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  1. I miss those bar ceilings and sometime carpet too.
  2. Bootser


    So sad. Condolences Raj
  3. Bootser


    Am out on the patio with an angry sky and a bloody decent bottle of Whiskey. Writers Tears. I have cried tears of joy, victory, anguish and regret. My two youngest kids had to console me and commented that they had never seen me cry. I am beyond words and might do a Sir Bob Paisley on this one.... stay sober to enjoy the moment. What a team, what a manager and what true fans we have all been. Enjoy the moment, next up City. We go again.
  4. Tommy C. You can get drunk with your mates here most nights of the week👍 Great to hear our Paxton is doing so well.
  5. Bootser


    Stay as strong as you can Downunder. As you know here is a great place to sound off, let off steam and share exasperations. I know this because I’ve done it. Births, deaths and marriages. My best wishes.
  6. Bootser


    Great research my Caledonian friend. It’s bizarre that you find a link to your past and get so very close to them. Many had such awful lives and the rate of children’s deaths and the general mortality rate was so high. Murph, will try and get a better link tomorrow 👍
  7. Or Geheime Staatspolizei
  8. I’m doing my second 10k next Friday. It’s just me and the Missus out for the run as the one that we had entered, Comber 10k, had to cancel over Covid. As they had the medals already struck they are asking competitors to do a 10k and post your time in. The organisers will then make a donation of a chunk of the entrance money to the local air ambulance. Win win. Did a hilly 5k this morning in just under 25 minutes. Ill leave it to the other lads regarding recommendations for footwear. I just run in either Nike shoes or Asics; neither were very expensive.
  9. My my. This has turned into the Costner Appreciation Society. 😉 He has had an eclectic mix of movies which straddled between the really good watchable and interesting and utter s***e.
  10. Bootser

    Statues hmmmmm

    So lots of debate and conversation on this topic. Its not that surprising that Edward Colston was destined for a canal, although I was surprised how long it took. Churchill took a bit of a graffiti but remained resolute on his plinth. It set me thinking as to who I would not mind getting the old heave ho. Admiral Nelson in O'Connell Street was brought down to earth in 1966 and Saddam was literally toppled and put upon by sandal slapping locals. But who would you, in statuesque terms, banish to Room 101? I’ll go first. The Black Man outside RBAI in Belfast. No I haven’t shot myself in the foot. The original statue here was of Richard Chichester, also known as the Earl of Belfast. His statue was raised through donations from the general public and was extremely well supported due to his assiduous work on behalf of the poor - without regard to religion. However some years later the City Fathers decided he was much too Liberal and decided to replace him with a statue of Henry Cooke DD who was, in my opinion a right b*****d. He was the antithesis of everything Chichester stood for and, again in my opinion was a zealous bigot. So that’s my first choice sorted. Next I’ll turn my attention to Arthur Bomber Harris. WTF? Not wishing to seem biased I’ll toss in John Mitchel. Revered Irish patriot and, as highlighted on our local news, a supporter of the slave trade and not inclined to a multi racial society. RANT OVER. So, feel free to disagree or nominate your own. I feel better now.
  11. Rewatched Godfather II earlier, for at least the 10th time. A classic. However Godfather III was such a let down. If you have never watched it I can guarantee a 6/10 for Dances With Wolves..... not starring Derek Dougan...... Not a fan of Costner but he was tremendous in this. For the older viewers, cough, Murph, Fanny by Gaslight is a great watch. For the younger viewers, no, it’s not porn ffs.
  12. Bootser


    Collectively we are a squad of f***in physical wrecks. Everyone - mind your hips, knees, backs, necks, testicles and sundry bits and bobs when we win the League. FCPG put the willies up me....... not literally.
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