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  1. Case


    Very first cases (2) in The Western Isles yesterday.
  2. Thank You, Ethan. Close the thread please
  3. Mods - This thread can be deleted once I’ve had a couple of replies - don’t need it hanging around - Ta —— ok - My brother works for a popular high street phone company in Ireland. Last Monday they closed all their branches temporarily for at least three weeks. This is likely to be extended. He was laid off on a temp basis, as were all his colleagues. He had 10 days holidays booked from work. All holidays must either be taken by end of April. They cannot be rolled over to the new year, starting in May, but any untaken holidays are paid by the company. Now. My brother has been told that despite the company being closed down, he still has to take his holidays. He cancelled his holidays, by email, the day the company temporarily closed. His colleagues, who have between 2 and 10 days holidays outstanding have all been told they will be paid them if they have not been taken by the end of April. The company will be paid by the Govt while my brother and his colleagues are furloughed. But they will not pass his holiday pay onto him as ... the company is closed. When he queried this he either received a phone call or email (I’m not sure) from the company, calling him ‘a disgrace for trying to take money from the company at this time’. What, if any, are his options do you think? This is Ireland, not UK, so employment law may be different. Ta
  4. Case

    Apocalypse Playlist

    Oh .... Genesis - Invisible Touch
  5. Ha ha ha ha. All brilliant. Except Case(t). Obvs. How about ‘Apollo 440,000’ - Let’s talk about Dublin, though I prefer southern Spain...
  6. Case

    Apocalypse Playlist

    Jeff Wayne, not Jeff Lynne, but an ELO version would have been awesome. also ... Life’ll kill ya by Warren Zevon
  7. Case


    @Dan - Sorry to hear about your Uncle. Thoughts with you and yours. But not the German Tax authorities. Fair play to him for that.
  8. Case


    Surely this includes care home deaths (counted for the first time, no?). This is why I hate all this nerdish s*** spouted Sunday and yesterday about things ‘possibly improving’ ... While the curve on your chart looks better, people are dying because you made s*** decisions early in the process. Stick yer Professor Ferguson up yer a***.
  9. Case


    Best of wishes to Mrs. cymro and Sion and his family ...
  10. Name your artists, genre, first album, success rating using forumite names only. I'll start... 'Redray Cocknose' - Country and Western - 'It's a shame about Ray is not my name'. Minor success in Finland, Belarus and Chad.
  11. Case


    Aye, Pip. Ours too. Though they did say 'if it's due in the next 14 days you may not be processed in time', or some such notice. Mind you, we only applied on Saturday. And it's due tomorrow. You might have been just a day or so late. Number of applications and that...
  12. Case


    Quaffing 'stacks of beer' (@Gethin, TM) is a real waste in that case. Get one of your empty cans, put diluted Robinson's mango in it and drink and redrink that can of 'beer' for ever. You're welcome.
  13. Case


    Calling all Stations. Nah. Foxtrot, really.
  14. Case

    Looking after ourselves

    Ha ha. As long as it's ONLY your head, you're good.
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