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  1. Rummenigge confirms it's all agreed - Update, 11:48 BST: The transfer of Thiago to Liverpool is reportedly done. Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge told BILD Live: “I can confirm that Bayern have reached a final agreement with Liverpool FC. It was Thiago’s great desire to do something new at the end of his career.”
  2. Newton was the perfect storm for the Patriots. Hall of Fame QB leaving and with only an unproven but talented player in Stidham to replace him. If Newton gets injured Stidham slots in and learns on the job. If Newton is healthy and producing he gets a new contract (or Franchise Tag) and the Patriots leave Stidham develop in the background.
  3. Top 4 - Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea Relegated - West Ham, WBA, Fulham Top Scorer - Mo Sacked - Moyes League Cup - Man City FA Cup - Arsenal European Cup - Bayern
  4. Don't have access to the full article but the headline here is not good news if we're expecting FSG to loosen the purse strings this transfer window.
  5. Is it up to the ref if he wants to check the pitch side monitor or is he prompted?
  6. Carra doesn’t half talk some amount of s***e
  7. Criminal conceding the goals we’ve conceded
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