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  1. Mina..mina..mina....mina..mina...minoooooooooooooo From Tokoyooooooooo hes scores our goalllllllllllllllllssssssssss to the tune of....well that's obvious right!!?
  2. yup and tons actually paid! http://www.duncanoldham.com/about-duncan-oldham/ "I am an online entrepreneur, football writer, video blogger and podcaster. I also co-host a weekly sports show on local FM radio. Although this is technically considered ‘work’, I look at it all as one big hobby." hahahahah
  3. the legendary koptalk days talking of which...whatever happened to that k****ead Dunk ?
  4. Rashid is on twitter with a little following, and now lives on the West Coast U.S.A !
  5. Outstanding it is ! In my opinion the best thing ive seen set in the Star Wars world since the original trilogy...it has the same tone/feeling etc Rogue one was excellent - but felt disconnected in a weird way
  6. Just started Banshee ( yes i know im behind!).....am 2 episodes in and kinda like it...if not slightly generic in parts.. is it worth sticking with ? and does the main lady get naked every episode
  7. Doubt it, Klopp will see the Qatar trip as a training camps of sorts, we`ve done similar in past seasons, yes this is slightly different but still keeps the routine of previous seasons.
  8. Apparently Williams,Jones,Brewster and Elliot will play in the Villa game, then be flown to Qatar right after,.
  9. yeah the Barca game and the champs league final - celebrates like hes just scored a goal in training.
  10. probably the strangest player Ive ever seen.. plays like a genius at times ,and as said.....scores goals at the most important moments, and always looks like it was" nuthin" just chills out when scoring he most legendary goals. Epic mentality....and apparently a bit of a genius, speaks 5 languages and is an accomplished pianist.
  11. yeah completely agree, firmino has one position...and when he plays anywhere else he just doesn't effect the game at all. It was all to do with stopping Leicester...a huge sign of respect and of course it worked, Madison especially didnt get a kick first half. Haven't actually seen Mane play as deep as he did, especially first half yesterday....was brilliant, with that one sliding tackle on the edge of our box exceptional. Very impressed with our tactics yesterday.
  12. Thought it was to do with giving more cover in midfield and to stop Madison.. Mane was way deeper than usual and cut of Madison’s passing lanes numerous times . Mane is quality at tracking back and a good tackler... quote name="Rory Fitzgerald" post="4402896" timestamp="1570305221"] Has anyone seen a reason or had an idea of why we started with the front 3 all assuming different positions at the start of the game and the start of the 2nd half. If Salah goes centre, then the least disruptive thing to do would be to leave Mane on the left and put Firmino where Salah would be. But
  13. There was a period under houllier where smicer was magnificent for the first few months of the season..he played at the top of the diamond and looked like a completely different player. Remember a game at godison where he ran the game .
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