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  1. melia


    Sorry for your loss, @downunder. Take care.
  2. melia


    We finally got down to zero daily cases in Melbourne today and lockdown restrictions will be properly eased over the next few days. Pubs and restaurants re-open on Wednesday. Travel restrictions (recently upped from 5km to 25km) should be lifted in two weeks time and that means that I get to go down to my beach place for weekends. I’d struggled after my mum’s passing in April and getting down there was a huge boost to my mental health but, unfortunately, I only managed it once before the second lockdown began. Now I can look forward to taking my puppy for a swim. Lockdown has been really
  3. melia

    The boxing

    Let’s hope Loma drops back to 130.
  4. I’m thoroughly enjoying “the Outsider”.
  5. If the bleach ain’t working then try a few alternatives.. ’Rich Roberts, a doctor and Republican donor from Ocean County, said Trump had "a lot of spunk in him" and he did not see any signs of illness. ’
  6. I was the same. I was on the waiting list with a couple of breeders for a few months and was still checking the rescue list. Most breeders had suspended breeding programs until next year and the demand way outstripped the supply. I was expecting to take delivery of a puppy due to be born in November but got the offer of jumping the queue as my dog had been declined by his planned owner after his 6-week health check - a heart murmur was detected that has now gone away. I was happy to take him even if the health concerns persisted. I haven’t ruled out taking in a rescue dog once the pup has
  7. Having a puppy is boss. 7F2421C1-2A59-4D3B-8979-DEDFF56961D2.MP4
  8. Yeah, same here. Take care.
  9. melia


    They’re closed and have been for a long time.
  10. melia


    It looks as though we’re coming to the end of our second lockdown. This one has been going on for a couple of months and Melbourne has now got daily infections down from over 700 to under 15. The roadmap has us at a 9pm to 5am curfew and confined to a 5k radius until October 28 but that may get eased slightly on Sunday. We’ve had mandatory masks outside your own homes since July and I can’t see that easing this year. I can’t believe that I haven’t been able to take my missus to the pictures, a restaurant or even a pub for over 6 months now. If we carry on with the downward trend then I ma
  11. melia


    Yeah, we’re almost exactly the same. Even those who decide that they are not permanently remote will only be in the office if they want to be there (if working from home is too difficult).
  12. Yeah, a golden retriever pup.
  13. I’ve let my running go to s*** and I’ve piled the weight on. I’m still lifting weights but my wife’s kind words, that the weight gain is just muscle, just aren’t cutting it - I know I’m a lardarse! My head’s been in some terribly dark places over the past 6 months and my mum’s passing and these extended lockdowns haven’t helped. However, next Thursday, little Bobby joins our family and all seems right with the world again. IMG_0245.MOV
  14. We have a place about ten minutes from St Andrews Beach. Again, wasted on me.
  15. We’re planning to move house and one of the possibilities is over the road from one of his courses, at Royal Melbourne. I’m not a golfer, and I don’t think their membership fees will entice me to become one, so I’ll have to take your word on his expertise.
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