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  1. Ripley

    The cricket

    Where's the lad who used to march down the strip, snap to attention and salute when he took a wicket? Forgotten his name.
  2. I think we actually gave a 2 year contract to a near 34 year old recently
  3. It was Stuart Atwell is probably why. We have the terminally indecisive Craig Pawson tonight David Coote (for the first time?) on Saturday, who ought to be bald but isn't.
  4. Lallana could have declined the offer like that Charlton lad (those Charlton lads?) and others have done for fear of an on field injury scuppering a move. Why not just acknowledge the mutual respect being shown between club (in effect Klopp) and player?
  5. They can sign Havertz on top of Werner and Ziyech and have all those talented English lads and it won't matter much if they don't upgrade the keeper. It's not far removed from our current outfield with Mignolet in goal.
  6. Is he the bästard Son of Dean Friedman?
  7. According to reports the government will be shortly adopting the US model of daily briefings by an official press secretary (think Sarah Huckabee) and they are expecting to appoint a woman to the role. Kuenssberg has been conspicuous by her absence from our screens recently.
  8. Yet their current manager has tested positive for drugs more times as a player than all of ours put together.
  9. Ripley


    To which the answer is, "Show some guts!"
  10. Inevitable that Anthony Taylor should get the appointment for this one.
  11. I believe the appropriate word is "savages"
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