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  1. So we lose a game. It happens, try and deal with it. Personally I’m glad it’s one which we can afford to lose.
  2. The fact that this is somehow still only 2-0 makes me slightly worried that something crazy could yet happen.0
  3. So Spurs Man City tonight then. What is a good result for us? A draw perhaps?
  4. Litmanen yes. In a Klopp team, nah. Lauri Dalla Valle though!!!
  5. Since the day that Liverpool clinched the title, no team in the Premier league has conceded more goals. 🤯
  6. This info should’ve been posted much earlier. Maybe years ago.
  7. Defenders were bouncing off him as he was bursting through. Strong lad like Salah.
  8. Walrus

    Welcome VvD

    I got myself the turquoise / light blue away kit with Virgil on the back. Haven’t seen us use that kit since and now Virg is out for good. Just glad that the one I ordered for my son was the home kit with Salah on the back.
  9. Walrus

    Welcome VvD

    Rather leave him in a room with NYR for 15 minutes.
  10. You and your number twos...
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