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  1. Depends on your employers incidental use policy, you’ll have to ask hr if it’s okay even if it allows you to install the app. They probably won’t allow it, but the lockdown is the best time to ask for these perks.
  2. EC_Red

    Quiz questions!?!?

    Um Netherlands with Aruba? Edit: Greenland is NA is it not?! Denmark, then.
  3. EC_Red

    Some RIPs

    Ted from Scrubs
  4. EC_Red

    Ramadan Mubarak

    Ramadan Kareem all
  5. EC_Red

    Quiz questions!?!?

    Indonesia? 11?
  6. EC_Red


    Roger Daltrey
  7. EC_Red

    Quiz questions!?!?

    Ok thanks! I have one. What is the name of the country alongside its current capital, that most recently switched its capital city?
  8. EC_Red

    Quiz questions!?!?

    Is it ouija? Might have seen it on Qi.
  9. EC_Red

    Quiz questions!?!?

    Antarctica. Kiwi?
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