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  1. Horrible. Glad The Family can finally get some closure..... but like us all, I was hoping for a better outcome. RIP Stevie Lad...... love and thoughts to Spike and the whole family.
  2. Always love this pic of him and fellani...
  3. Wasn't helped by Moses not wanting to get involved at all at points. I was sat 3 rows from the halfway in the east stand and at one point glojo was looking down the line. Moses just stood there with his hands on his hips, While the defender got in front of him. Now I've generally been a fan of Moses up to now, but I stood up and let an almighty roar at Moses to "get your hands off your f***ing hips and get f***ing involved". He shot me a right dirty look and got me a few comments from the horrible pricks behind me. I'm still annoyed at it now, worse than any hip holding performance from Robbie keane or Harry Kewell.
  4. I've been really excited over the development for a while now, pretty much since it and apparent this was actually gonna happen. When I heard KSS were lead designer I was disappointed but only because I was hoping someone like foster and ass, herzogs or populous may get on board, like the bernabeau competition here... Clicky That being said, it's gonna work. And they have stepped up their game of late with regard design. We should see soon anyway. Assuming we want to start in summer and are putting the tenders out now according to that lad on skyscraper city, if we allow say 6 weeks for prelims etc. and 13 weeks for the planning, we should e seeing the application go in the weeks in and around Christmas.
  5. KSS are a very good bunch of lads. They've done some good things in the past, namely spurs training ground which is fantastic. In the last couple if years they've popped up in magazines like BD and AJ, with some cracking proposals, which makes me think they've hired some new designers. In the past, They have seemed to over prioritize function over form, which is not really a bad thing but their design hasn't been very modern, Chelsea village is a case in point here. Nearest they've done to what we need is the Brighton and hove stadium.... Which I haven't been to myself but by all accounts it's rather undramatic but works fantastically. They've also recently done le harves stadium which is a bit of a mini version of Herzoz and de meuron's, Allianz Arena. Still would have loved herzog and de meuron to get involved but KSS should be able to do a good job, I just don't expect to be wowed by looking at it.
  6. Most probably commercial as my missus has it in her head she wants to do Christmas shopping.
  7. Coming up to liverpool on the 6th dec.... Anyone know any decent two bedroom serviced aparts?
  8. More than likely the 6 houses will be needed by us to do the planning... The other 24 may relate to the food hub and retail park planning.
  9. Superjay


    Anyone know the best place for me to catch the game? I was recommended pat o'briens before we came but that seems to have been closed?
  10. Superjay

    Kolo Toure

    Daniel Sturridge just tweeted this... made me p155 myself anyway.
  11. Not one other paper has it. Could be that castles is jealous of the other journos who have had info on this with these late night exclusives over him. Difference is about 2 or 3 papers had that each time.
  12. I was having such a good day too.
  13. He also follows a lot of Irish and foreign nationals too.... And errr... Danny Dyer. So that's 2 words needing to be had.
  14. He seems to have followed them and other "very British problems" accounts quite a while ago in a small period so hopefully it can be explained by him seeing what those knobheads have to say but yes totally agree if he does sign for us somebody can easily have a word. You're right on your second point too. He looks to have all the tools to be a very exciting player in years to come. In fact I like jeff hendrick there too. £10mil seems a bit hairy though.
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