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  1. Not just looking at him. Got the hots for him.
  2. Also worth mentioning that Div went and fetched the ball as though we still needed another.
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo has now scored 750 career goals. Amazed that 75 are for Juve. Seems about 6 months since he signed for them.
  4. Pawson on whistle, Moss in the Führerbunker
  5. Case for Colleen. Edit: Just saw HP and had wondered if that was the case
  6. They should be taking legal action against that doctor.
  7. My given name isn't Michael. Honest.
  8. It really is. I'd include Wilson and Ronay in that too for all their attempts to get below the surface. Wilson now has a season ticket to Private Eye's Pseuds' Corner and just about fits the footballing version of a "film buff" being someone who knows everything about films except how to enjoy them and Ronay just likes to employ the verb "thrum" at every opportunity. What has become noticeable though is that there seems to have been an edict that match reports shall focus on the events of the match and not the post match press conferences.
  9. Peter Reid jogging a respectful metre or two behind as he wriggled through the England team for the second goal is an enduring image of that game.
  10. Totally. You only ever have to listen to a Guardian podcast to realise that he has nothing to offer on the actual football other than a recounting of what happened as opposed to insight and audibly quakes in his boots when Wilson and Ronay attempt to offer some serious analysis. And unlike the rotating panel, he's a permanent member and a reason not to listen to it.
  11. One of the great fyds moments in here was when we drew Leverkusen and a poster asked where was best to book a flight to if he wanted to go to the away game. Fyds informed him that Bayer meant that they were obviously from Bavaria and he should get a ticket to Munich.
  12. A veteran came to me and said, “Sir, you have done what no other President has done and got Thiago fit for a thirty minute cameo”.
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