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  1. Being a Jets fan Leo, I feel your pain! Frustrating thing for us is that we'll never know whether Darnold is any good. We're such a s*** show of an organisation in that we'll move on to the next shiny qb in the draft(Lawrence or Fields) and go through the whole cycle again
  2. Mutley

    Joe Gomez

    Quick Google says 6 months + 😒
  3. Love my Jets, 3 down and 31 for the 49ers, Mckinnon runs for 55 yards 😂
  4. I think one of the issues is that we generally only see the fringe players play the odd 10-20 mins here and there, and surprisingly enough they looks a bit rusty and not up to speed. In the event of a major injury it may take 2 or 3 games for the team and new player to adjust, but as a team the drop off wouldn't be much. Last year we lost Alisson for a large part of the early season and we won every game
  5. But we also won the league and European Cup since then, so guess Klopp knows what he's doing? 🤔
  6. Cheers Boca, let me know their email address and I can send on an invite
  7. As the fleaflickerdraft is set for tonight, I'll clear the keepers at midday today, i.e 2 hours time. Everyone seems to have keepers set, so I assume all is good. Shout now if you need more time! We also need to find another player to replace Zoob, dunno what happens if we have an ownerless team. Let me know if anyone wants to take over Zoobs team
  8. Zoob deffo said he's out. Dunno how we manage it, I guess can with get someone to take over his team as is? Everyone, is there anyone not in fleaflicker league that wants to join?
  9. I'm keen to join if there are any spaces, ta. Not sure how to proceed with the fleaflicker league, Davvo is the commissioner and he's gone AWOL so I can't remove zoobs team or Davvos team, as they are the only two not in for this year
  10. When shall I schedule the fleaflicker draft, a week today at 9pm UK time, does that suit?
  11. Please can I get an invite to the PPR league if there are spaces?
  12. He's injured, didn't travel to Austria. Nothing serious though apparently.
  13. Can everyone who wants to do the flea flicker league again try and login to their account, we can then see who has gone MIA and get subs in if required. Ta
  14. What fantasy leagues do we want to run this year? I've reactivated the flea flicker league if people want to do that again, or we could stick with NFL and CBS
  15. Sorry boys, 45 mins to save my reputation. If anyone can capitulate and get hammered second half it's the a***. This one is finishing 4-2 to the champions
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