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  1. My thoughts exactly.. taking the piss. Have got a quote from a joiner (thanks @charlie clown) for a bespoke hardwood door to match the original from next door for just over £500 and a contact to fit the thing
  2. Think this is the route to go, have a number of one in Liverpool who had made doors for couple of people in the local area
  3. So just had a local company round and apparently our existing front door is about 80mm wider than the maximum width door they supply so would have to fit some 'trim' plus the cost of the composite door quoted was just shy of £1900. Anyone got experience of 1) Dealing with oversized front doors and 2) anyone got any recommendations for door companies (we are on the wirral)
  4. Step 1: Have you confirmed if you just run this for AI independently with count if it is returning any values?
  5. How is that penalty allowed... He basically stops completely mid run up.. and the GK is almost level with him when he finally kicks the ball (I may have over exaggerated)
  6. Am sure you have but I would double check on tax implications of this, but my objective head says based on empirical evidence then the CGT aspect (no longer main home?) of this is not going to play out timewise.....
  7. I could not read the last sentence without a 'young ones' style vignette (or viz cartoon ) of the bowl of soup and the roll extolling the virtues of each other profusely across the table clothed dining table...
  8. I have noticed the same thing and I have same manufacturer...
  9. didn't have a beer Thursday as I thought I would jinx the result going to get any in. I am just recovering from hangover from Friday night session involving youtube / twitter / Prowsey FB live/ a tim burgess listening party then ploughing through content on the interweb until about 6am.... Still hasn't properly sunk in.... Can't wait to get back to the UK and have a beer with at a minimum @Raj and @Jonesy and unlike @Case I wont post a list and piss people off.. ( @cymrococh) Oh and @Molby
  10. Senrab_nhoj


    The Swisscovid app went live today
  11. Saw that on my timeline so no digging needed... did make me chuckle... although think there is more chance of me being on a SAGA holiday than wearing a bucket hat
  12. Have sent you whatsapp re the cartoonist request
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