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  1. Ripley


    Everything has a price. Everything is a deal. It’s Werner Von Braun all over again
  2. Ripley


    Yes. I’m in Tenerife. All shops, bars, restaurants closed under the State of Emergency. Only supermarkets and pharmacies. You may only leave your “home” to buy food, medicine or visit a cash point. Dog walking seems to be given a pass though. The Guardia Civil are on the street on foot and in cars with loudspeakers and imposing spot fines for breaches of SoE regs. Don’t know if they are inviting the locals to meet Mr Baton I booked an early return on Friday for Tuesday into Manchester. Got it for €49. Cheapest on Skyscanner this morning for Tuesday was €631 for a 9 hour+ 2 stop journey. News from UK seems to be, “Thank you all you old people for voting Brexit. Our Ministry of Eugenics has now deemed you expendable so please f*** off and die.”
  3. Ripley


    And Anthony Taylor on VAR. Dream team
  4. The IFAB wrote a lengthy reasoning for the change in the handball rule. This reads, Greater clarity is needed for handball, especially on those occasions when ‘non-deliberate’ handball is an offence. The re-wording follows a number of principles: Football does not accept a goal being scored by a hand/arm (even if accidental) Football expects a player to be penalized for handball if they gain possession/control of the ball from their hand/arm and gain a major advantage e.g. score or create a goal-scoring opportunity It is natural for a player to put their arm between their body and the ground for support when falling. Having the hand/arm above shoulder height is rarely a ‘natural’ position and a player is ‘taking a risk’ by having the hand/arm in that position, including when sliding If the ball comes off the player’s body, or off another player (of either team) who is close by, onto the hands/arms it is often impossible to avoid contact with the ball When the GK clearly kicks or tries to kick the ball into play, this shows no intention to handle the ball so, if the ‘clearance’ attempt is unsuccessful, the goalkeeper can then handle the ball without committing an offence. -------- The highlighted point surely shows that the "assist" from whatever distance must be penalised (even though the handball clearly should not have resulted in a penalty) and that Wilson's scenario does highlight a potential contradiction, however unlikely. There is certainly no reference to anything as vague as an "attacking area" in the Ifab law revisions or explanations.
  5. Well “that Dale Johnson fella“ isn’t Ifab and its wording is he? Surely nothing would be as loosely expressed in the laws/guidelines as the “the attacking area”? Happy to be corrected but I can’t see it. So the Wilson scenario may indeed be valid. In which case it is better for the attacker not to score. If he does, it’s chalked off and there is a penalty at the other end; if he fails to score nothing has happened.
  6. Where is there reference to an attacking area in the new wording? Interested to know.
  7. Jonathan Wilson put forward a scenario weeks ago to illustrate a potential flaw in the differing treatments of handball. Ball is driven against defender’s arm inside the penalty area from a short distance, Unavoidable, no penalty. Defender hoofs ball upfield and forward runs onto it and scores. VAR examines the build up and decides that the assist came from a handball. Unintentional though it was the goal must be disallowed and the “offence” punished. Handball within his own area means a penalty must be awarded. Schrödinger’s handball. Then it almost happened at Burnley.
  8. Ripley


    Everything’s ok. Trump says the US is very close to having a vaccine
  9. Surely there is also an issue of "deference" at play here? Michael Oliver is generally regarded (even on this forum) as by far the best referee in the PL. He has officiated as high as a CL semi final. Nevertheless he was looking at the Lo Celso incident from a very short distance and saw nothing wrong. On VAR is David Coote, less than 2 years a PL referee with 23 games behind him (no straight reds, no significant appointments) and only weeks ago, after being put up for the international list by PGMOL, failing the Uefa fitness test (as did Andy Madley). It is easy to believe that he would have a problem telling Oliver he had dropped a huge böllock. Just tell him to go and look at the pitchside monitor and pass the responsibility to where it belongs. Then they even make him do a double shift and he doesn't call the even more obvious De Bruyne handball.
  10. We've all been on Blue Moon, haven't we? Earl Hafler is Sir Baconface Falconhoof is Kippaxwarrior Molby is Karen7 Kid Klopp is Sebastian Blue KAMF is obviously Prestwich Blue
  11. Hacking completely the wrong word. They did not disable the access to employees who departed.
  12. He is. From childhood. Not sure if his support has endured during the oil years.
  13. There was plenty of encouragement on BM for anyone encountering Conn to give him a hiding.
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