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  1. EC_Red


    Loaded up DoTA 2 yesterday and played a few games with friends. Was brilliant! They do freemium the right way.
  2. EC_Red


    Thinking of you, Sammy.
  3. Good God, man. Were you f***ing asleep? Adrian, that is.
  4. I think its time to rally behind Biden. Virginia and Texas both had over a 60% increase in democrats voting compared to 4 years ago. Democrats and Independents are desperate to see Trump go away and it does look like they prefer a moderate. I may have watched too much MSNBC. And for some reason Biden seems to scare Trump. No republican was talking about Hunter Biden and Burisma till he won in SC and now they're requesting subpeonas.
  5. https://joebiden.com/climate/
  6. Looks pretty bleak for Bernie. Even with CO and a lead in TX.
  7. Haha these are hilarious! Also scary.
  8. EC_Red

    The cricket

    India well and truly humbled in the New Zealand tests. A couple of tough tosses to lose, but absolutely no doubt of who the better, well drilled outfit was. Still, the Shastri-Kohli clique probably means that nothing really gets done about it. Maybe we can play Sri Lanka at home again, to stay 'number 1'.
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