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  1. Jack Charlton. Always seemed a good sort. Shankly tried to buy him, didn’t he?
  2. This was the album that got me back into them in big way. Checked out a bit after Amnesiac and Hail to the Thief.
  3. Thought Shamal George was supposed be really good? oh he’s 22, ignore.
  4. Yeah, it'll be like he's completed football.
  5. Ta la. Not on our road but maybe where I parked it while I was getting my hair cut yesterday. Also ta la. Defo claiming on insurance now - two garages I spoke to said it would likely need a new bumper, bonnet and front wheel arch. FUUUUUUUUUUUCKing hell.
  6. F*ck knows. People are sh*t. Now debating whether to claim on my insurance or pay for the work and avoid a higher premium. The front bumper is cracked and the wheel arch is dented. Probably a few hundred quid.
  7. So s***. Gurgh. This is bad too, like.
  8. Some c*nt reversed into my (new-ish) car and drove off. Nowhere to send the rage, other than here. Thanks for listening.
  9. The Mondo, More Mondo and Molto Morricone comps are brilliant - used to play them in my corner of the Virgin Megastore in Liverpool when I worked there.
  10. Or that twitter reactions from random nobodies feature in articles to pad them out.
  11. Don’t disagree, but Twitter has become the first place most journalists, politicians, gobs***es go to, to get something out there. It might be a bubble but there’s a f*ck of a lot of people in it.
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