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  1. I’ve not been able to run at all for that last couple of weeks. My left knee feels like it belongs to someone else. Not really painful but like it could buckle under me. At times I’m limping and then all seems fine. WTF? Have had back to back episodes withe the Bastid Crohn’s recently but can’t imagine it’s connected. Had been doing the Not Parkruns and logged a decent (for me ) 25 minutes then BOOM all changed.
  2. Carra is a f***ing legend but he seems to be trying a bit too hard to come across as non partisan. Nail your colours Jamie.
  3. Slightly askew but...... The Comey Rule, a four parter on Sky Atlantic, with Jeff Daniels as Mike Comey, is well worth a watch. Brendan Gleason does a very fine Trump.
  4. Baros? I'm in Milan right now...... Baros?
  5. Bootser


    Nice one. You’re the Forum’s Jack Hargreaves now.
  6. I’d like to have a cup of tea with Madame Tumbler.
  7. So NR this Dos Equis of which you speak?
  8. If you’d a square a*** you could s*** coal brick. And yes you could buy coal brick back in the day. Compressed coal dust. Burnt for hours. Better than slack. Murph to post!!!!
  9. Oh the pathos 😁 Have you considered a camping holiday here, North or South? Great value and great craic for the kids. Tell your Missus you have booked her in somewhere special. Then lie like f*** and tell her the bastids Travel Agent made a mess of the booking. Insist that you said luxury destination and not lucky destination.
  10. Am currently doing the Not Parkrun. Our home turf, The Valley has had the most Non Park Runners for the last 5 weeks. Go Valley👍😎👍
  11. Bootser

    The Snip

    There is a consequence which I might not have mentioned. Every once in a while you may experience extreme ballick itch. It’s not a prolonged issue but it can be a tad unsociable. For example pushing your trolly around Tesco when, lo and behold, the curse of ballick itch strikes. This is not a mental condition rather an intense and pressing need to scratch like f*** at the wound site to sate said itch. I disguise my own attacks as a frantic search of my pockets looking for car keys. So far I have avoided expulsion from my local store, but an my luck last?
  12. Glucklick geburtstag Vic👍
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