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  1. Am on SI for 12 weeks due to my regular dosage of immunosuppressants. Music, reading, model making, sanding old floor boards for reuse, Face Timing Family, chopping wood, some early beers, etchings for print class and attempts (unsuccessful) at water colours.
  2. Bootser


    Top Drawer Mr Din.👍
  3. Bootser


    When you say 3 beers do you really mean 3 flagons? Apologies for no show but as my Crohn’s flare up ebbed out Torticollis came in on the swell. Spent two hours of physio and was totally f***ed after it. Watching last nights match was agony as I tend to head the pretend ball as a cross comes in. If you’ve ever had Torticollis you’ll get my drift.
  4. Bootser


    Settle for nothing less than six hookers.
  5. Bootser


    Yep, sounds like a plan..... what could possibly go wrong?
  6. Bootser


    I’m throwing my ring in the hat 😃 Should be able to do this one Vic. Will keep an eye on this for final details. Jimbo, Sunflower is a cracking pub with cracking beer, stouts and ales; problem is they are mostly strong as f*** and you are unlikely to leave on your own steam.
  7. Indeed it was. Cracking, if harrowing read.
  8. I’m in Mail Centre and am currently doing c130k steps a week.
  9. North Korea Journal by Michael Palin. Enjoyable in a f*** me kind of way. Love Palin and have most of his books.
  10. Interesting replies. I’m right up the a*** of a German Hanomag. I find myself pausing The History Channel to get a ganch at the uniforms and hardware. Murph, have been back temporarily ft working for Royal Mail this last two months so you’re on track
  11. Bootser

    Holidays 2019.

    If Beirut doesn’t tickle your political fancy then why not come to sunny Crossmaglen? Nirvana in a flack jacket
  12. Yes but really really worth it. Stick it out and find your own pace.
  13. Great work ya Manc hoorbeg
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