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    FSG Watch...

    Back to the memberships/ticket question, I think they are proposing changing the sale process to a ballot for some groups of tickets. i.e you register for the games your want, then its a straight luck of the draw job. Sounds better to me, saves wasting half your life on the queue. I answered a questionnaire from the club on it a month or two ago.
  2. Subject to appeal, but sends out a strong message I'd say
  3. I go to the game with 6000 of them, all of the above is true. Except me of course, I'm sound
  4. Haha, you forgot Carol Decker Actually she eborn in Huyton, just live d in Shrewsbury before T'pau. Shrewsbury were really bad, but then it's been like that most of the season. Thought the young reds were brilliant, dealt with the alehouse shrews really well Good atmosphere too, great it was a full house
  5. There is such a big step up in physicality from u23 to a hairy arsed, battle scarred league one clogger. Hopefully the youngsters thrive in the atmosphere and the crowd get behind them
  6. Looks like this is going to be a sell out, I'm surprised Shrewsbury are selling out their 8.5k allocation for a night game. Cup games aside, Shrewsbury are in terrible form. 7 games without a win
  7. Haha, yes, sort of. Loved Curtis's goal, got half way out of my seat, got a few looks and then set down. Didn't celebrate the OG, nobody had a clue what was going on, none of the away end really celebrated either. I suppose the draw was the best I couldve have hoped for in the circumstances, hoping the reds go though in the replay. Might see if I can get a home ticket, I'll have plenty of takers for my away ticket
  8. That'll be the pitch invasion from the previous round, all those wellies are no good for the grass. Seriously the pitch is in pretty good condition, have you seen Preston Park recently?
  9. 45% each team, 10% to the FA You could see how much that meant to the locals, but I hate the pitch invasions. I suppose they are harmless enough, but still don't like them. Replay best result for Shrewsbury, I'm not signed up for the fa cup scheme this year, so I'll have to go in the away end. Will be weird
  10. Come on Salop , you can smash these redmem. Oh hang on, wrong forum.... Come on redmem, you can smash these inbred sheep botherers. Salop will play the usual 5 at the back, with three decent centre halves Limited prowess going forward, Shrewsbury lost their most potent attacking threat in Ryan Giles who has just returned to wolves from his loan spell. Shaun Whalley is the danger man, a fellow red, who'll who give Larouci, if he plays a good run. Shrewsbury will keep it tight and they'll be playing for a draw. 2-0 to the reds
  11. Have they checked that their photos arent synced back to their Google account or Samsung account? I can't remember if syncing is setup by default
  12. It's the old name for Shropshire, although I don't think it was ever used officially. It originated in the dim and distant past, but still widely used locally, particularly at the game
  13. Spot on, it was Bob Wardle, retired with an eye injury. Both teams played a testimonial for him back at some point in the 80's. He was to be Clem's backup
  14. Close! It was the same deal, Oggie went from Liverpool to Shrewsbury but someone went the other way as part of the deal
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