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  1. Foden will end up playing for Everton by the time he's 26. Trying to get them into Europe. For Brendan.
  2. Oh Oh OHHHH Oh Kefalonia boy. Oh Kefalonia boy. Oh Kefalonia boy...
  3. Phil is right when he says we already have (at least) eight midfielders. I count eleven. Without Grujic. Loads of options. I’m too tired to look back to see if he said we should not sign Thiago though. We should in my view, but it’s not as critical as a front three cover.
  4. Jones, Henderson, Gini, Fabinho, Minamino, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Milner, Keita. That's eight without Shaquiri, Grujic, Elliott, Wilson. Even Ben Woodburn Numbers-wise, we have plenty. Thiago would allow flex at centre back and add a bit of class, but he's not a must-have.
  5. Malabsorption has already signed a pre-contract agreement with Colon de Santa fe
  6. Send him to Norwich. Might sweeten the deal for Lewi... Wait. What? really?
  7. My cousin can’t fold his arms despite having two perfectly good ones. And he has never won a single trophy, even a minor one like the Charity Shield with Liverpool Football Club. What stats is Edwards looking at for God’s sake? Edwards out.
  8. Tallas Magno sounds like the third best villain in a contemporary Bond movie. On that basis alone....
  9. You're right, Sell the Greek lad. Get yer man Papillon to back up Lewis.
  10. Brilliant. 4 years younger than you, JRC. The two years I had a ST (95-97) were the happiest of times. I loved this wee clip.
  11. Based on that youtube, I'd say Robertson is finished at this club. Sell him. Buy Lewis to back up the Greek lad.
  12. Arsenal have laid off 56 permanent employees. And they're about to pay 31 year old Willian about 200K a week for three years.
  13. Rilo Kiley treated like a whipped dog.
  14. My biggest issue with Phil is that he worked with Klopp and couldn't see where he would take us.
  15. Deep in all four competitions is about 60 games. Lewis could play a decent number of League games against dross like Fulham, Villa, Everton, then League Cup, FA Cup and dead European games. Caveat: He needs to be good, like. But if he is, and Robbo is fresh for good teams, then it ‘could’ be a Money-neutral purchase. obvs it’s buts maybes aside.
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