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  1. Walrus


    Why would there be the tiniest of possibility not to finish this season? Surely you will finish it no matter what even if it’s in September or December or whatever. And then just adjust next season to fit the schedule, e.g. play each team only once if needed. I’m not sure why this is even a debate. Might be cause I’m a bit dim obviously.
  2. What has he tweeted?
  3. So, who to get for that 2nd keeper spot?
  4. That performance was pretty f***ing good from us. Only natural that luck completely goes our opponent’s way in one of the big games. That was it tonight. Swap the keepers and we win it about 6-0.
  5. Walrus


    That Manu fan, that kid and his letters...
  6. Well done, the Chiefs! Mad comebacks in all of their playoff games.
  7. MVP in the Super Bowl for me.
  8. Is Klopp travelling for this one? ()
  9. Intially thought he was just being moody with Salah’s poor attempt of a pass there.
  10. Walrus


    What is it? That we need to win the remaining 9 if City win all of theirs?
  11. Walrus


    We can lose six games no problem.
  12. Walrus


    Whisper it but we might just soon become favourites to win the title...
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