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  1. Senrab_nhoj


    f*** me I nearly ended up meeting you earlier in life than I did! Used to go regularly then too, including the Collymore years..
  2. Senrab_nhoj


  3. Bindweed... You've no choice but to go through and clear every root. Do the carpet or lino or black plastic sheets to kill the growth then painstakingly dig through and remove by hand. Had to do this on my old allotment when I first got it. I used to find it quite therapeutic to put my ears in, audio book. You have to get every scrap of root out.
  4. Thought this was great from a primary school close to where I used to live, got it sent by a mate of mine
  5. That transfer might tickle someone's fancy
  6. I found the parts with his father especially poignant. My granddad was in nursing home with dementia and I used to sit with him listening to his stories of his early life (he had been a communist) and the war but he had no clue who I was. Then the last time I saw him before he died the paused, turned to look at me and said "you're Matthew aren't you", grabbed my hand and squeezed it... so when in the show his dad said "you're my boy" I realised it was very dusty in this apartment...
  7. Well I did the medial ligament stumbling when stepping off the kerb to avoid pavement works running a while back then had a really bad fall in a ski race in January Was doing rehab and it was progressing well we thought but it appears I may have been a tad optimistic and somethings you can't 'run off' https://www.inferno-muerren.ch/en/facts-and-figures/race-course
  8. Grade III tear in my medial ligament (6mm) Grade IV tear in one section of the meniscus (8mm) Middle section of the meniscus has dislocated Good news is the cruciate ligament is fine...... 😑
  9. It is either your ligament as you say or you may have done something to the meniscus.. Either way RICE and there is loads of stuff on google about rehab exercises.. massage to keep blood flowing there as that is quickest way to get the body to repair itself I did something in exactly that spot and am off to see the specialist today (hooray for CHF lockdown easing up) to review the MRI I had done on Friday.. possible op to clean it up
  10. Oh god.... Text from my nearly 17 year old daughter.... "what are your thoughts on me having a boyfriend"....... What a time to be in different country ....
  11. Senrab_nhoj


    Excellent news JA
  12. I've always had Asics when I did my serious running years back but for some reason when I restarted I went to reebok... had a nose at the site and these caught my eye, very retro However am going to put these on the back burner as I think I am going to have a knee operation shortly. Thought I had done a medial ligament grade 1 but am off to a knee specialist as soon as they are 'back open' as I did a 10K rehab walk and am now only able to hobble about with a knee support on.. Captain Tom Moore walks quicker than I do at the moment. 😢
  13. Senrab_nhoj


    Ok, so the stats around numbers of people flying into the country are a bit misleading. They are I believe based on the capacity of the planes arriving not the passengers actually on board. Indications are that a lot of the planes are well below capacity inbound to the UK They include the numbers of passengers who are in transit and shortly leave on a connecting flight. That does not mean to say that there are significant failings on the passengers who are UK bound and having them tested and/or go into isolation for 14 days per WHO guidelines
  14. Senrab_nhoj


    you did no such thing I just reckon you were gasping for some 'fresh air'
  15. Senrab_nhoj


    Just to confirm i was not going mad re thinking I had seen something on smoking having an impact on Covid Article in the Guardian
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