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  1. Boca


    Four teams in the bottom half of the league are in favour of voiding the season according to a report in the Independent. "Four bottom-half clubs are said to be in favour of voiding the season because they feel that the money guaranteed from staying in the Premier League for another campaign would be greater than any money they have to give back to broadcasters." The rest of the article is good though in terms of laying out the reasons that it should be completed. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/premier-league-void-season-2020-coronavirus-liverpool-title-efl-legal-challenge-a9437081.html
  2. This cheered me up this morning -
  3. Or any woman for that matter.
  4. Boca


    Rory Smith talking sense in this thread -
  5. Boca


    A vaccine is 12 months away
  6. Boca


    if lockdown is the only known method of containing this thing then what happens when restrictions are lifted? It feels like another outbreak is inevitable once people are allowed go about their lives again.
  7. Boca


    Olympics postponed for a year.
  8. Boca


    Yeah I think it's ridiculously optimistic to think they'll resume it in any form any time soon.
  9. Boca


    Sent this to my mother yesterday after hearing of her latest walk on the beach "just to get out of the house" She text me back with "this whole thing might do some good after all" 🙄🤦‍♂️
  10. This could go in the Coronavirus thread as well but it just shows the insanity that the Trump presidency has brought about in dealing with this crisis - https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/03/i-m-going-keep-pushing-anthony-fauci-tries-make-white-house-listen-facts-pandemic
  11. Boca


    Spain has extended its state of emergency for another 15 days
  12. Boca


    I agree with you 100% Des. There's nowhere near enough being done. I was just pointing out that they seem to have changed direction on it somewhat with the school closures. Where that goes from here no one knows and as you said communication is shocking from the government in the UK.
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