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  1. What's that 6 games in a 2 and half week period for the guy? Love to see him sign a new contract
  2. EC_Red

    The Formula 1

    He also took a beating of about 53G at the moment of impact. Commendable fitness levels of these drivers to not get knocked unconscious immediately.
  3. EC_Red

    The Formula 1

    Incredible to see Grosjean walk away from that with "only" a few broken ribs.
  4. He's retired. Think he means https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perr_Schuurs
  5. Great game. Four or five genuine MOTM contenders, which was also great to see.
  6. Toomey quote: https://triblive.com/news/pennsylvania/sen-pat-toomey-trump-claims-very-disturbing-no-sign-of-widespread-election-fraud/
  7. Ah you should. The northern towns are pretty cool! Great food, good music, plenty of good Bourbon.
  8. Hah! Reminded me of this: https://apnews.com/article/dennis-hof-pimp-election-death-afd73fee87e5442ca72b7179c593089e
  9. Thanks! And to you, Jim. Wife and I are pretty much s***ting ourselves.
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