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  1. Getting closer, Salah is on it, shame Bobby's got covid
  2. Holy f***, that's amazing
  3. Given Van Dijk is most likely the greatest defender that ever lived, I'm ok with this
  4. Forgotten what it felt like to be stressed out watching us, Fab to sort it out
  5. Read this first a year ago, I think I shared it here, still sums up how I feel about everything,. https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/fintan-o-toole-trial-runs-for-fascism-are-in-full-flow-1.3543375
  6. Found this through browsing his Twitter.. https://twitter.com/wefail/status/1145257173481664512?s=19
  7. The only good thing about this is the fume from other fans, and f*** spurs like, we're strong favourites and rightly so
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