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  1. The fact not one owner was present for Gerrard's last game spoke volumes for me.
  2. Best buckle up, it's going to be a long hard summer
  3. My aim in life is now to get a photo of Biscan with my Biscan.
  4. I don't blame Sterling for wanting to leave, but I do blame him for the way he's gone about it. His agent has played a blinder here, get the fans against you and it makes it easier to move. I believe a lot of the stuff has been engineered by his agent, and if you look back over the season you have to wonder why Sterling got a mid-season break. Was it to try and make him change his mind ? Also I can't believe that no matter how bad Sterling has been, he's been immune from being dragged off or dropped, is this another attempt to make him change his mind ? Why I said I don't blame him is be
  5. I aim to be the height of positivity just like before.
  6. Both come hand in hand mate. It's when he starts walking the real fun starts.
  7. Just popping in to say hello. It was that long ago I can't remember. Creeping more than crawling Vic, how's tricks ? Only cos we were both pissed
  8. Not much has changed then.
  9. Just passing so I thought I would drop a line.
  10. Please spread the word, been informed by police there is a Police Incident on East Lancs Road by Showcase Cinema. Please avoid this if travelling to game today. Please spread the word on twitter other forums etc Ta.
  11. Dont you think Borini will start ?
  12. Will there be a few high profile casualties because of this deal. Can't play them all.
  13. Shelvey's problem is that Henderson, Downing and Adam got more games last season than they should of restricting Jonjo to a handfull.
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