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  1. Case

    Welcome VvD

    Lads. Matip is really really really good. Remember 2019. If he stays fit and the keeper is back we’ll win more than we lose.
  2. Case

    Welcome VvD

    Fair enough. Not normally one to post tweets, but f*** it - he’s our most important player and I got caught up in the f***ing anger of it all. Obviously, I hope it isn’t a long lay off.
  3. Case

    Welcome VvD

    Some fellah just tweeted initial scan shows ACL tear. 7 months out.
  4. He has. Onion Berlin, I thought.
  5. I'd register Grujic for the League,personally. At least he's fit more. Shaq has Covid now by the way.
  6. .... is true. At least Shaq would be fun though. In Alisson's jersey.
  7. I reckon he saw him alright, but totally bottled the challenge. Far worse than the goal he gave away imo.
  8. With Covid hanging around, the insurance of having Shaquiri or Grujic around the place for a couple of months is no bad thing. Wilson less so, but even he could play against Fulham, WBA if we're desperate
  9. Have you just found YOUR collar-bone?
  10. City, like .. Atalanta - The Northern Napoli
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