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  1. Walrus


    Yes, welling up at ahem the other end as well...
  2. Walrus


    Came into the office half an hour ago. Been locked in the men’s room watching all the footage from last night and I’ll be f***ed if I need to go out now and face real people. Proper welling up, it’s brilliant!
  3. Walrus


    We’re are the lads? At Naby’s place in Formby? 😇
  4. Walrus


    Ha! True dat
  5. Walrus


    I’m sure the emotions will kick in later. For now it’s just: yes, get in.
  6. It’s a horrific disease. Lost my dad to it a few weeks back - a little over a decade after the diagnosis. He spent the last two years in a home, pretty sure it was best for everyone. Not least to my mum who had cared for him the two previous years despite having divorced him some years prior to this. There are no winners here and the nature of the disease makes for some ugly stuff.
  7. I never realized he scored that many. Thought he was usually back up for Lovren and Matip though to be fair they were both out injured quite a lot.
  8. Walrus

    The Snip

    You hope his what helps? Thanks anyway!
  9. Philipp Degen. We must have gotten the wrong one out of the twins or something.
  10. Walrus


    I agree that it’s better than the options you mention. But I just don’t see why the following season wouldn’t be adjusted to enable this season to be properly carried out. Even if it means starting next season in Jan 2021 or whatever.
  11. Walrus


    Not sure if this is a pisstake or not but this a pretty horrific idea.
  12. Sturridge is the new Zak: Former England striker Daniel Sturridge gives his Liverpool career one more go as he sets his sights on a centre back cover role in a surprise twist after a month of isolated deliberation amidst the pandemic.
  13. Sami Hippier The ex Liverpool defender comes back sporting long hair and smoking a joint or two. Sami plays some classics on an acoustic and eagerly shares some great stories about free love in San Francisco.
  14. Joe G would love Sterling here.
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