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  1. He’s as ugly as Pontus Pilate. [who may have been quite handsome so the logic escapes me]
  2. Jigger for ginnel round here Couldn’t kick a hole in a wet Echo. Useless or feeble - or both
  3. Yes. Reports on exit from the bog included, “bowl varnish” and “could have painted the walls with that”
  4. My grandmother on anyone miserable: he wouldn't laugh if he saw a chair walk
  5. Icky the fire bobby seemed to be an all purpose usage for a person unknown. A person likewise unknown but with a lower limb problem was invariably, before PC had been invented, Ipple the cripple.
  6. My dad used to (jokingly) threaten punishment with: I'll knock a hole in you and play you like a flute or I'll put the five of diamonds on you
  7. Kuenssberg well and truly back. Johnson’s breaking of international law is actually described by her as “audacious”, when there could be at least a dozen more appropriate descriptors.
  8. Diana Rigg lives on in her dead ringer daughter, Rachel Sterling, also brilliant in that series. And it's always sunny in Essex.
  9. Diana Rigg. Brilliant as ever in Detectorists
  10. Mark Francois appears to no longer be Chair of the ERG. Hasn’t been seen in parliament or at a constituency surgery let alone in front of a TV camera. What can possibly be going on?
  11. Ripley


    Exactly as Peston tweet forecast this morning. Has he been on holiday with Kuenssberg? Normal service resumed.
  12. Ripley


    Is that in your contract? Have you signed it off?
  13. They were surely voting for a deal that already been done - the Withdrawal Agreement. They also knew WHO they were voting for.
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