s shares and intended to compulsorily acquire the remaining shares. Chief Executive Rick Parry said, “The incredibly high level of acceptance of the offer shows shareholders have faith in the vision outlined for the club by George Gillett and Tom Hicks.” The two Americans remained in control until October 2010. We’re all on our way to Wembley 1965 - We beat Chelsea 2-0 in a Villa Park Semi-final en route to our first ever FA Cup triumph. John Mortimore had a goal disallowed for the
  2. Let's f*** these game raising, bus parking pricks up. No question our players were annoyed by their celebrations and Simeone's antics. Virgil and Robbo's interview told us that. 'In Istanbul, we won it again'. 3-1, Bobby to score.
  3. Got an edge to this now which should get the crowd up. If you could pick one team in the league to play in this situation it would be Bournemouth. We always spank them. Midfield the only conundrum.
  4. Ox to start. Game after this is Tues away at Chelsea in the Cup. They play Bayern Tues & Bournemouth away Sat. Watford's form has been pretty poor since mid-Jan - 2 points from 15 & losing to Tranmere in the Cup. Let's get the target down to single figures
  5. Hendo out 3w. Away at Watford the following Sat. West Ham are awful
  6. Lads, this is a MEGA-Game And one where we dare not slip up That said, 2 years ago it would have been billed as “if anyone can do a number on them, Atletico can” although tbf that might have missed a few nuances regarding our layers of competence Anyway, they’ve dipped considerably what with one thing and another so we should be looking for a win at their place Nice stadium too, including the immaculate exterior concourses You could eat off them
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