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  1. Excellent advice Dorgie. Went like clockwork and, despite what I thought was a slow Irish start, the result was super. Ate in the Gresham. Despite my not relishing the thought of eating in my Ireland top, the waitress was a gem and sorted us brilliantly. Great value btw … thought the MIssus was getting the arm in when I said we could eat “anywhere” but very tasty and vfm. Guinness good too. Shout out to Cassidys too. Lovely hotel and well suited for our needs.
  2. Cheers Dorgie, much obliged
  3. Missus and I are heading for an overnight on 11th February for the 3pm ko Ireland. and Italy at the Aviva. Parking near the hotel at the North end of O’Connell Street. Had thought of getting Dart from Connolly to Landsdowne but web site telling me no online tickets available??? How likely are we able to get on a Dart for that return journey? Is walking possible - time scale? Any other options. Luas? Ta v much
  4. Thanks for the reply Tosh. Excellent stuff. I could be waiting a while on the NHS……
  5. Seen a consultant just before Christmas. Having trouble with, particularly, the left knee. Had some work on the meniscus a Humber of years ago. X-rays showed that the meniscus was totally removed and that I was able to add another ailment to my ever growing list of same. Osteoarthritis ffs. Knee is swollen up like a balloon and am waiting on an ultra sound guided jab to drain the fluid. Im putting additional pressure on the right knee to take up the slack, to the extent that it is now giving me severe pain there too. Was told that a partial or full replacement knee is likely needed. I was seen privately as I pay medical insurance for the family. The first consultation was covered and the upcoming draining, which costs £600, is also covered. Replacements are not covered. Consultant reckoned it would cost c£14k. Anyone been down the replacement route? Murph, you’re the most likely.
  6. A very happy new year to all. 2024 lays in front of me personal and familial challenges which have to be addressed. I’m always up for the shoot and have the belief that our squad can see it through. As Dave Allen used to say….. may your God go with you.
  7. Seems a prospect. No f***ing about defensively and great awareness. As in the movies 6/10
  8. Wacky baccy night again?. Do you mind the night we met Bellis and watched the barcodes game in the Garrick pub. Quare all night chum.
  9. If Carlsberg did Christmas ……… I’d pay to watch.
  10. I’m at the Murph phase whenever I’m asked is there anything I’d like blah blah. I honestly can’t think of a single thing that I want/need. I used to ask for Oxfam donations for books, goats, school desks etc. Asking for a nice bottle of Powers or Jameson feels a bit self indulgent now. I did ask for batteries for my two good watches which have not ticked or tocked in a few years.
  11. The aul basstid outdid himself. Laugh? I almost shat laughing.
  12. Best feeling in the world. Many congratulations
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