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  1. There's another old saying in Glasgow: "See that Balotelli? He's f***ing s***e"
  2. Stevie: "Meg me and I'll f***in' bite ya" Luis : "Ha ha, very funny"
  3. or better, from a pure comedy point of view...
  4. Scully was his first, shirley?
  5. all the best with your continuing recovery lad.
  6. [sorry - link to compatability chart already posted above]
  7. Pacheco would have (absolutely rightly in my opinion) been involved against Leeds had he been fit, and would be involved tonight were it not for that Spanish Youth team match he's been called up for.
  8. how about the 'curse' lad? Bob Wright was it? Before reading his stuff, I can honestly say I never considered pissing on the corner flag. I can picture the scene: as the bizzies drag me out the ground to give me a good kicking & a banning order, I'm screaming "But it's for the good of the club. It's the curse, lad, the f***ing CURSE"
  9. just as long is it's deffo open by tuesday - so deal with it, eh? can't miss my post-match albert then korova tradition y'see. as for drinks: as long as you still have a bottle of Woodford Reserve behind the bar for me to demolish I'll be happy.
  10. great news - about f***ing time.
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