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  1. Boca


    Shhhh don't tell their fans who are slowly climbing back on Ole's bus.
  2. Ok so which one of you posted the "he's useless, just useless" comment?
  3. Haha I missed this news with all the Liverpool content I've been catching up with all weekend. Great move by the Pats. Delighted.
  4. Assistant to the assistant captain
  5. Boca

    FSG Watch...

    Yeah different system but the baseball draft is more for the long term in comparison to the other American sports.
  6. Gerrard was never a realistic option as a long term right back though was he?
  7. Boca

    FSG Watch...

    Not to jump on the FSG are s***e bandwagon but they do have form for not spending from a position of strength. They’ve budgeted for “down years” with the Red Sox after successful seasons. Seems to be their modus operandi.
  8. They've bought Ziyech as well.
  9. Boca


    Champions again. 30 f***ing years. I love you all.
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