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  1. S Club 7 - A Club Supreme: A tribute to the music of John Coltrane
  2. Nonsense. Labour spent £36m on campaigning in 2014 alone. In the election it will have been much more. Please let's not resort to this level of hyperbole. What about all measures of government success? You could give them advice on denying the good work they did, no? Don't remember all that praise from you. Firstly they aren't. Do you seriously think the 2015 manifesto was essentially the Tory party? Tons of stuff the Tories wouldn't do. Mansion tax, reduce tuition fees, 50p tax rate, zero hours, reverse nhs changes, etc etc. I can go on if you want. I don't see Corbyn making an impact outside areas where the party is already winning. Don't forget, the SNP took seats from Labour and Libdems. Not the Tories. The Tories kept their only scottish seat.
  3. Homelessness was reduced. The 97 manifesto was deliberately short on big promises and was aimed at reassurance. After 92 nobody was prepared to risk thinking we were going to do well and then being shafted. I've got no doubt Labour is infinitely better than these tories. I understand what Harman was trying to do with the welfare bill, but it was hopelessly ill conceived and wrong. It's another example of how we need some truly different thinking in our approach: either we unite the progressives, or we find a way to win back the voters in the middle who can switch between tories and labour by showing them how we can credibly grow the economy but prioritise the less well off. I don't think that's impossible, it just takes an intelligent approach. The lessons of history don't suggest this is true.
  4. If people want to do that, they can. No problem. What you shouldn't have is people hurling abuse at those who've been loyal members for a long time and put in massive amounts of time and effort. If we had a different electoral system, Itd be a totally different argument. Sadly we are stuck with this for the time being so if you want a better government (not perfect, not even half perfect) it's this Labour Party or nothing. I don't think I'll walk away. I might go and live abroad, but that's something else and not political. I'll keep delivering leaflets and paying the subs (although I draw the line at painful ward meetings). This example of Corbyn is just sadly a taste of what's coming. You know it. I know it. Doesn't take a genius to work out what they'll be doing. And it isn't because he's a threat, it's because it's Labour and they attack Labour. In my opinion, Corbyn makes it very very easy to get those attacks going. There will be a party after Corbyn so I'll prepare for that. Internal ructions? In the SWP? Shocked. To the core.
  5. If it makes you feel better, I suppose you should remember it like that. I just got bored with it all. Not quite as dramatic as you'd like it to be, sorry. I don't 'object' to the election of Corbyn if it's a fair, democratic choice of the party. We've seen high profile people rejected but there are probably plenty of others who haven't been. I've never been happy with the idea of temporary 'supporters' and open primaries. My main objections to him are that he's completely wrong for the party. But if people want to do that, that's up to them, obviously.
  6. Maybe he does. Political parties thrive on the long term commitment of their members. They can't disappear and reappear overnight. You need armies of people who know their wards, their constituencies, and if things aren't going your way, sure you can bail out, but you can also stick around and argue for what you believe in. Vic, is that you?
  7. I've never liked Ken. He did a reasonable job though, and interestingly certainly didn't have a problem with the banks. Should never have stood in 2012, as I think we both agreed on? I'm sure a lot of those people support Corbyn for genuine reasons. Plenty of others have spent a long, long time doing less than nothing for the Labour Party and now think it belongs to them. The arrogance is astonishing. All the abuse and the pathetic 'why don't you join the Tories' s*** is juvenile, whiny, vile rubbish. And when it goes t*** up for Jeremy, as it so surely will, they will again f*** off and do nothing for the party while the rest of us pick up the pieces. So you see why I'm cynical. Flounce? When was that, then? When you start making things up, you're obviously in trouble. If you're that sensitive about being told you 'don't get it' perhaps you should avoid politics altogether. Clause 4 change was a democratic change in the party constitution, which got 90% approval, from memory, in a ballot of real party members.
  8. I didnt know you when that was happening so I don't know where you've got that from. People ought to show commitment to the Party. Steel f***ed off and now he wants in, not because he believes in the party, but because he wants Corbyn.
  9. Failed to deal with housing, sucked up to the City, and lost a city which as we all know, is largely sympathetic to Labour. Yes he did some good things, but he didn't half piss a lot of fairly normal people off. Some people are: entryists, Tories, etc.
  10. You come across as a whiny, snotty, little prick, but we can't have everything can we? I made two long replies to your posts, full of points that you either ignored or couldn't grasp. But that's the Corbynites. Full of passionate intensity, but no idea what they're really letting the party, and ultimately the country, in for. If you actually focused, I haven't been sneery about anyone. Maybe you're just upset that, at the first slightest piece of scrutiny, Corbyn is shown engaging with the kind of people, and the kind of causes, that were they coming from Osborne, Johnson, or someone similar, you'd be going bananas about.
  11. I'm not excluding anyone in terms of a general election. This, however, is an internal Labour Party election, and people who have either been completely hostile to the party, or are openly opposed to its aims should be excluded. People who have left the party to join other parties, like Mark Steel did, people who have campaigned against the party at the election just 3 months ago, yes I would exclude them. I'd prefer it if it was only theParty's full time paid members voting. That isn't odd or unusual. There's nothing undemocratic about it - a membership organisation belongs to its members. As for the SNP, we've had it over and over again. Their campaign was aimed at securing a Tory victory. They talk left, act right quite a bit of the time, so if they want a Labour-led government based on delivering policies aimed at people who need them, fine. If they just want to manipulate us into eternal referendums until they get the result they want, they can get stuffed.
  12. What Daily Mail article? I haven't read one in months. I'm talking about Corbyn's participation in an event that calls for an inquiry into covert Jewish influence over the UK government. He's there, talking about it. Agreeing with it. In the flesh. His mouth is moving and words are coming out of it. What do you think is happening there? Pretty snide. What exactly are you agreeing with? What point are you making here? Come on, stand up. Don't be shy. Ok, thingy oh. Bit of one of them innit? Give it the old you know what. And that.
  13. So people get immunity from scrutiny? Don't think that's very democratic, actually. Wrong again. Remember, third strike and you're out.
  14. What on earth are you talking about? You seem to have taken your own 'comedy' routine and turned it into what I am saying. Have another go. Let's not go over the top. He lost twice to the mammoth buffoon Johnson.
  15. Smells like the real desperation is coming from Corbyn's Gauleiters. Of course, we've got several years of this to come as his links with every questionable character get picked over ad nauseam. Enjoy it!
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