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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk...london-11545519 Charity offers UK drug addicts £200 to be sterilised Drug addicts across the UK are being offered money to be sterilised by an American charity. Project Prevention is offering to pay £200 to any drug user in London, Glasgow, Bristol, Leicester and parts of Wales who agrees to be operated on. The first person in the UK to accept the cash is drug addict "John" from Leicester who says he "should never be a father". The move has been criticised by some drug charities who work with addicts. Continue reading the main story Related stories Should ster
  2. Well my attitude is this; the appointment of Roy Hodgeson could have been a majestic one IF he had been appointed at a different time. The main problem he has is that, good manager though he undoubtedly is (he took his previous team to the final of a European competition for the first time in its history then won his opening five European games as Liverpool manager for the first time in history) he was appointed at the wrong time. He inherited a bunch of good players imbued with sterile negativity from his predecessor. The cautious style of play was drilled in to the collective and came thr
  3. No, you got that wrong. I wrote that support for Liverpool Football Club seemed conditional for some. I didn't write mine was unconditional for Roy Hodgeson. My point being that it seems to a lot of people that they only want to be associated with success. In my case, I didn't decide to support Liverpool, it came with the DNA so I've no choice. I watch on as an interested observer. But I've seen enough, over several seasons, to believe that Lucas is a digrace. RH hasn't been given a fraction of that time yet.
  4. Sadly, fyds is double-plus un-right. It would be very nice to have England's best manager so most of us give a f*** about having him around. And I don't believe he is utter crap. The best is yet to come.
  5. Now I cannot agree with this in any way. Lucas is NOT a decent player. Yesterday, I was screaming for Hodgeson to take him off and the lads around me asked who for. I reckoned we did need to take him off but it wasn't necessary to bring a replacement on. My opinion is that Liverpool are improved if he isn't around. I'd rather we have ten men on the pitch than him, the complete anti-player, on the pitch. I cannot abide him and despise the sight of him.
  6. I'm saying absolutely not. He should be given much more time. It's like support is conditional for many of our fans. I think he's worth the risk. The risk being relegation, on the one hand, and having England's best manager on the other. Either direction changes my support not a jot. It's all part of life's rich tapestry and sometimes you have to go with the rough and then the smooth looks and tastes better. Roy still has my unconditional backing.
  7. It looks an unbelievably gruesome operation, especially when they saw through the sternum and crack it open with the chest spreader, the noise makes you want to weep. But, it is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the world so whoever is doing it, is going to be very experienced at doing it so don't worry. A long-term study looked at a large group of people in two categories; those who'd had open-heart surgery and those who hadn't had open-heart surgery and then the two arms were followed out to the literal end. It transpires, unequivocably, that those who've had the open-heart
  8. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. Although it would be very welcome to get rid of the Americans, we'd replace them with....Americans. Where's the good in that? We are fed propaganda about the putative owners and our overwhelming desire to bin the current leadership off is banked on so that we'll be expected to side with the new ones as we'd be prepared to have virtually anyone over the current robbers but what's to say it's not a case of out of the frying pan, into the fire? It's reminding me of the scene at gigs; the band you've gone to see make you wait, and wait, and wait, a
  9. Oh, I getcha. Are you referring to Richard Dawkins' excellent descriptions of the manifestations of specific Madonnas to grace the requirements of any given people/situation?
  10. How many Madonna's are there? De Fina: Madonna seemed to be in the mix [for the role of Henry's wife, Karen]. I remember that we went to see her in the play Speed-the-Plow. Marty said hello to her afterwards. There was definitely somebody somewhere wanting to cast her. Can you imagine? Tom Cruise and Madonna? But Marty can get a performance out of almost anyone. Read More http://www.gq.com/entertainment/movies-and-tv/201010/goodfellas-making-of-behind-the-scenes-interview-scorsese-deniro?currentPage=1#ixzz10N48O1rM
  11. Imagine if the movie had starred the originally planned duo. Tom Cruise and Madonna! Yikes!
  12. Isn't that utterly depressing in every conceivable way (you could have lifted that by the judicious use of a hyphen - he wrote in jest). I have stayed out of this for quite some time now, just observing stuff and gauging other people's feelings. There's no joy in attending matches at all anymore, beyond maintaining the lifetime habit, and a mounting frustration at the inability and incompetence of the team and watching a lot of the fans feeling they HAVE to go through the motions. It's as tedious as tedious can be. It's like philisophically accepting the ship is sinking and there's no assi
  13. Not necessarily, not by a long chalk. Down the throat, up the nasal cavity, up the jacksie or down the optical aperture of the gentleman of land of the rising sun descent. But that's only on a conscious person. If you go for the GA, it can go pretty much anywhere; in the knee, in the abdominal or thoracic abdomen, bile duct, gall-bladder, pretty much anywhere nowadays.
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