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  1. Aside from the fact all the apps and stuff are really useful, it just makes everything look amazing. I had the PlayStation on this morning, the games look completely different. I’ve never had anything 4K or HDR before so it’s a massive step up.
  2. @Swipe my telly arrived this morning. It’s so beautiful.
  3. Lockdown aside, football is so much less enjoyable these days isn’t it
  4. So have I! What now?
  5. I've decided to get a 55". This guy: https://www.richersounds.com/lg-oled55cx5lb.html It's only 20cm wider and about 10cm taller than my current one, f*ck it. The fact that it is £200 cheaper is obviously a factor too. Probably going to buy it today. That happened fast.
  6. haha, she'll be gone by the end of the day.
  7. I agree with you both, it's a perfectly nice story, I just find those massive story threads extremely annoying. Someone I know did one about working at HMV which went viral and it was clearly all completely made up. We discussed both of these examples in my team meeting this morning and it turns out I am a miserable tw*t. Coincidentally I have worked in both M&S and HMV at Christmas, very little hilariousness happened.
  8. Is it just me being a miserable tw*t or does that tale not warrant going viral?
  9. They don't track it but they actively discourage employees taking it and penalise those who do. It's an awful place to work by all accounts - they encourage 'radical transparency' between all employees which basically means slagging off your colleagues to their face, in front of everyone. No wonder the money is insane there.
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